These girls started the first round with some decent boxing exchanges. I thought Moras was landing the better strikes, Bernardo shot for a takedown halfway through the round, and Moras stuffed the shot. Bernardo finally took down Moras with a minute left in the round, and Moras showed crazy flexibility as she was able to pull guard from an awkward angle. Bernardo probably won that round with her takedown.
     They spent the first half of the second round trading random strikes, and then Bernardo scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. She basically just smothered Moras for the rest of the round. Bernardo is pretty clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but she hasn't done much of anything other than just control Moras on the ground.
     Moras started the final round with a quick takedown. Bernardo showed a fantastic ability to scramble back into top control a minute into the round. They ended up in a 69 position with Bernardo on top, and Bernardo basically just smothered Moras again, grinding her way to a decision... BUT! Moras scrambled back to her feet with a minute left in the round, Bernardo tried to take her down, Moras reversed her, ended up on top, tried to take Bernardo's back, Bernardo wrestled her way into top control again, they stood up with 20 seconds left in the fight, Moras unloaded on Bernardo, probably stole the round, but this should still be a 29-28 decision for Bernardo. All 3 judges agreed, giving Bernardo the unanimous decision victory.
      The first round started with Aldana pretty much dominating Bernardo with her crisp boxing skills. Aldana showed off some solid speed while working some fantastic combinations, she bloodied Bernardo's face 2 minutes into the round, she rocked her with some big punches, Bernardo shot for a takedown, and Aldana ended up on top, and then they scrambled back to their feet, where Bernardo clinched and pressed Aldana against the fence. Aldana then threw Bernardo to the ground with a badass Judo throw, and then she threw some strikes on the ground, but Bernardo tangled her up, since Bernardo clearly wants this fight to take place on the ground. They stood up quickly, and Bernardo pressed Aldana against the fence for some clinch stalling. Bernardo tried to take her down, but Aldana showed some good balance, while she continued to chip away at Bernardo's face with short punches. Aldana broke free with 40 seconds left in the round, and blasted Bernardo with a big knee to the body. She then threw some punches, and Bernardo just laid down, hoping Aldana would follow her to the ground. Instead, Aldana just stood above her and kicked her legs repeatedly. Aldana finished the round by throwing some massive punches down at the face of Bernardo. Round one was a 10-8 round for Aldana in my opinion, as she nearly finished Bernardo.
     Bernardo's face looked like it was brutally beaten by a baseball bat at the start of the second round. Aldana picked up where she left off, as she continued to beat the shit out of Bernardo on the feet with her boxing skills. Bernardo shot for a single leg takedown a minute into the round, Aldana stuffed the shot, Bernardo continued to drive through, and finally secured side control 90 seconds into the second round. They scrambled around for a few seconds, and Aldana pulled guard while trying to setup a triangle choke. Bernardo mostly just held down Aldana, while Aldana chopped her up with elbows from her guard. Aldana tried to fight her way back to her feet, but Bernardo pulled her back down and continued to hold down Aldana. Bernardo really wasn't doing anything on the ground though, while Aldana never stopped throwing those short elbows. Even though Bernardo held top control for the last half of the round, I would still give that round to Aldana based on damage. Aldana stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round, and Bernardo shot in for another takedown, which Aldana stuffed. I have Aldana ahead, 20-17 going into the final round, but it could potentially be all tied up, but I don't think so.
     The final round started with Aldana still stalking Bernardo, while chipping away with punch combinations. Bernardo shot for a few takedowns, but Aldana was able to stuff all of her shots with ease, while she continued to chip away with her punches. Bernardo started throwing some bombs with 2 minutes left, and she clipped Aldana with some hard shots, but Aldana fired back, and then dropped Bernardo with 90 seconds left, and pinned her near the center of the cage. Bernardo almost scrambled into top control, but Aldana overpowered her, threw her down, landed a few strikes, and then they reset back on their feet with 20 seconds left in the fight. Bernardo shot for one last takedown, and Aldana took her down again. Irene Aldana looked awesome in this fight, and she finally earned her first victory inside the UFC.
TKO (Elbows)
      Reneau landed a few decent strikes, and then Bernardo took her down 45 seconds into the opening round. Reneau threw a few decent upkicks, and then Bernardo settled back down into her guard. Bernardo kept standing up, and Reneau kept blasting her with upkicks. Reneau tripped her, got on top, there was a wild scramble, Bernardo went for a kneebar, it looked tight, Reneau escaped, locked on a triangle, transitioned into an armbar, they continued to scramble around wildly, and Bernardo settled into top control, and she took Reneau's back with 90 seconds left in the opening round. Reneau spun out of that, and pulled guard again. Bernardo is a Jiu-Jitsu fighter, so I wasn't surprised by her ground skills, but I was a bit shocked by how good Reneau looked on the ground. Round one probably goes to Bernardo, but Reneau had a good showing for herself on the ground with the BJJ black belt.
     Reneau came out swinging in the second round, working some fast punches & leg kicks, and Bernardo looked like she was already slowing down, which makes sense, since she took this fight on short notice. Reneau clipped Bernardo with some hard combinations, with a few punches that snapped Bernardo's head back. Bernardo shot for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, and Reneau stuffed the shit out of the shot and reset back on her feet. Reneau was mixing in the body shots, with her fast punch combinations to the head, as she was picking apart Bernardo, who looked like a sitting duck in the second round. Reneau knocked down Bernardo with a combination, but it looked like it was mostly just Bernardo falling down from exhaustion. As soon as I thought Reneau would run away with the round, Bernardo scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the second round. Reneau quickly worked her way back to her feet, and continued to beat the shit out of Bernardo with her crisp boxing. Round two clearly goes to Reneau, and I wouldn't be shocked if Bernardo doesn't come out for the final round. She looks absolutely exhausted.
     Reneau unloaded like a machinegun with fast punches to start the final round. Bernardo clinched, and took Reneau down 30 seconds into the round. Bernardo landed a solid elbow, which opened a cut above Reneau's left eye. Reneau slapped on another triangle choke a minute into the round, but Bernardo was able to escape, sort of, but Reneau resecured another triangle choke. Bernardo struggled to pass to side control, and Reneau sat up, and used a guillotine to stand back up, and then she took Bernardo's back, and started beating the shit out of her with 2 minutes left in the round. Bernardo almost got out of danger, and then Reneau reset on her, took her back, and slapped on a neck crank. Reneau postured up and unloaded with some big punches, transitioned to full mount, and continued to unload with brutal strikes, as Bernardo flopped around trying to stay alive. Reneau bounced Bernardo's head off the canvas repeatedly with some brutal elbows, and the referee stopped the fight with less than 10 seconds remaining in the final round. Marion Reneau looked fucking amazing in this fight, both with her striking, as well as her grappling. She appears to be the total package at this point.