Akhmedov clinched and put a lot of effort into securing a takedown, but Boetsch was able to stay on his feet, so they reset halfway through the first round. They spent the rest of the round boxing with each other at a steady pace. Round one goes to Akhmedov.
     The second round started with some boxing, and Akhmedov broke Boetsch's nose in the first minute of the round. They spent the rest of the fight boxing with each other, with Akhmedov winning the second round, and Boetsch won the third round. All 3 judges gave the 30-27 unanimous decision victory to Omari Akhmedov.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys both traded clunky heavy strikes in the first round, without much actual movement at all, they were just punching each other. Carlos clinched, and pressed Boetsch against the fence with 2 minutes left in the round. He scooped him up, and dumped him to the ground with 90 seconds left in the round. Boetsch looked exhausted, and Carlos spun around to take Boetsch's back. Carlos threw some big punches to Boetsch's head, he locked on the body triangle, slapped on a tight rear-naked choke, and Boetsch was forced to submit with around 30 seconds remaining in the opening round. That was a decent win for Carlos, but I'm not really sure why Boetsch is even in the UFC at this point.
TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
      Boetsch spent the first round keeping Hendricks at bay with a lot of toe kicks to the belly of the overweight Hendricks. (He missed weight AGAIN, and this time at MIDDLEWEIGHT... RIDICULOUS JOHNY...) They traded a few punch combinations here & there, and when the "big shots" landed, they were generally being thrown by Boetsch at the head of Hendricks. I scored the first round for Boetsch. He seemed like he landed all of the good shots in the round. Hendricks just doesn't seem like he's in the fight yet.
     Boetsch started the second round with some nice punches, followed by a hard kick to the belly of Hendricks. Boetsch kicked Hendricks in the head, Hendricks dropped down to one knee, Boetsch unloaded on him with some big punches, Hendricks turtled up, and the hometown crowd of Hendricks cheered for the winner, Tim Boetsch. That was a fantastic win for Tim Boetsch. As for Hendricks, what the fuck is he going to do now? He looked SMALL compared to Boetsch, but he missed weight, so... Is he going to move up to Light Heavyweight? Where he'll look like a midget?
Submission (Kimura)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Jacare shot for a sloppy takedown one minute into the round, and Boetsch sprawled all over him. They both threw some heavy strikes 2 minutes into the round, and then Jacare scored a fast double leg takedown, passing immediately to side control. He passed to full mount with 2 minutes left in the round. Jacare threw some punches, cranked on a violent looking Kimura, and nearly ripped Boetsch's arm off, securing the first finish of the night. I was starting to think we were going to go through this entire card with no finishes. That was another really solid performance by Jacare, as he once again shows an insanely dangerous ability to finish fights with his submission skills. I really like Jacare, and I'm still a little surprised that hel doesn't seem to be very close to an actual title shot. He's high up there in the rankings, but he's still fighting guys that aren't even in the Top 10? At least he got the quick first round finish.
KO (Punches)
      These guys both move around like a couple of old men, but they were boxing at a decent pace for most of the first round. Boetsch eventually cornered Natal, blasted him with some heavy punches, Natal dropped, Boetsch continued to throw punches, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. That was a really strong win for Tim Boetsch. He has that Dan Henderson vibe about him now, where you always think he's too old to fight top level guys, and then he lands a big right hand and you're like "OH SHIT! HE'S A BEAST STILL!"
TKO (Punches)
      These guys traded a couple of strikes, and then Samman shot for a hard takedown, but Boetsch was able to stay standing, so they ended up just clinching against the cage, with Samman in control. Samman landed some hard knees to the thighs of Boetsch, and then Boetsch took him to the ground. Boetsch bullied him against the fence, and just pressed all of his weight onto him, while dropping a few random punches here & there. Samman hugged him, while Boetsch smothered him against the fence. Samman finally got back to his feet 2 minutes into the round, and they continued to clinch. They reset in the center halfway through the round. Samman clinched again for some reason (you would think he would want to strike with the wrestler), and he sort of took Boetsch's back for a second, but Boetsch spun around, and they just continued to hug against the fence, with Samman in control. What the hell is Samman doing? They split up with a minute left in the round, and Samman kept shaking his arms out. Samman finally started landing some punches, and a decent head kick, but he followed that up with another clinch for some reason. Dude needs to just stick with the striking. They both traded some decent kicks and punches to finish out the round. I have no idea who won that round. I guess I'll score it for Boetsch, because Samman had a terrible gameplan.
     Boetsch started the second round with some decent punches, and then Samman threw some strikes back at him, Boetsch caught a kick, and took Samman to the ground in the center of the cage. Samman tried to wrestle his way back to his feet, but Boetsch kept him under control on the ground while landing some short punches & elbows. Samman has some of the worst fight IQ I've ever seen. Boetsch tried to crank on a Kimura from half mount, which resulted in a lengthy stalemate. Boetsch postured up, and landed some heavy punches from full mount. The referee warned Samman, as Boetsch continued to smash him with heavy punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Nice win for Boetsch. Stupid as fuck gameplan by Josh Samman.
KO (Knee)
      Ummm... Herman looked like he was tired in the first round. Not like he got winded, but like he just woke up, and wasn't sure where he was when he got in the cage. Boetsch on the other hand, was looking somewhat gassed by the end of the first round. Herman was working some slick dirty boxing, and Boetsch was blasting him with some big shots that rocked Herman a little bit. In the end, I'm calling the first round a draw. The second round started up, with the same basic setup, Boetsch trying to land big punches, and Herman trying to work his dirty boxing from the clinch. Herman eventually clinched, BLASTED Boetsch with a massive knee to the chin, and Boetsch collapsed immediately, and Herman punched him a couple of times before the referee was able to stop him. GREAT win for Ed Herman.
KO (Punches)
      Well, both of these guys seem to be a little bit past their prime, Henderson at almost 45 years old, and Boetsch only 34, but still seemingly on a downward spiral. With that being said, Henderson REALLY needed this win, if he was going to have any chance at all of continuing his career, and he smashed Boetsch's face in under 30 seconds, finishing the fight with a lot of punches. And then in case there was any question about the stoppage, Boetsch tried to takedown John McCarthy, because he clearly had no idea where he was. Really big win for Dan Henderson, but I still have ZERO interest in ever seeing him fight for a title again.
Technical Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty great fight. Thales Leites looked good during the first half of the first round, as he showed off some of his much improved striking skills, kind of kicking Boetsch's ass, but by the end of the round, Boetsch had him on the ground and was beating him up, so I ended up giving the first round to Boetsch. The second round was a pretty good round, but once Leites took the fight to the ground, he took Boetsch to school, got the full mount, crawled up him like a snaked, locked on an arm-triangle choke, Boetsch escaped using some sort of crazy black magic, but Leites just repositioned himself, locked on the same choke, and this time put Boetsch to sleep. Awesome win for Thales Leites, and with a now 5 fight winning streak in the UFC, he's quickly reaching contender status.
TKO (Punches)
      Yeah! I guess? Going into this fight, I'm pretty sure most people agreed that Tavares would win, and Boetsch would end up losing his job with the UFC. The first round pretty much confirmed that, as Tavares busted up Boetsch's face with strikes, and was able to defend against the flat takedown attempts from Boetsch. The second round started, Tavares still looked to be in control, until Boetsch finally clipped him with a nice punch, Tavares fell back against the cage, Boetsch went after him, finished him with a few more punches, and the referee stopped the fight. Pretty great win by Boetsch, and good fight for Tavares, up until he got his ass handed to him.
Submission (Inverted Triangle Kimura)
      Awesome! I wanted Boetsch to win this fight, but it's hard to complain about the way Rockhold handled him. Boetsch shot for a single leg takedown, Rockhold ended up on Boetsch's back, with a triangle choke locked on from the back, he then transitioned to lock on a kimura, Boetsch was completely screwed at that point, and eventually had to submit before getting his arm ripped of. Luke Rockhold looked like a badass in this fight.
Decision (Split)
      This was one hell of a brawl! To be honest, starting out, I had C.B. Dollaway winning the first two rounds, his striking looked crisp, he was aggressive, and he showed good grappling too. After two BRUTAL eye pokes in the third round though, a point was taken away from C.B. Dollaway due to the fouls, and Boetsch proceeded to kick Dollaway's ass for the entire third round. In the end, I believe this fight was PROBABLY a draw due to the way the UFC scores things, but I wanted Boetsch to win, and he did, so I'm 100% happy. I can't help but feel weird about the judge that tried to give all 3 rounds to Dollaway though.
      I gave the first round to Tim Boetsch. From that point forward, Mark Munoz beat the living shit out of Boetsch for the rest of the fight, taking him to the ground, and hammerfisting the fuck out of his head. Boetsch started the third round pretty decently, with a series of submission attempts, but he wasn't able to lock anything on very tight, and that left Boetsch on the ground, and Munoz on top, and lots of BIG HAMMIN' SLAMMIN' HAMMERFISTS coming down to the body & dome of Boetsch. Munoz whooped his ass. Good fight. I kind of feel bad for Boetsch to be honest.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was garbage. This entire main card has been garbage so far. Tim Boetsch hurt himself somehow in the first round, not real clear on what the injury was, but he was basically out of it in the first. He then received a headbutt in the second that cut his head open, and then received an eye poke which blinded him, and then got his face cut open some more. Costa Philippou didn't really seem to do much of anything in my opinion, it was a pretty even fight, even though Boetsch got completely screwed by an injury combined with illegal shots. Whatever, this fight sucked, I feel bad for Tim, and I'm curious what happened.
Decision (Split)
      This card fucking sucks! I've been looking forward to seeing Hector Lombard in the UFC ever since the good ol' PRIDE days. Well, he's finally here, and he's supposed to be "close to" the #1 contender spot to fight Anderson Silva for the title, but WHAT THE FUCK? This fight was slow, boring, and neither fighter really seemed to bring much to the table. In the end, I gave the fight to Hector Lombard, but the judges gave the fight to Tim Boetsch via split-decision. I have to admit though, I might have given him the fight based partially on hype. If that's the case, I apologize, either way, this fight sucked.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight (according to Joe Rogan), was the greatest comeback of all time! It really was a terrific fight though. The first round consisted of Yushin Okami outstriking Boetsch while standing, causing blood to flow from both of Boetsch's cheeks. The second round consisted of Okami tripping Boetsch, mounting him, and beating the shit out of him. Round three consisted of Boetsch quickly knocking Okami the fuck out, with a series of dirty boxing style uppercuts, and some HUGE HEAVY punches from all directions. Tim Boetsch is a beast, and he beat probably the best Yushin Okami that I've ever seen. Great fight!
      Wow, I'm excited, even though most of this fight wasn't very exciting. Nick Ring won the first round, because Boetsch looked tired, and wasn't really doing anything (he cut a lot of weight for this fight). Boetsch came back in the second round, and almost locked on a kimura near the end of the round. The third round was slow, until Boetsch LAUNCHED Ring with a beautiful hip toss / Judo throw, that SLAMMED Ring to the ground, and then Boetsch got on top, and landed a bunch of elbows from side mount, and pretty much kicked ass for the rest of the fight. Tim Boetsch is a beast at 185, but I don't think the Colorado altitude helped him much in this fight.
      This fight was ok. Tim Boetsch basically spent the entire fight taking Grove to the ground, and controlling him against the cage. There was one throw in the third round that was highlight reel worthy. Other than that, it was kind of a slow paced grinding fight. Grove went for a few triangle chokes, but he never got anywhere near locking anything on. So yeah, Tim Boetsch makes his 185 debut, and looks pretty strong, but I think he needs to be a little more explosive in his future fights, to really make any decent progress up the ladder towards a title.
Submission (Modified Kimura)
      Yeah! Mr. Wonderful is climbing that mountain, and continuing to whoop dat ass! This was a pretty badass finish to a really good fight. Phil Davis was able to dominate Boetsch with his superior wrestling skills through both rounds, and in the third round, he sort of went for a kimura, locked it behind Boetsch's back with one arm, went around his back with his other arm, secured both hands, twisted, and Boetsch tapped out. It was a pretty crazy submission, and Joe Rogan called it "The Mr. Wonderful" afterward, apparently it's a move Davis invented? Maybe?
      This fight wasn't very good. Boetsch won the first round, by securing a takedown. He got lazy in the second round, and Brown was able to steal that round with his striking. The third round was the only really decent round, where Boetsch was able to secure another takedown, and beat up Brown for a good portion of the round. Decent fight I guess, but not Tim's best performance.
      This fight went all 3 rounds, and I probably could have lived without it. Tim Boetsch beat the shit out of Jason Brilz during the first round. The second & third round went to Jason Brilz easily, because he took Boetsch to the ground, and pretty much held him there for the majority of both of those rounds. Jason Brilz wins via unanimous decision. Good show for Jason Brilz, but outside of the first 20 seconds or so, Tim Boetsch is becoming pretty boring.
TKO (Punches)
      This was a predictable fight. Tim Boetsch squared off against an unknown guy named Michael Patt, and Tim Boetsch beat his ass. It started off with a bit of dancing around the octagon, but Boetsch eventually landed a huge right hand knocking Patt to the ground, and he finished the fight with some heavy ground & pound. Tim Boetsch is fun to watch, but he still is a bit raw & could use some ground training. Overall, this was a decent fight.
TKO (Punches)
      Man, are you kidding me? I really don't like Matt Hamill... I'm a huge fan of Tim "The Bloody Body Beater Barbarian from Azghard" Boetsch or whatever (after the way he beat down David Heath)... But yeah, basically, the first round consisted of Hamill taking Boetsch to the ground, and holding him there until the referee stood them back up... Boetsch then started throwing HUGE sloppy bombs, nothing really connecting, but boy did they look like bombs!!! He landed one knee that busted up Hamill's lip pretty badly, but that's about it... By the time the second round started, they were both winded & out of shape, and Boetsch basically laid down in the corner to take a nap, and Hamill punched him in the face a few times until the referee stopped the fight... Did I mention I don't like Hamill? He still won though...
TKO (Slam & Punches)
      FUCK YEAH! TIM BOESCH! TIM BOESCH!!! Come on! Everybody say it with me now! TIM BOESCH!!! Ha ha ha... Yeah, that guy is the man... He stared off showing ok strikes... Then pretty decent strikes... Then really good strikes... And eventually, he just started throwing huge punches & kicks & knees, and crazy shit all over the body & head of David Heath, until he eventually had him rocked, so he grabbed the head of David Heath, and flung him across the octagon like a rag doll, and then followed up with some punches to the head of Heath while he was sort of laying face first on the ground... The referee had to stop the fight, and I shit my pants... Tim Boesch is the man... INCREDIBLE debut for another UFC newcomer...
      Matyushenko started this fight with a brutal leg kick, but Boetsch quickly slapped on a guillotine choke, and pulled guard. They wrestled back to their feet, with Matyushenko hugging Boetsch's back. The split up, Matyushenko threw another heavy leg kick, and Boetsch took him down again, but they quickly stood back up, with Matyushenko in control of the clinch. Matyushenko blasted Boetsch with some heavy punches & knees, before slamming him to the ground with a body lock. They stood back up, threw some strikes, Boetsch tripped Matyushenko, but didn't follow him to the ground. Round one was competitive, but I scored it for Matyushenko for landing the better strikes.
     The second round had Matyushenko trying to work his wrestling, Boetsch did a better job defending this time, and he even landed some decent punches, and had a late guillotine attempt. That round was closer, as Matyushenko looks exhausted. I'm scoring the second round for Boetsch, just to keep it interesting. It could have maybe gone either way though, unlike the first round, which was very clearly Matyushenko's round.
     The final round started with a few punches going both ways, and then Matyushenko had a nice trip from the clinch that landed him in side control again. Matyushenko spent the rest of the round beating up Boetsch at a slow pace, with tired punches, and some basic ground control. They were both pretty clearly exhausted, but Matyushenko had way more offense, so I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Matyushenko. All 3 judges agreed for the most part, giving the fight to Matyushenko by unanimous decision.