These guys traded some strikes, and then after a brief clinch, Vassell dumped Moldavsky to the ground. Moldavsky swept him and stood up 2 minutes into the opening round. Vassell dumped Moldavsky to the ground with 90 seconds left in the round, and the first round goes to Vassell.
     Moldavsky rushed Vassell to start the second round, knocked him down, tackled him, and then Vassell swept him and ended up on top 30 seconds into the round. Moldavsky swept Vassell halfway through the round. Moldavsky spent the rest of the round beating up Vassell, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Moldavsky started the final round with a quick takedown, and then started pounding on Vassell while trying to setup some sort of choke. Moldavsky spent the duration of the round on top, beating the shit out of Vassell, leading to the clear cut 29-27 unanimous decision victory for Moldavsky.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round had both fighters chipping away at each other with strikes, and by the end of the round, James was on his hands and knees, and Moldavsky was punching him in the head while looking at the ref, clearly seconds away from a stoppage, but James was saved by the bell. The second round was another round of both guys trading strikes, with Moldavsky still looking somewhat clean, and James's face looked like it had been smashed in with a meat tenderizer. Moldavsky unloaded on him late in the round, and the referee stopped the fight with a minute left in the round. That was a solid performance by Valentin Moldavsky.
      Seumanutafa came out throwing some big strikes, but Moldavsky quickly took him to the ground, secured half mount, and proceeded to beat up Seumanutafa with big punches on the ground. Seumanutafa turtled up halfway through the round, Moldavsky continued to land some big punches, as Seumanutafa struggled to get back to his feet. They finally stood back up, clinched, Seumanutafa almost scored a takedown from the clinch, but Moldavsky reversed him and secured half mount again. Round one clearly goes to Valentin Moldavsky.
     Moldavsky attempted an early takedown to start the second round, but Seumanutafa was able to stuff that shot. Moldavsky beat up Seumanutafa with some short punches while clinching against the fence, but the referee eventually split them up, because Moldavsky was grabbing the fence. When the fight started back up, Moldavsky quickly clinched and pressed Seumanutafa against the fence again. Moldavsky landed another takedown with a minute left in the round, and continued to grind all over Seumanutafa with short punches. I have Moldavsky ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round full of Moldavsky pressing Seumanutafa against the fence, where he worked some short punches, while Seumanutafa tried to setup a standing Kimura, which went absolutely nowhere. This was one of the fights I was looking forward to tonight, but this fight was boring as shit. This entire card has been pretty boring so far. Congrats to Moldavsky for the 30-27 unanimous decision victory.
Decision (Split)
      Aliakbari came out swinging, and he landed some heavy shots while pressuring Moldavsky across the ring. Moldvasky scored a takedown one minute into the opening round. Moldavsky tried to stand up halfway through the round, but Aliakbari held onto a back clinch, and continued to press Moldavsky into the ropes. The first round of grinding goes to Aliakbari.
     Moldavsky came out throwing punches to start the second round, using his footwork to his advantage, but Aliakbari grabbed him and tried to take him down a minute into the round, but Moldavsky was able to avoid the clinch, as he continued to work his boxing. Aliakbari was able to drag him to the ground a few seconds later, as he took back control and continued to grind Moldavsky near the ropes. The referee split them up halfway through the round. Moldavsky continued to pick apart Aliakbari with his boxing, but Aliakbari plowed forward with some big punch combinations, and continued to control the clinch for a few more seconds. Aliakbari took down Moldavsky, landed an elbows, that's illegal, so the referee warned Aliakbari, and might have taken a point from him? I'm not 100% sure. When the fight started back up again, Moldavsky spent the final 30 seconds beating up Aliakbari with punches and a lot of energy.
     This fight should be a draw, going to a third round, but I'm unclear on if there was a point deduction, so if there was, then I guess Moldavsky wins? Two judges gave the fight to Aliakbari for some reason, so even though he's clearly exhausted, he's moving on to fight Cro Cop in the finals later tonight, with the split-decision victory over Moldavsky.
      These guys traded some heavy punches to start the first round, with Moldavsky showing off significantly better footwork, as Bajor was mostly just standing in place. Moldavsky busted open Bajor's left eye with some shots, and then tripped him to the ground. Moldavsky stood above him for a few seconds, until the referee told Bajor to stand back up. Bajor became a lot more aggressive, throwing some heavy combinations, but Moldavsky clipped him with some nice counters, and then took him to the ground again, this time landing inside Bajor's guard. They stood back up, and continued to trade some heavy punch combinations, with Moldavsky still showing off the superior footwork, as he dodged Bajor's shots, while picking him apart with clean shots. The round ended with a heavy clinch, where Moldavsky pressed Bajor into the corner. Round one clearly goes to Moldavsky.
     Moldavsky beat up Bajor on the feet to start the second round, and then he took him down 30 seconds into the round. Bajor slapped on a Kimura, and cranked the shit out of it, but Moldavsky yanked his arm free after screaming, and then punched Bajor in the face. Moldavsky spent the rest of the round pounding on Bajor with heavy punches on the ground. This fight should be a pretty clear decision for Moldavsky. All 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory after two solid rounds.
      Moldavsky surprised Albrektsson with his fast hands to start the fight, landing some really nice combinations & counters, and then he clinched 90 seconds into the round, pressing Albrektsson against the corner of the ring. They traded some knees in the corner, until the referee split them up halfway through the round. Moldavsky continued to pick apart Albrektsson with his punches, but he holds his hands really low, so I'm surprised Albrektsson hasn't clipped him with a hard counter yet. Moldavsky clinched again 30 seconds into the round, and tripped Albrektsson to the ground, but he popped back up immediately. I thought Moldavsky pretty clearly won that round..
     They clinched early in the second round, and Moldavsky whipped Albrektsson around the ring for a little while. They split up, and traded some wild punches, before clinching again. Moldavsky dropped Albrektsson around the halfway mark of the second round with a big punch, and he followed it up with some basic ground & pound.Albrektsson has a decent defensive guard, but Moldavsky's wrestling was on another level, as he completely controlled Albrektsson for the duration of the round once they hit the ground. He also showed the better striking while standing, so in the end, I gave the fight to Moldavsky, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Moldavsky started this fight by rushing forward, dumping Doerrer to the ground, he sort of tried to mount him, Doerrer fought his way back to his feet, Moldavsky slapped on a tight guillotine choke, and lifted Doerrer off the ground with it, finishing the fight by submission in under a minute. Really strong performance by Valentin Moldavsky.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Uchida threw a punch, Moldavsky absorbed it, grabbed Uchida, and threw him to the ground. They stood back up, and Uchida danced around the edge of the ring, until Moldavsky grabbed him and threw him down again. This time Moldavsky wrapped his way around onto the back of Uchida, he moved into full mount, pounded Uchida with some hard punches, wrapped his way back around onto the back of Uchida, where he locked on a rear-naked choke, finishing the fight via submission in just over 2 minutes of the first round. It wasn't even really a rear-naked choke, it was more of a forearm choke or something, but still, solid second professional fight for Valentin Moldavsky.