This fight was a decently paced kickboxing match, where both guys landed a lot of strikes, but Staropoli seemed to be in control for most of the first two rounds, so I had him ahead 20-18 going into the final round. Staropoli came out swinging in the third round, and Alves scored a slick takedown, but he wasn't able to hold Staropoli down for very long. Alves made a bit of a comeback in the final round, but it was too little too late. Staropoli wins the 29-28 unanimous decision.
Decision (Split)
      These guys were both bouncing around a lot, with Alves throwing leg kicks, and Griffin throwing punches. Griffin wobbled Alves 30 seconds into the opening round, he went in for the kill, tried to take him down, Alves stuffed the shot against the fence, and tried to buy himself some time to recover. They continued to battle it out at a pretty good pace, with Griffin beating the shit out of Alves for most of the round, but Alves was still firing back with some hard shots of his own. The round ended with Griffin dropping Alves, so it should be a clear round for Griffin.
     The second round was another good back & forth battle, with Alves being a little more aggressive this time, and he tripped Griffin with a leg kick 2 minutes into the round, which looked more dramatic than it actually was. That doesn't matter though, because when he stood back up, Alves unloaded on him, and had Griffin hurt against the fence. The first round was 100% Griffin, the second round was 100% Alves, so this fight is going to come down to the final round.
     The final round started with some clinching, Alves landed a spinning back elbow, and then Griffin took him down a minute into the round, but couldn't hold him down at all. For the most part, the final round felt like a bit of a stalemate, with both guys having their moments. Griffin rolled for a Kimura attempt with 30 seconds left in the fight, but Alves was able to defend, so Griffin just used that to end up on top, pinning Alves against the fence as the round ended. This fight could go either way, so I'd probably go with 29-28 for Griffin? One judge agreed with me, and Alves wins the hard fought split-decision victory. That was a close fight, and a fun fight to watch.
      The first round had both fighters trading punches & kicks at a moderate pace, without either fighter really taking a significant lead going into the second round. They both started trading heavier strikes in the second round. The first round would probably go to Kunchenko, and the second round probably goes to Alves. I'm going to assume this fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round had both guys trading strikes at a decent pace, and then Kunchenko knocked down Alves with 90 seconds left in the fight, but Alves quickly popped back up, they clinched, and Kunchenko pressed him against the fence, and then dumped him to the ground with a minute left in the fight, but Alves popped back up immediately again. The final minute of this fight was a wild slugfest, with Kunchenko throwing everything he had at an exhausted Alves. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Kunchenko, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the hard fought unanimous decision victory in his UFC debut.
KO (Knee)
      These guys traded a lot of random kicks, and then Millender rocked Alves halfway through the round, and he followed that up with a flying knee, and a head kick that whiffed. Millender dropped Alves again with 90 seconds left in the round, he basically knocked out Alves, he raised his arms to celebrate, the referee didn't stop the fight, so Millender continued to pound on Alves, while Alves worked his way back to his feet. Alves scored a takedown in the final 30 seconds, Millender tried to catch him in a guillotine choke, and then the round ended. Round one goes to Millender.
     The second round started with both guys trading some hard punches & kicks. Millender was picking apart Alves for the most part, but Alves is always dangerous, as he was still throwing some hard punches, even though Millender seemed to be in control for most of the fight. Alves was coming forward, trying to bring the fight to Millender, and then Millender dropped him with a big knee, that forced the referee to step in to stop the fight. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Curtis Millender.
      The first round had both guys trading punches & kicks at a moderate pace, until Alves caught a kick with a minute left in the round, he punched Cote with a counter, dropped him, and then pinned him down with half mount. That was a close round, but Alves clearly pulled ahead in the final minute, so I'm scoring that round for Thiago Alves.
     The second round started with a quick clinch, followed by Alves chewing up Cote with some hard & fast punches, ending his combinations with some brutal leg kicks. By the end of the round, Alves looked like he was basically just beating Cote's ass with his superior striking skills. I'm still not sure why Cote hasn't tried to take him down yet.
     The final round was more of the same, with Alves beating up Cote, and he even took him down a couple of minutes into the round. He settled into Cote's guard, worked a little ground & pound, and Cote tried to setup an armbar from his guard. They stood back up with 2 minutes left in the fight. Cote's face was a bloody mess with a minute left in the fight, and he turned up the tempo several notches, as he finally unloaded on Alves with some big punches. That was probably too little too late, but it still made for an exciting ending to an otherwise entertaining fight. I scored this fight 30-27 for Alves, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the much needed win after going over two years without a win. I thought about commenting on how Cote looked like he was going downhill after his recent string of wins, but I guess I'll skip that commentary, since Cote retired after this fight. Good show by both fighters, and a strong 15 year career for Patrick Cote.
      Miller beat up Alves with big punches for the first 2 minutes of the opening round. Alves landed a knee and a head kick, but for the most part, Miller was in control of the striking exchanges. He then caught a kick, and took Alves down 2 minutes into the round, landing inside Thiago's guard. Alves moved back toward the fence, and Miller took his back in the process. Alves scrambled back to his feet quickly since Miller's legs weren't in the right position, and they reset back on their feet with 90 seconds left in the round. Miller landed a body kick with 45 seconds left in the round that almost brought a tear to my eye. Miller's striking looks BRUTAL tonight. Alves was able to work some decent Muay Thai with 30 seconds left in the round, but Miller pressured him enough to keep him under control. Round one goes to Miller.
     They continued to trade punches & kicks for the first 90 seconds of the second round, with Miller still landing more shots, but Alves hurt him with some heavy shots, so Miller shot for a takedown, and sort of failed, but it gave him enough time to recover. Alves threw a flying knee, and Miller shot into it, scoring a really clean takedown. Miller continued to wrestle the shit out of Alves, and he started working for some sort of front choke, but Alves was able to get back to his feet with a minute left in the round. I have Miller ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Alves landed a heavy body kick early in the final round, as they continued to trade some light punches. One minute into the round, and they started brawling heavily, and Miller got dropped, but I think he mostly just slipped. He then shot for a Goldberg style spear, planting Alves on the ground in the center of the cage. They stood back up halfway through the round, and went back to trading punches & kicks. Alves threw a heavy leg kick, and Miller timed it perfectly, taking Alves down again in really slick fashion, planting him back in the center of the cage. Alves gave up his back, they scrambled around for a few seconds, Miller grabbed a guillotine and used it to throw Alves back to the ground. Miller continued to dominate Alves with his grappling, and he went for a choke, but Alves pulled his head out, so Miller ended up on his back with 30 seconds left in the round as Alves rained down big punches. I scored that fight 30-27 for Jim Miller. All 3 judges agreed, with one judge giving one round to Alves, so Miller wins the fight via unanimous decision. That's also good since Alves missed weight by 7 pounds, so the fight was almost cancelled, but Miller was able to gain enough weight at the last minute to make the fight happen. So kudos to Miller for being a fucking monster!
TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
      Well shit... This was a pretty awesome return for Carlos Condit, but it sucks that the doctor forced Alves out of this fight. The first round went to Alves, as he landed slightly better strikes, including nice leg kicks & punches, it was a close round, but I gave it to Alves. The second round had Condit SMASHING the face of Alves, breaking his nose badly, and then he took him to the ground, and absolutely dominated him for the entire round, probably securing a 10-8 round in favor of Condit, as he left Alves a bloody mess. Alves never stopped coming forward though, so I was REALLY looking forward to a third round in this fight. Unfortunately, Thiago's nose was so mangled, that the doctor told him that he was unable to continue. That sucks. Really nice victory for Carlos Condit though.
KO (Kick to the Body)
      This was a pretty awesome fight! Mein dominated Alves in the first round, dodging all of his attacks, and at one point, Mein almost finished Alves, with a series of hard punches & elbows up against the cage, but Alves somehow survived. Once the second round started, Alves was stalking Mein, Mein did some sort of weird ninja roll to try to gain some distance, but Alves stayed on him, landed a huge kick to the body, Mein collapsed, and Alves rushed him, hitting a huge knee to the body, and swarming him with punches, forcing the referee to panic & stop the fight. Awesome comeback, and really huge win for Thiago Alves.
      Yeah! Welcome back Thiago Alves. He seemed to start off this fight kind of slow, but as the fight progressed, he seemed to get more & more violent, eventually just leaving the memory of 15 minutes of kicking Baczynski's ass. Thiago Alves is a pretty brutal fighter, and even though he wasn't able to finish Baczynski, he still left his face a bloody mess, and won this fight, 30-27 on all of the scorecards.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Hell yeah! This was one of the best comebacks ever! Thiago Alves BASICALLY kicked Kampmann's ass for the first two rounds, and even the third, all the way up until the last minute, where Alves shot in for a takedown. Everyone assumed Kampmann was done, but during that takedown attempt, Kampmann immediately locked on a guillotine choke, rolling over into full mount, while still holding that guillotine, forcing Thiago to submit with less than a minute left on the clock. Thiago Alves is scary, but Kampmann IS A BEAST!!! WAR KAMPMANN!!!
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty badass fight. Papy Abedi came out looking confident, swinging for the fences, and Alves looked like he was going to be in some trouble, until later in the first round, where he clipped Abedi, and Abedi started doing some weird chicken dance, as his legs gave out on him, and he collapsed. Alves continued to pound away at the downed Abedi from full mount, and some people were surprised the referee hadn't stopped the fight yet, so to put a definitive stamp on the fight, Alves locked on a rear-naked choke, securing his first submission victory in the UFC. Alves looked badass at the end of this fight.
      This was a good fight for the most part. Both guys came forward a lot, Rick Story landing the better strikes, and controlling the majority of the grappling game. Thiago Alves is hard to put away, but Rick Story gave it a shot, especially during the last 10 seconds or so, where both guys starting swinging wildly, trying to finish the fight. In the end, I gave the fight to Rick Story (all 3 rounds), the judges gave it to him as well, 29-28 (I can see MAYBE giving the final round to Alves?) But yeah, good fight by both guys. Kind of weird that the crowd was booing after the decision was announced, I'm not sure what that was all about.
      Thiago Alves looked BADASS tonight! He beat the living shit out of John Howard, all 3 rounds, absolutely dominated him, slamming him to the ground, throwing some of the best leg kicks I've ever seen, throwing hard punches, his cardio was through the roof, etc... Thiago Alves looked unstoppable in this fight, and John Howard put up a tough fight, but it was nowhere even CLOSE to being enough to even win a single round away from Alves. Thiago Alves is brutal.
      Jon Fitch is a badass. He might be boring to some people, with his takedowns & aggressive control on the ground, since he once again, outworked his opponent and took the fight to a decision, but REALLY, Thiago Alves got his ass kicked in this fight. Alves didn't stand a chance, he came in overweight (had to give up a portion of his purse to Fitch for not making weight), and Fitch still looked like the bigger guy in my opinion. Jon Fitch is crazy good, I just don't know where he goes from here, since he can't beat St. Pierre.
      I normally don't get all that pumped about 25 minute fights that go the distance, but this was pretty much a clinic. GSP took Alves down with probably 100 or so takedowns in this fight, completely dominating him on the ground all 5 rounds. On the feet, it was a pretty even matchup, but GSP didn't allow it to stay there very long. In the end, GSP fought like a legend, and Alves fought like a guy that was outclassed. Excellent championship fight overall.
      Wow. Josh Koscheck got knocked the fuck out in the first round, but somehow recovered. Koscheck also lost both of his legs due to leg kicks in the third round, but he still kept fighting. Koscheck has an INSANE amount of heart, but ultimately, without being able to take Alves to the ground AT ALL during the fight, Thiago Alves won the fight due to unanimous decision, by dominating Koscheck on the feet.
TKO (Flying Knee & Punches)
      Well, this was a fairly predictable fight... Thiago Alves couldn't make weight (came it at 174 pounds, for the 170 pound fight...) I think everybody knew ahead of time that Thiago Alves would win this fight due to strikes, and that's exactly what he did... The first round was somewhat uneventful in my opinion, and the second round was ok, especially when Alves threw that flying knee and knocked out Hughes... So, yeah... Whatever... Ultimately, kind of a lame main event... Hughes looked like a gnome compared to the giant Alves though... AND, after the fight was over, Hughes called out Matt Serra for his last fight, and that's one I'd like to see, so hopefully Hughes fights Serra, and then Hughes retires...
TKO (Knee & Punches)
      OH MY FUCKING GOD... THEY FUCKING DID IT AGAIN!?! GOD DAMN IT MAZAGATTI!!! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?! So yeah, anyways... The first round was boring, so I won't comment on that... The second round started, Alves threw a knee which knocked Parisyan to the ground, he followed that up with a couple of big punches, and the referee stopped it quickly... As soon as the ref pulled Thiago Alves off Parisyan, Parisyan jumped up and was like "What the fuck bro!?!" And then I jumped up and said "What the fuck bro!?!" And then the fight was over... That was some bullshit... Ever since Mazagatti shaved that fuckin' mustache off, he's been ridiculous... Not sure what that says about the mustache I guess... FUCK THIS FIGHT...
TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
      This was probably the fight of the night, the only fight I would consider to be close to GREAT, and it wasn't even on the live card... It sucks when the UFC constantly puts these bad ass undercard fights, ON THE UNDERCARD... Put these guys on the live card, show the entire event, I'm tired of watching lackluster main events... With that being said, this fight basically consisted of 2 full rounds with both guys giving their all while standing... Chris Lytle displayed GREAT boxing skills, and Thiago Alves showed some of the most brutal leg kicks I've ever seen... With that being said, the fight was stopped at the end of the second round due to a cut above Lytle's left eye, forcing the doctors to stop the fight... (It was a cut that started with the first punch Thiago Alves threw)... So in the end, Thiago Alves wins by TKO, but it was a VERY close fight, and I would have loved to see a third round, even though I get the feeling if they would have continued, Lytle's face might have eventually fallen off... I want to see both of these guys fight again sometime soon though...
TKO (Punch & Knee)
      This fight was awesome... It was 100% one-sided, but it was still fun to watch... Basically Thiago Alves kicked the shit out of Hironaka for 9 minutes... Literally, kicked the shit out of him... He chopped away at Hironaka's legs with huge kicks, he almost chopped him in half with body kicks, he threw a few head kicks, he threw some punch combos mixed with knees, reminding me of Wanderlei Silva in his prime... etc... This fight was just awesome... By the end of it, Hironaka's face was all cut up & bloody, and his legs looked like roast beef... Thiago Alves wins due to referee stoppage, while he was kicking & kneeing Hironaka while standing in the corner... GREAT SHOW by Thiago Alves... Probably fighter of the night, as far as I'm concerned, and this fight didn't even get shown on live TV!!!
KO (Knee)
      This was a pretty alright fight... Alves had the upperhand with the striking, and DeSouza was supposed to dominate the ground game, but once it hit the ground, Alves dominated there as well... Near the end of the first round, Alves started pounding away on DeSouza's head, and the referee almost had to stop the fight, but then DeSouza was saved by the bell... The second round started, and DeSouza went crazy (literally) and started doing gymnastics and started throwing flying knees at the referee, and he did a few flips, and karate chops, and then died when Alves knocked him the fuck out... Weird ending to the fight really... Alves is a REALLY GOOD fighter though... After the first time I saw him fight, I thought he was amazing... The second time I saw him fight, it was kind of lame... But now it looks like he's back on his winning ways, so I'm looking forward to seeing this kid again sometime...
      This was a pretty one-sided ass kicking, where Alves landed a million leg kicks, landed some hard punches, took Alessio to the ground and controlled him down there. Alessio tried to box with Alves a little bit, but he had absolutely no response for those leg kicks, so in the end, Alves walks away dominating all 3 rounds. Solid win by Thiago Alves.
TKO (Upkick & Punches)
      This was a pretty important fight, between a couple of guys that are quickly climbing their way up the 170 pound ladder. Alves came out strong, throwing a HARD kick, followed by a takedown, but from that point forward, Fitch was able to prove that he is a FAR better grappler than Alves, he was able to beat up Alves on the ground, the second round was more of the same, and eventually Alves got on top for a second, Fitch landed 2 upkicks that almost knocked out Alves, and Fitch immediately got on top and punched the shit out of his face for the TKO victory. Jon Fitch is fucking legit man!
     That was pretty exciting! Apparently Noble owns a submission victory over Alves from an earlier fight outside of the UFC, so this was a rematch, and it looked like Noble was well on his way to knocking Alves the fuck out, but then he got hit with a big counter right hand, that knocked Noble to the ground, and then the fight was finished with some heavy hammerfists. Awesome revenge for Thiago Alves!
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was pretty nuts... It was one of the undercard bouts, so it wasn't shown during the live pay per view, but they played it after the main events were over... Chalangov is the Russian Sambo specialist, and Thiago Alves is the one with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai background... The match started with Chalangov dominating Alves, taking him to the ground, and following it with a smooth series of submission attempts... Going from chokes, to ankle locks, to chokes, etc... Chalangov is a bad man on the ground... Thiago Alves eventually got on top, and started raining down "monkey punches" towards Chalangov's face, which eventually knocked him out cold... Thiago Alves is someone I'll look forward to seeing fight again in the future...
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      Holy shit! This fight marks the debut of a couple of soon to be UFC legends, with Spencer Fisher coming out like Robbie Lawler on crack, and Thiago Alves looked a bit too young & inexperienced, but still a tough dude. I think a lot of people gave the first round to Alves for spending more time on top, but I thought Fisher did more damage on his feet, AND he secured a nice slam takedown, so I gave the first round to Fisher. The second round was a solid brawl as well, where it looked like Alves might win that round, but then he got caught in a mounted triangle choke, which gave the submission victory to Spencer Fisher. Pretty awesome UFC debut.