Edwards came out and blasted Bermudez with some big shots early in the first round, rocking him, forcing Bermudez to dig for takedowns, which Edwards was able to stuff over and over again. Bermudez finally scored a takedown with a minute left in the round and pinned Edwards near the fence. I was going to give the first round to Edwards for starting strong, but by the end of the second round, it became pretty clear that this fight was going to be all about Bermudez taking down Edwards, pinning him against the fence, and chipping away with short strikes while working to setup Kimuras. The third round was more of the same, and Bermudez went for a wild guillotine attempt a minute into the round, and Edwards tried to roll out of it, but Edwards seemed like he ran out of energy halfway through the first round and never recovered. Edwards finished the final round by winging some bombs, but it was too little too late. Both of these guys looked pretty bad tonight, but it's a clear unanimous decision victory for Dennis Bermudez, breaking a 4-Fight losing streak. Bermudez then retired after the fight, which is probably a good idea.
KO (Head Kick)
      These guys traded wild strikes, and then Madge knocked down Edwards 20 seconds into the opening round, but when he went in for the kill, Edwards quickly recovered and took down Madge. Madge locked on an armbar from the bottom, and I THOUGHT Edwards tapped, but they rolled around for a few seconds as the referee tried to find a better angle, and by then, Edwards was able to escape the submission. Madge continued to dig for a variety of submissions from his guard though. They stood back up with 40 seconds left in the round, and Madge clinched, and pressed Edwards against the fence. That round could go either way, based on the top control of Edwards, but I think Madge had the far more effective offense, so I'm giving the round to Madge.
     The second round started with Madge moving forward, he threw a series of body kicks, and then blasted Edwards with a brutal head kick that knocked him the fuck out, causing him to collapse against the fence. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Don Madge, and a highlight reel finish. I'm looking forward to seeing him fight again in the future.
KO (Punch)
      Tweedy threw a leg kick, they traded a couple of basic punches, and then Edwards blasted Tweedy with a right hand rocket to the face that knocked Tweedy the fuck out, whipping him to the ground in brutal fashion. That was a badass knockout by Te Edwards, and it should pretty much guarantee him a contract.
KO (Punches)