Decision (Majority)
      Kongo threw a couple of jabs, he backed up toward the fence, which seemed like a terrible idea, but as soon as Johnson clinched, Kongo spun him around and took control, pressing Johnson against the fence. They hugged each other for a few seconds, Johnson shot for a takedown, Kongo looked like he was going for a standing guillotine choke, and then the fight was paused because apparently he hit Johnson with a knee to the Johnson? Once the fight started back up, Kongo backed up toward the fence again, while throwing jabs, really making it look like he was trying to set a trap for Johnson, otherwise Kongo just has a terrible gameplan. Johnson blasted him with a punch and then pressed Kongo against the fence for some more clinching. Kongo landed a lot of short knees to the body of Johnson, but for the most part, Johnson looked like he just wanted to wear down Kongo with a lot of hugging. Big John reset them due to inactivity, so they traded a few punches, and then Johnson shot for a takedown, which turned into Kongo shooting for a takedown instead, and he actually took Johnson down, mounted him, and unloaded with some massive punches & elbows. Johnson tied him up to avoid taking TOO much damage, but it was still enough to win the round for the 41 year old Cheick Kongo.
     Kongo started the second round by backing up toward the fence again, and this time, Johnson was able to take him down 15 seconds into the round, landing in half mount. Kongo crawled back toward the fence, tried to sit up with a front choke, but Johnson passed to full mount, and then took Kongo's back one minute into the round. Johnson tried to lock on a rear-naked choke, but they were in a sitting position, so he couldn't get proper leverage with his hips, and Kongo did a good job keeping his chin tucked. Johnson spent pretty much the entire round in the sitting backpack position, but he never really came close to finishing the choke. He just kept digging for it, and Kongo was able to easily defend. Kongo tried to spin out of it, but that just allowed Johnson to end up in full mount with a minute left in the round. Johnson did almost zero damage from full mount before the end of the round, with all of his elbows being blocked. With a little more skill, Johnson could have had a 10-8 round there, but I scored it 10-9, since he never really came close to finishing Kongo at all, even though he controlled him for the entire 5 minutes. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Johnson started the final round by whiffing with a big punch, he shot for a takedown, Kongo spun him around, and pressed Johnson against the fence. Kongo was digging hard for a double leg takedown, while Johnson was practically doing the splits to avoid being put on his ass. One minute into the round, Kongo completed the takedown, ending up on top in half mount. Kongo landed some short punches & elbows, while pressing Johnson against the fence. Johnson struggled to get back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the round, but Kongo held on tight, stood up, and yanked Johnson back down to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the round. Kongo continued to pound on him with short punches and elbows up until the final bell. This wasn't a very exciting fight, but it was a competitive 29-28 win for Cheick Kongo in my opinion, but one judge declared it a draw, making it a "majority" decision, against a guy that most people thought could beat him. Congrats to Kongo for the hard fought tough victory.
TKO (Punches)
      Butler blasted Johnson with some heavy shots to start the fight, and then he clinched for some reason, which allowed Johnson to take him down. I hate watching a striker (Butler) with a huge reach advantage, waste time grappling with a wrestler (Johnson). They stood up, and continued to clinch, and then Butler threw a massive knee at Butler's dick, which brought the fight to a screeching halt. It allowed them to reset though, so Butler threw a front kick, before Johnson shot for another takedown, but Butler threw him to the ground, and then stood back up. They traded some wild punches, and Johnson went for another takedown, grabbing Butler's back this time. Butler bucked him off, and ended up in Johnson's guard. From there, Butler landed a few big punches, but for the most part, Johnson just tied him up and stalled out the rest of the round. That round probably could have gone either way, but I hope the judges give it to Butler, based on the groin shot, and the more effective striking, plus, he ended the round in top position.
     The second round had Johnson trying to pressure Butler in the clinch, but Butler was picking him apart with punches and knees to the body. 3 minutes into the round, Johnson finally secured another takedown, as Butler got a little sloppy, and failed to use his reach advantage. Johnson landed some short elbows on the ground, but for the most part, he was just laying on top of Butler. He eventually tried to take Butler's back with one minute left in the round. Butler got back to his feet with 30 seconds left in the round, and landed a few more shots before Johnson just stalled him out with some more clinching. I have the score all tied up going into the final round. Johnson started the final round with another takedown. Johnson started working his way around to Butler's back again, this time clearly looking for the rear-naked choke. Johnson continued to grind the shit out of Butler, while landing short punches. Butler eventually stood back up about halfway through the round. Johnson continued to grind Butler from the clinch, and the referee broke them up due to boredom. Johnson immediately took Butler back down. He landed some pretty heavy punches this time, pulling ahead pretty clearly in the final 90 seconds of the fight. After a few more decent punches, the referee eventually stopped the fight, mostly because Butler wasn't even trying to get back to his feet. Solid win for Tony Johnson.
Decision (Split)
      These guys both came out swinging to start the fight, with Johnson moving forward like a tank, pressing Volkov against the fence early. Volkov landed a few knees to the body from the clinch, and then Johnson broke free and unloaded with some bombs, and then went back to clinching to catch his breath. Johnson poked Volkov in the eye, and once the fight started back up, Volkov fired back with a massive front kick. Volkov started working some hard strikes, so Johnson took him to the ground with 2 minutes left in the round. Johnson took his back, and basically just made it really uncomfortable for Volkov for the rest of the round. Round one goes to Johnson for his wrestling, but Volkov's striking kept it competitive.
     Johnson shot in for a quick takedown to start the second round, and Volkov looked like he was working for a guillotine choke, but it clearly wasn't going anywhere. Johnson popped his head out, and spent the rest of the round beating up Volkov on the ground with short punches. Volkov went for a Kimura from the bottom, but Johnson wrestled his way out of it, and they stood back up with a minute left in the round. Johnson pressed Volkov against the fence, and just did the grind thing until the end of the round. Johnson is ahead 2-0 going into the final round, more than likely.
     Johnson clinched and pressed Volkov against the fence again to start the final round. There was a lot of grinding, and the referee got bored, so they were split up with 2 minutes left in the round. From that point forward, Volkov plowed forward while throwing big heavy strikes, but Johnson just clinched and pressed him against the fence again. That was a competitive fight, but I don't think there should be any doubt that Johnson won that fight. Two judges agreed with me, giving the win to Johnson via split-decision. Decent fight overall for both fighters.
Decision (Split)
      The first round had both guys trading a few strikes, Lokteff dropped Johnson with a big right hand, but Johnson recovered immediately and scored a takedown, but Lokteff immediately stood back up as well. They clinched, and Johnson drove through for another takedown, landing in the center of the cage this time. Lokteff eventually stood back up, Johnson took him down again, Lokteff stood up again, they clinched for a while, and then the round ended. Round one goes to Johnson, based on his wrestling, even though he got dropped early in the round by that big punch.
     Lokteff tried to throw a head kick early in the second round, Johnson ducked under it and took Lokteff to the ground. Johnson spent most of the round beating up Lokteff on the ground with punches from inside his guard, and then he took his back in ithe final 2 minutes. Lokteff broke free, stood up, and threw some brutal soccer kicks to Johnson's face that left him looking pretty bloody by the end of the round. That round was super close. I thought Johnson was going to win it again with his wrestling, but it's hard to argue against some heavy soccer kicks to the face. I'm scoring that round a draw.
     Johnson looked exhausted in the final round, which allowed Lokteff to pressure him back toward the fence, where Lokteff unloaded on him with some big punches. He shot for a takedown late in the round, but he didn't come anywhere close to getting Johnson to the ground. That round clearly goes to Lokteff, the first round goes to Johnson, and the second round could go either way, so I have no idea who will win this one. In the end, two judges gave the fight to Lokteff for the hard fought split-decision victory.
(Doctor Stoppage)
     Johnson started this fight with a big right hand, followed by a takedown, as he landed inside Sylvia's half guard. Johnson passed and tried to take Sylvia's back but the cage was in the way, so Sylvia was able to stand back up. They split up halfway through the round, and Johnson shot for another takedown, but was stuffed this time. Sylvia did the whole "plodding forward' thing, where he threw awkward looking paycheck collector strikes, while Johnson just backed up slightly and countered with jabs. Sylvia landed a few decent shots late in the round, and then Johnson took him back down to finish the final 30 seconds. Round one clearly goes to Johnson.
      Johnson started the second round by taking Sylvia to the ground, and pounding on him with punches & elbows from half mount. He went for an arm-triangle choke 90 seconds in, but Sylvia was able to break out of it, so Johnson continued to blast him with big punches while posturing up. The referee stood them back up with 2 minutes left in the round. Johnson shot for another takedown, Sylvia sprawled, and tried to unload some knees, but he's just too clunky to make any sort of magic happen. The referee stood them back up, and they traded tired punches for the last few seconds of the round. I have Johnson ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
      Sylvia came out striking for the final round, he looked clunky as shit, and Johnson shot for another takedown, pressing Sylvia against the fence for a few seconds in a clinch. Sylvia broke free with some punches, and Johnson shot in again, pressuring Sylvia back up against the fence. After some sloppy clinchwork, Johnson tripped Sylvia to the ground, he landed in half mount again, he dropped some heavy elbows, blood started spraying from the face of Sylvia, and the referee paused the fight. The doctor checked out Sylvia's fucked up face, and stopped the fight. Solid win for Tony Johnson, against a clearly out of his prime Tim Sylvia.
      This fight was all about Johnson taking Lewis to the ground repeatedly, and battering him with elbows. The longer the fight lasted, the more exhausted both guys looked, and eventually, the pace started to grind a little bit. Lewis was able to win the third round, by rocking Johnson with a few solid punches, but in the end, it's not enough to win the fight against two rounds of being dominated by Johnson's wrestling. Nice win for Tony Johnson.