Eubanks shot in, picked up Ladd, and slammed her 30 seconds into the opening round. They stood up 90 seconds into the round, and Eubanks continued to whip Ladd around with a tight clinch. Ladd then slapped on a standing guillotine choke, and used that to takedown Eubanks halfway through the round. Ladd then took her back a few seconds later. Eubanks started strong, but I think Ladd stole that round with her grappling in the last half, wait, NOPE! Eubanks unloaded with some Mike Tyson combinations to finish the round, and nearly finished Ladd with some late ground & pound. Round one goes to Eubanks. This fight is really good.
     They both came out brawling early in the second round, they clinched, and then Ladd tripped Eubanks to the ground 90 seconds into the round. She slowly worked her way into full mount, then back control, setup a rear-naked choke, it looked tight, and Eubanks somehow slipped out of it. Ladd slapped on another rear-naked choke, and Eubanks escaped again. Ladd beat up Eubanks with short punches until the end of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was basically a 5 minute brawl, with both girls giving it all they had. I was more impressed with the boxing from Eubanks, so for that reason, I would score this fight 29-28 for Eubanks, but I'm not super confident about that pick. I really do think she deserves to win, but I won't be shocked if the judges give it to Ladd or something. All 3 judges gave the win to Ladd, and one of them scored it 30-26? Are you fucking nuts? That was a great fight, but I think Eubanks got screwed a little here.
      The first round started with some heavy boxing, Eubanks hit Modafferi with some big punches, and then she took her down 2 minutes into the opening round. Modafferi did a good job squirming around on the bottom, while throwing soft punches & elbows from her guard, and Eubanks was trying to drop power shots, but she wasn't able to land many clean shots. The first round goes to Eubanks, but Modafferi is at least making it a fight.
     They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace in the second round, and then Eubanks kicked Modafferi in the head, and then dropped her with some punches. Modafferi scrambled to setup another leg lock or something, and Eubanks just walked away and let her stand back up. Modafferi pressed Eubanks against the fence, and sort of tried to take her down, but for the most part, she was just holding her with the clinch. Modafferi randomly threw Eubanks down with a slow takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. Modafferi did a good job grinding all over Eubanks, leading to a 19-19 scorecard going into the final round.
     They both came out swinging to start the third round, and they both ate a lot of shots, with neither fighter working any defense at all, it was all about just throwing punches and chewing on fists. Eubanks clinched, and took down Modafferi with a body lock halfway through the final round. Eubanks spent the rest of the round beating up Modafferi with some punches, while basically just outgrappling her. That was a solid performance by Eubanks, and a pretty clear cut 29-28 unanimous decision victory. It's also worth noting that she missed weight by a pound though.
      These girls beat each other up with some decent boxing, and then Eubanks grabbed Murphy's throat and pushed her against the fence. After a few more strikes, Murphy's right eye had blood running down her cheek. That round had some decent back & forth action, but the first round should go to Sijara Eubanks.
     The second round was another round with Eubanks beating up Murphy on the feet, and then she took her down halfway through the round, but Murphy pulled guard with a guillotine attempt. Eubanks eventually popped her head free, and then started working some ground & pound. The final round was pretty similar to the second, resultilng in a 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Sarj.
      These girls both came out throwing bombs, and they were landing a LOT of hard shots, in big combinations, going both ways. Sijara was the first to shoot for a takedown 90 seconds into the opening round, but Modafferi just walked away from it and kept things standing. They continued their wild brawl until Modafferi clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, but that didn't last long before they broke out of that and went back to throwing hands. I had no idea who was winning that round, until Sijara shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, landing inside Modafferi's guard in the center of the cage. Sijara dropped some HEAVY elbows, and Modafferi just ate them, while continuing to dig for submissions from her guard. Modafferi slapped on an armbar in the final 15 seconds, but Sijara pulled out of that and continued to wrestle until the buzzer sounded. Round one goes to Sijara based on her one takedown and the heavy ground & pound.
      The second round started with some heavy striking exchanges, and then Sijara shot for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, Modafferi ALMOST reversed it, but Sijara was able to overpower her, pinning Modafferi against the fence this time. Modafferi sort of went for an armbar, but instead, she just rolled through it and ended up somehow on top of Sijara, caught in a decent guillotine choke. She popped her head free with 2 minutes left in the second round. Modafferi threw a few short punches to Sijara's body, and then Sijara swept her and took Modafferi's back with 45 seconds left in the round. She tried to setup a rear-naked choke, but it was more of a side naked choke. Modafferi was able to survive until the end of the round. Sijara is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
      They traded some strikes for the first 2 minutes of the final round, and then Sijara clinched with Modafferi's back, pressing her against hte fence where she landed some knees to her thighs. Modafferi ALMOST threw Sijara to the ground with 2 minutes left in the fight, but Sijara overpowered her again, and threw Modafferi to the ground, landing in half mount this time. Modafferi eventually slapped on an armbar, but Sijara was able to battle out of it, Modafferi slapped on another one, and Sijara battled out of that as well, they stood up for the final 10 seconds, and traded violent strikes from the clinch. That fight was awesome, but it was a clear 30-27 unanimous decision for Sijara Eubanks, as she takes out the #1 seed in the entire competition. Eubanks is an upset machine!
KO (Head Kick)
      Eubanks missed weight by 0.75 pounds, so she had to cut more in the final round, and Lauren Murphy was all over it, trying to cut weight to take her place, but Eubanks was able to cut the rest, so the fight went on as scheduled. They both came out trading big punches to start this fight, and they both landed some solid shots, but Eubanks blasted Bennett with a head kick that knocked her on her ass in under 90 seconds, and finished the fight with a clean knockout. That was a big win for Sijara Eubanks, especially after having trouble with her weight again.
Submission (Kimura)
      Stevenson started the first round by throwing some clean straight punches, while Eubanks was mostly throwing big hooks. They both got clipped by some hard shots, but they both stayed in the center, trading strikes, until Eubanks took down Stevenson a minute into the round. Eubanks scrambled to take her back, and she blasted her with some hard knees to the butt. Stevenson stood up against the fence 2 minutes into the round, but Eubanks held the back clinch, and continued to chip away at her with knees to the body & uppercuts to the face. They spent the rest of the round clinching, with Eubanks throwing big punches, while stomping on Stevenson's feet. Eubanks took her down with a body lock with less than a minute left in the round, and continued to pound on her until the buzzer sounded. Round one clearly goes to Sijara Eubanks, as she nearly finished Stevenson with ground & pound in the final 20 seconds.
     The second round started with some big punches, Eubanks shot for a takedown, and dumped Stevenson to the ground with a single leg against the fence. Eubanks worked some more ground & pound from half mount, and then started to dig for a Kimura from the top. She nearly ripped off Stevenson's arm, and forced her to submit early in the second round. That was a fantastic performance by Eubanks, as she was a significant underdog in this fight, and she absolutely dominated Stevenson for the 7 minutes while the fight lasted.
      These girls both came out swinging, as they both looked like they wanted to knock each other's heads off. Aspen Ladd started to chew up Eubanks with clean punch combinations 90 seconds into the round. Eubanks shot for a deep takedown halfway through the round, but Ladd sprawled all over it, and then blasted Eubanks with some elbows on the ground, while Eubanks continued to dig for that takedown. After a brief scramble, Ladd went for an inverted triangle choke, but Eubanks continued to roll until she escaped, as she continued to press Ladd into the fence. Eubanks finally slammed Ladd with a minute left in the round, but she just found herself stuck inside the guard of Ladd until the end of the round. That round probably could have gone either way, but I wouldn't be surprised if the round is scored for Eubanks based on top control.
     The second round was an aggressive boxing match, with Ladd continuing to pick apart Eubanks with crisp boxing combinations, while Eubanks was still firing back with some solid shots, but she didn't have the volume that Ladd was throwing with. Eubanks shot for a takedown in the final minute of the round, but Ladd was able to stuff the shot. That round clearly goes to Ladd, so she could be up 2-0 going into the third round, or this fight might be all tied up. I'm still not 100% sure how the first round should be scored.
     They clinched early in the third round, and Ladd threw Eubanks to the ground 90 seconds in. Ladd landed a few decent shots on the ground, but for the most part, she was just smothering Eubanks. Eubanks finally swept her with 90 seconds left in the final round, but she landed inside a triangle choke. Eubanks scrambled out of that, and then took Ladd's back. Ladd regained her guard, and Eubanks continued to wrestle her, but she wasn't doing much damage on the ground. In the end, this fight should go to Ladd, at least 29-28, if not 30-27, but I wouldn't be TOTALLY shocked if someone gives the fight to Eubanks. All 3 judges gave the fight to Aspen Ladd, with one judge giving one round to Eubanks. That was a solid fight overall, and it's the first time Ladd wasn't able to finish her opponent, but she still remains undefeated after 5 fights.
(Punches & Elbows)
     AmberLynn Orr is making her pro MMA debut here (after a lengthy successful amateur career), and she started the first round showing off some decent punch & kick combinations, but Eubanks was landing a lot of power shots, clipping Orr's chin multiple times before taking her down halfway through the round, pinning her against the cage, where she beat the shit out of her with some punches & elbows. Orr looked like she wanted to find an armbar, but instead, she just found a lot of elbows to the face. Eubanks opened up with a ton of short punches from the mounted crucifix, forcing the referee to stop the fight late in the first round. Great performance by Sijara Eubanks, and a decent debut by AmberLynn Orr.
TKO (Punches)
     She's not very fast, but Eubanks throws really hard punches, and seems to have some decent boxing technique. She was also able to power her way into a takedown, ending up in Begley's half guard up against the cage, where Eubanks was able to punish her on the ground, finishing the fight with only one second left in the first round. Really impressive pro MMA debut by Sijara Eubanks, who has some of the meanest hammerfists I've seen on a female fighter at 135.