Decision (Split)
      These guys were both trading punches & kicks at a decent pace, and then Reyes kicked Oezdemir in the dick. When the fight started back up, Oezdemir dropped Reyes with a hard leg kick when Reyes was standing on one foot after a kick attempt. He popped back up, and they continued to battle it out in a basic kickboxing match for the rest of the round. Round one probably goes to Oezdemir? Maybe? I'm not really sure.
     The second round was another back & forth round of kickboxing, probably going to Reyes. The third round was more of the same, maybe going to Reyes again? This was a decent fight I guess, but I was really expecting a knockout in this one, and neither fighter really absorbed much actual damage. The judges gave the split-decision victory to Reyes, so he could keep his undefeated record. I didn't really feel strongly about the decision one way or the other.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Oezdemir threw a hard leg kick, and then Smith shot in for a takedown, pressing Oezdemir against the fence, but Oezdemir quickly reversed him, and took control of the clinch. They split up a minute into the round, and Oezdemir unloaded with some heavy punches, but Smith did a good job covering up. They both landed some heavy strikes, and then Smith poked Oezdemir in the eye with 90 seconds left in the round. After a brief timeout, they both went right back to trading heavy punches & kicks. Smith almost chopped Oezdemir's face in half with a heavy elbow, but I still think Oezdemir probably won that round, by being more aggressive and landing the bigger shots.
      Oezdemir started the second round with a pair of some of the most brutal leg kicks I've ever seen or heard. Smith fired back with a barrage of punches that forced Oezdemir to back up. Smith threw a big elbow, Oezdemir ducked under it, and took down Smith a minute into the round. Smith tried to setup a leg lock, and Oezdemir used that scramble to take Smith's back, in the turtle position, and he hit him with some heavy punches, but Smith was staying surprisingly calm. Smith was able to hang on until the end of the round. Oezdemir takes a 20-18 lead going into the third round.
      Smith hammered Oezdemir with some big punches & knees to start the third round, and then he took him down with 2 minutes left in the round. He quickly took his back, locked on the body triangle, and started setting up a rear-naked choke, as Oezdemir's face was pouring blood all over the place. Oezdemir tried to defend against the choke, but Smith continued to sink it in deeper, until Oezdemir was eventually forced to submit. That was a FANTASTIC finish by Anthony Smith, as he proves he is a legit contender at 205. I'm a HUGE fan of Anthony Smith, and I couldn't be happier with the way this fight ended. Anthony Smith is fucking awesome.
TKO (Punches)
      Oezdemir came out throwing BOMBS, and he blasted Cormier with a series of clean shots to the head from a variety of angles. Oezdemir was also mixing in some decent low leg kicks. Oezdemir pressed Cormier against the fence and continued to slaughter him with massive punches. DC can definitely take a shot, but Oezdemir is killing him 90 seconds into the opening round. DC landed some hard shots of his own, and faked the takedown a few times to throw Oezdemir off a bit, but they were both landing at a solid pace. DC was moving forward a lot, and landed some heavy shots in the final 90 seconds, as he nearly put Oezdemir away, but Oezdemir fired back with some bombs, causing DC to have to back off a bit. Oezdemir threw a body kick with 30 seconds left in the round, DC caught it, and took down Oezdemir in the center of the cage, which allowed DC to take Oezdemir's back, in the final 10 seconds, and he locked on a rear-naked choke before the buzzer sounded. Oezdemir started extremely strong, but DC stole the show in the final 90 seconds.
     DC started the second round by pumping his jab, and then he took down Oezdemir 30 seconds into the round, taking his back again, but this time he has plenty of time left in the round to work. DC secured the mounted crucifix, and continued to drop short punches at the side of Oezdemir's head, while Oezdemir flailed around on the bottom. Oezdemir just didn't have ANY chance to create any sort of space to escape, as Cormier chipped away with those short punches, which forced the referee to stop the fight after a minute or so of unanswered punches. Congrats to Cormier for a solid title defense.
KO (Punches)
      These guys clinched early, and Manuwa pressed Oezdemir against the fence. Oezdemir fought his way out of the clinch with some big punches, Manuwa was rocked, and started to stumble backwards, Oezdemir continued to unload on him, he pushed Manuwa hard, bouncing his head off the canvas, he punched him a few more times, and knocked Manuwa the fuck out. WHO THE FUCK IS VOLKAN OEZDEMIR!?! This guy is fucking KILLING people, and he seemingly came out of nowhere, and he's skyrocketing up the Light Heavyweight rankings. Volkan Oezdemir is fucking terrifying!
KO (Punches)
      Cirkunov came out swinging, he blasted Oezdemir with some heavy strikes, he closed in for the kill, and then he randomly got dropped by some imaginary punch or something, that knocked Cirkunov the fuck out. What did he get hit with? I guess it was a right hand behind Cirkunov's left ear, followed by a short uppercut, and then once he flattened out, Oezdemir finished him of with some extra punches on the ground. That was kind of insane, as Oezdemir continues to climb the rankings, APPARENTLY propelling him into the Top 5 or some shit? That's insane.
Decision (Split)
      Oezdemir is making his UFC debut here on short notice, and he started the first round by throwing a lot of head kicks, some big punches, and then he clinched and pressed OSP into the fence 30 seconds into the round. OSP tried to throw Oezdemir to the ground from the clinch, but Oezdemir was able to stay on his feet as they reset. Oezdemir continued to pound on OSP with big head kicks, over and over again, and some heavy punches, while taunting him, trying to get OSP to engage. Oezdemir continued to unload on OSP throughout the rest of the round, and even though he came into this fight as a huge underdog, he pretty clearly won that first round, in a one-sided striking match. That was a great first impression by Oezdemir.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, with OSP finally landing some decent shots, and then OSP immediately started to work for a takedown. Oezdemir was able to stay on his feet, and they went back to trading strikes at a slow enough pace to get the crowd to start booing. They continued to trade strikes for the rest of the round, slowing down more and more as the round progressed. I guess that round probably goes to OSP? But either fighter could have won that round, they both look tired, and the crowd seems like they're ready for the next fight to start.
     The final round was basically just two bad athletes, throwing sloppy strikes at each other, while the crowd chanted SOMETHING that sounded like "Terrible"... They both landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, I don't think anyone really has any interest in watching either guy fight again in the near future. Oezdemir had a good first round, and then gassed. OSP has lost two in a row going into this fight, and if he wins, he's going to barely scrape by with a decision. Oezdemir landed some nice knees from the clinch in the final 30 seconds, but OSP came back swinging, rocked Oezdemir, bounced his head off the fence a few times, and clearly stole that round. I have this fight 29-28 in favor of OSP, but I'm expecting it to be a split-decision, so I have no idea who is going to win on the scorecards. The judges were split, and two judges gave the win to Oezdemir in his UFC debut, leaving OSP with a 3-Fight losing streak, all terrible performances, and in my opinion, he should probably head to Bellator at this point.
Submission (Neck Crank)
      This fight started with both guys throwing a leg kick at the same time, and Anundson fell down. He popped back up, and they both bounced around for a while, as they traded random single punches. Anundson took down Oezdemir inside the first minute of the round, and from that point forward, the rest of the round just had Anundson wrestling the shit out of Oezdemir. Round one goes to Anundson, based entirely on his wrestling.
     The second round started with Anundson going straight back to his wrestling game, taking down Oezdemir, and nullifying all of his offense, until Anundson secured side control, and then cranked the shit out of a Kimura, but he wasn't able to finish it. Anundson eventually pressed Oezdemir into the fence, he took his back, slapped on a neck crank, and finished the fight by submission. That was a pretty solid performance by Kelly Anundson.
TKO (Punches and Elbows)
      Here we have a couple of really tall light heavyweights, they threw some big punches, and then clinched against the fence, with Oezdemir in control, sort of. They fell to the ground with a clunky looking mutual takedown, Oezdemir threw some big punches & elbows, that looked really slow, but they landed with some decent force, eventually leading to the referee stoppage when Oezdemir opened up with strikes from full mount with around 90 seconds left in the opening round. That was a decent performance for Oezdemir I guess, but I don't necessarily think he would do that well against a higher quality opponent.