Decision (Split)
      The first two rounds consisted of a lot of back & forth boxing, at a solid pace, with both guys landing some solid shots, and both guys moving forward almost the entire time. The fight should be all tied up after two rounds, regardless of who won either round.
     Swanson clinched with Burgos's back early in the final round, he pressed him against the fence, and threw a lot of knees to his thighs & ass. Burgos broke free and reset with 2 minutes left in the fight. The rest of the fight consisted of Burgos kind of beating up Swanson, but they were both scrapping all the way to the end. I scored this fight 29-28 for Burgos, and two judges agreed, giving him the hard fought split-decision victory. This also marks 4 losses in a row for Swanson.
Submission (Armbar)
      Holobaugh started this fight with a series of hard leg kicks and some fast boxing. Burgos was firing back with some clean punches of his own though. Holobaugh dropped Burgos, it looked like Burgos MIGHT be getting knocked out in the first round, Burgos smiled though, recovered quickly, and then locked on a tight armbar from his guard, cranked, and finished the fight by submission. That was a good fight while it lasted, and a crazy comeback finish by Shane Burgos. That's also the first submission loss for Kurt Holobaugh after 22 fights.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round had both guys tucking their chins and throwing heavy punch combinations at each other, and they were both landing with a lot of their shots, but Burgos's face was turning significantly more pink as the round progressed. Burgos was moving forward the entire time, so I'd like to give him the round, but Kattar seemed to do more damage, so I don't know who won that round, but I'm scoring it slightly in favor of Kattar.
     The second round was more of the same, with both guys landing some big punch combinations, with Burgos moving forward the entire time, but I thought Burgos dealt significantly more damage in the second round, so I'm giving that round to Burgos, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started the same way, with both guys meeting in the middle and trading big punches, but Kattar blasted Burgos with a massive right hand, he rocked him with an uppercut, knocked Burgos down in violent fashion, unloaded with a ton of punches on the ground, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. That was a fantastic finish by Calvin Kattar against a tough opponent, as he breaks Burgos's 10-0 undefeated career so far, by handing him his first loss, and did it in devastating fashion.
      Pepey came out swinging, throwing some wild punches, but Burgos was keeping his cool, as he landed some solid counterstrikes. Burgos knocked down Pepey 2 minutes into the opening round with a knee, and the told Pepey to stand back up. They continued to work their striking, and Burgos dropped Pepey again with some punches. He had him stand back up again, and Pepey shot for a takedown at the halfway point, but Burgos stuffed the shot, so Pepey just clinched with him against the fence. They reset with 90 seconds left in the round, and they continued to trade some wild strikes, with Burgos landing the most composed punches. Pepey was just flailing shit wildly, and not landing as cleanly. Round one goes to Shane Burgos for sure.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, Pepey fell down a minute into the round, tried to get Burgos to come to the ground with him, and Burgos just laughed and stood there, waiting for Pepey to stand back up. Burgos continued to beat up Pepey, he fell down, tried to get Burgos to come to the ground with him again, and the same thing happened, as the referee made Pepey stand back up. They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace, with Burgos still clearly in control, but he was also leaving his chin out there, so Pepey was able to clip him a few times. Pepey pulled guard with 15 seconds left in the round, which was dumb, because Burgos just settled in on top of him to finish the round. That might have been worth something if he would have started the round with it. Burgos is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Pepey came out throwing bombs to start the final round, and Burgos just ate the shots, before firing back with a few jabs. Pepey shot for a takedown 45 seconds into the round, and Burgos stuffed the shot with ease. The rest of the round continued with the same gameplan, as Burgos picked apart Castro with clean punches, while Pepey was just throwing Hail Marys, hoping to land with something devestating, which just never happened. Burgos dropped Pepey with a body shot with a minute left in the fight, and he told him to stand up again. Burgos continued to blast Pepey with big punches in the final 30 seconds, dropping him one more time, he landed inside his guard, and punched him in the face A LOT, until the round finally ended. That was a fantastic performance by Shane Burgos, as he basically dominated Godofredo Pepey for 15 minutes.
TKO (Punches)
      Rosa was dancing around the outside, while Burgos was controlling the center of the cage. Rosa was trying to take out Burgos's legs with kicks, while Burgos was just hammering him with hard punch combinations. Rosa was more creative with his movements, and the variety of his attacks, but Burgos looked like he was landing with the harder shots overall. Burgos eventually absorbed a hard kick to the groin. When the fight started back up, Burgos came out swinging, and knocked Rosa to the ground, but refused to follow him down. That was a competitive round, but I scored it slightly in favor of Shane Burgos, based on landing the harder strikes.
     The second round was more of the same, with Rosa looking more active, but Burgos was stalking him, pushing forward the entire time. Fighting Burgos is like fighting a rock, he absorbs damage without showing any real pain, and he just keeps rolling forward, while hammering you with heavy hands. They both landed some hard strikes in the second round, it was a close back & forth matchup, so I'll score that one for Rosa, based on the fact that I feel like this fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     They traded strikes for a minute or so to start the final round, and then Rosa shot for a sloppy takedown, and Burgos stuffed the shit out of it. They continued to trade some wild strikes, and Burgos knocked down Rosa, Rosa stood back up, they continued to trade, Burgos continued to hammer on him with hard punches, and the referee eventually stepped in to stop the fight, as Rosa was absorbing unnecessary damage. Normally I would question a stoppage where the losing fighter is still standing, but I felt pretty good about this stoppage. That was a great win for Shane Burgos.
      Santos clinched early, tried to take Burgos to the ground with a back clinch, but Burgos stayed on his feet for the most part, while throwing punches behind him to hit Silva in the face. They reset, and traded some strikes, with Burgos moving forward the entire time, but he was having some serious trouble connecting, as Silva was doing a good job controlling the distance. I scored the first round for Silva, based mostly on the way he controlled the pace and direction of the round.
     Burgos's corner told him he needed to cut off the cage, by moving to his left, so he did that to start the second round, and he blasted Silva with some heavy punches that dropped him to his knees for a few seconds. After the first minute though, Burgos went back to just chasing Silva instead of cutting off the cage, which allowed Silva to work his counterstriking some more. Burgos landed some big shots still, but he gave up on cutting off the cage for some reason. It doesn't really matter though, because he dropped Silva with some heavy punches again, around 2 minutes into the round, and then he unloaded with some ground & pound, and then told him to stand back up. Burgos continued to chase him, threw some big punches, and got blasted by some heavy counters, and then Silva shot for a takedown, but Burgos was able to stuff the shot. Burgos landed a leg kick, and Silva slowly laid down, for no apparent reason. Burgos clearly won that round, but I believe he would have finished the round if he would have stuck to the "cut off the cage" gameplan, instead of just chasing Silva with his hands down. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, with the momentum clearly on the side of Burgos at this point.
     Burgos's corner cut off his ponytail in between rounds for some reason. Burgos continued to throw power shots at Silva in the final round, and Silva continued to lay down for seemingly no reason, doing the bullshit "Come down here and fight me, because I'm tired" move. The referee kept forcing him to stand back up, and Burgos continued to chip away at him with his boxing. The last half of the round turned into a pretty wild & competitive boxing match. Burgos scored a slow takedown with a minute left in the round, and beat up Silva with a few shots on the ground, and then stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round. The final 30 seconds was a wild brawl. You could make an argument for either fighter in that final round, but I have to believe that Burgos will win this fight, 29-28 across the board. All 3 judges agreed, with a wide variety of scores, all in favor of Shane Burgos in his badass UFC debut.