KO (Punches)
      These guys clashed as soon as the opening round started, Harris blasted Oleynik with a couple of punches, a knee to the body, an overhand left which dropped Oleynik, and then he punched him a few times on the ground, and Oleynik went to sleep. That was a fantastic lightning fast knockout delivered by Walt Harris, against a dangerous fighter.
TKO (Punches)
      Harris came out, threw some big punches, Spivak looked like he was going to wait a while to get started, so Harris capitalized, unloaded with some bombs, dropped Spivak, continued to punch the shit out of him on the ground, and the fight was stopped in under a minute. That was a fantastic performance by Harris, and it's the first loss of Spivak's professional career.
      These guys switched back & forth between throwing big heavyweight strikes, and clinching with each other in the first round. There were some pretty exciting exchanges in that round, and most of the highlight reel moments were delivered by Harris, so round one goes to Harris.
     They traded some big strikes to start the second round, Arlovski was poked in the eye, so he took a brief timeout, and then when the fight started back up, Harris took down Arlovski, but couldn't hold him down for long. The second round slowed down significantly, with the last half of the round resulting in both guys just staring at each other. I have Harris ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but neither fighter is really going for it at this point.
     Harris rocked Arlovski multiple times in the second round with some big combinations. There was still a lot of "standing around and staring at each other" from both fighters, but when the action happened, I thought most of the offense was being delivered by Harris. Harris should AT LEAST win the first & third rounds, and I scored the fight 30-27 for Harris. The judges were all over the place, with the first judge giving all 3 rounds to Arlovski, which makes zero sense, and the other two scored it 29-28 for Harris. At least he won, but yeah, the first judge is smoking crack tonight.
KO (Punches)
      Spitz came out dancing around a lot, with sort of a Capoeira swing to his movements. He threw a few random strikes, but for the most part, it was all about his footwork early in the first round. Once Harris started throwing strikes, he blasted Spitz with some bombs, as well as a few nice kicks. Harris clearly has a ton of power. They both threw some decent shots in the first round, but I'm giving that round to Harris based on landing more power shots.
     The second round was another round of Harris stalking Spitz, backing him into a corner, while Spitz was looking to counter, but neither fighter looked very aggressive at all. They were both landing a few shots here & there, but there was a lot of dead air in between noteworthy moments. Harris rocked the shit out of Spitz with 20 seconds left in the second round, he knocked him down with some big punches, unloaded with a wild barrage of punches on the ground, Spitz got knocked the fuck out, and his corner was screaming "He's fine! He's fine!" because they didn't want the referee to stop the fight, but after the fight was stopped with 1 second left in the round, Spitz was literally sleeping, so... Congrats to Walt Harris for a solid performance and a fantastic finish.
DQ (Kick to Head After Referee Paused Fight Due to Low Blow)
      These guys traded a few big punches, and then Harris took down Godbeer. Harris beat him up on the ground for most of the round, and then they stood back up with around a minute left in the round. Harris clipped Godbeer with a knee to the groin, the referee tried to pause the fight, Harris kicked Godbeer in the head for good measure, and THEN realized the referee was pausing the fight, so he backed off. Godbeer said he couldn't continue, so... Walt Harris loses by DQ. Fuck that, I'm giving Harris the victory points, because he CLEARLY won that round, and I'm pretty confident he would have knocked out Godbeer in the second round if they wouldn't have had this weird situation with the low blow & head kick.
Submission (Armbar)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Werdum clinched, took down Harris quickly, grabbed his back, slapped on an armbar, and finished the fight by submission in just over a minute. That was a fantastic performance by Fabricio Werdum, as he quickly takes out a late replacement in Walt Harris. Werdum was supposed to fight Derrick Lewis tonight, but he dropped out at the last minute due to some sort of ongoing back injury or something. Congrats to Werdum for the victory, but Harris was clearly fighting out of his league in this fight.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      These guys traded some clunky looking strikes to start the first round, and Asker rocked Harris with a short right hand. Harris dropped Asker 90 seconds into the round, and then he pounced on him, and threw a series of heavy punches on the ground from inside Asker's guard. Harris continued to unload on him with brutal punches & elbows, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight. That was a fantastic first round finish by Walt Harris, after getting rocked early by a punch.
KO (Knee & Punches)
      These guys bounced around quite a bit, trading some big heavyweight strikes, and halfway through the first round, Harris started to unload on Sherman, rocking the shit out of him, but Sherman was able to grab a timeout after receiving an accidental kick to the dick. When the fight started back up, they both continued to blast each other with big punches, while moving around at a decent pace for two big heavyweights. Harris continued to rock Sherman's head back with long punches to finish out the round. Round one goes to Walt Harris.
     The second round started kind of slow, but one minute in, they both tried to knock each other's heads off with some brutal punch combinations. They kept up a pretty good pace for a couple of minutes, and then Harris dropped Sherman with a knee followed by some BRUTAL punches, bouncing his head off the canvas, and then Harris hammerfisted him until the referee stopped the fight. That was a fantastic finish by Walt Harris.
Decision (Split)
      This fight started pretty slowly, with neither fighter really wanting to engage. Shamil shot for a lazy takedown, but Harris easily shrugged it off. Harris threw one kick around the one minute mark, and Shamil caught it, and took him to the ground. Harris scrambled back to his feet before absorbing any real damage. Harris threw another big kick, this time connecting with Shamil's body. They traded some clumsy strikes, Harris landed a knee as Shamil was shooting for another takedown, and Harris stuffed that one as well. Shamil clinched, and Harris broke free with a loud thunking knee to the skull of Shamil. Shamil rushed in with a series of right hands that connected. They traded some wild punches, and Harris keeps pushing his hips too far forward, which would make it easy for Shamil to score a takedown if he can time it right. The back of Shamil's head is bleeding a lot, but I don't know where that cut came from. I'm scoring that round for Harris, but it could probably go either way.
     They continued to trade some sloppy punches in the second round. Shamil spun around for some sloppy shit, and Harris took him down and went for some sort of front choke. Shamil broke free and they traded some punches on the break. That choke was the best move of the fight so far, even though Shamil escaped. They continued to trade some sloppy strikes for a little while. I don't really know who won either round, but I have it scored as a draw going into the final round, as I don't think either fighter has really done enough to take a clear advantage yet after the first 10 minutes.
     Harris threw some long punches & kicks in the final round, but neither fighter was really "going for it" at all. Harris had that determined "You don't want to fuck with me" look on his face, which translates to me as "I have an internal battle going on in my head, and I'm having a hard time focussing on this fight." Shamil on the other hand looked like he knew exactly where he was, but he was mostly just there to collect a paycheck. Both fighters looked sloppy in this fight, neither fighter was overly aggressive at all, neither fighter showed great defense. Overall, it was a pretty generic heavyweight fight. I'm scoring the fight 29-28 for Harris, but I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision or something. After the fight, Harris did a victory lab, while Shamil went back to his corner looking dejected. Shamil wins the fight via split-decision.
TKO (Punches)
      Here we have a couple of massive heavyweights, with Harris having a UFC record of 0-3 coming into this fight, and East is making his UFC debut after Dana White found him on the "Looking for a Fight" series. Both guys were throwing heavy punches & kicks, trading at a decent rate. East eventually kicked Harris in the dick. Once the fight started back up, they both started swinging for the fences, in a way that made it look like East was going to knock out Harris against the fence, but Harris was able to hang in there, and landed some solid shots of his own. Things slowed down for a second, and Harris rocked the shit out of East with a massive left hand to the jaw, putting him on his ass, he pinned him, and he beat the living shit out of him with some of the heaviest punches I've seen in a while. The referee eventually had to step in to stop the fight as East's face exploded. It looked like it COULD have maybe been a fast stoppage, but East was getting his ass demolished, so I'm not going to complain about this one. Great win for Walt Harris, bringing his UFC record up to an outstanding 1-3.
TKO (Punches)
      This was the biggest fight on the card, in terms of the size of the fighters. A couple of great big heavyweights, clashing in the first round, throwing big fat whopping punches in the first round, trying to knock each other out. I think Harris won the first round, landing more, and showing better movement, as well as stuffing a few takedown attempts. Palelei was finally able to get the fight to the ground in the second round though, where he was able to get the full mount, where he finished off Harris with a series of big punches on the ground. So yeah, nice win by Soa Palelei, but I really don't need to hear him sing Al Green songs during a post fight press conference again.
KO (Punches)
      These guys clinched early, and traded some knees near the fence. They split up, and traded some big punches while stomping toward each other like a couple of big ogres. Linderman was controlling the center of the cage, while Harris was circling around the outside. Harris rocked the shit out of Linderman with 2 minutes left in the round, and then he chased him around, blasting him with massive punches & flying knees, and all kinds of crazy shit. With a minute left, Harris put Linderman on his ass with some big punches to the face, and then he finished him off with some hammerfists to the head. Great first round finish for Walt Harris.
TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
     Well that was fun. They both came out, traded a few punches & kicks, nothing special going on, until Krylov landed a huge kick to the head of Harris, knocking him to the ground, and followed it up with a series of punches, causing the referee to stop the fight quickly in the first round. Nice win for Krylov, whoever he is.
      This was a pretty good fight between two new heavyweights in the UFC. Walter Harris is 244 pounds, super fast, really strong, and his punches & kicks looked like lightning. Rosholt started slow, but started to earn back some points in the second round, and by the third round, he was able to secure a takedown and totally dominated Harris on the ground, so in the end, the judges gave the fight to Rosholt, and I guess I'll agree with that, even though I kind of wanted Harris to win.