KO (Slam)
      One minute into the opening round, and Andrade's left eye was already bleeding due to the lightning fast jabs of Namajunas. Andrade picked up Rose and tried to slam her a few times, and Rose defended the slam with the slickest Kimura setup I've ever seen, she then went for an armbar, almost had it, and then kicked Andrade off, and they reset back on their feet. Rose continued to destroy Andrade with her striking, she dropped her with a big knee from the clinch, and then she tackled her, setup a front choke, gave it up and reset back on her feet. Andrade looked like she just got out of a knife fight at the end of the first round. Rose looked calm & clean.
      Rose looked like the best boxer to ever fight in a cage for most of the second round, she was fucking DESTROYING Andrade with her footwork, and her slick boxing, and then Andrade picked her up in the air, Rose tried to do the Kimura defense again, it didn't work, Andrade slammed the living shit out of her, dropping her on her head, it LOOKED like she might have broken her neck, and Rose was out. That was a great fight, Rose looked better than she's ever looked before, and Andrade executed a perfectly timed slam, ending the fight in the second round. That fight was great, and I'd really like to see these two fight again. This is one of the few fights I've seen that I think could possibly deserve a rematch. NOT because Andrade doesn't deserve to win, but because these two are clearly the best in the division right now.
      This fight started with Namajunas looking calm & cool, and Jedrzejczyk appeared to be somewhat jittery. Namajunas's striking was smooth like butter, as she basically painted Jedrzejczyk like a muffin. Jedrzejczyk tried to throw some offense, but it was mostly just feints, and Namajunas didn't even flinch at any of those shots. The round ended with 10 seconds of wild brawling. I'm scoring the first round for Namajunas.
     The second round was more of the same, with both girls striking a lot, but Namajunas was pretty clearly outstriking Jedrzejczyk in almost every exchange. The round ended with a little bit of clinching against the fence, with Namajunas in control, but nothing really happened there. I have Namajunas pretty clearly ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
     The third round was another back & forth round of striking, with Jedrzejczyk finally starting to score some points, by working a lot of leg kicks, and she used her slick boxing to follow up with the openings from the leg kicks. I still have Namajunas ahead 29-28 though, going into the fourth round. The fourth round was similar to the third round, so this fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was a hell of a back & forth scrap, with both girls landing a lot of solid shots, and it probably could have gone either way, but Namajunas scored a takedown with 20 seconds left in the fight, and I think that MIGHT have been enough to win the fight for Namajunas. You can't really complain too much regardless of how this decision goes, but I'm personally scoring this fight 48-47 for Rose Namajunas. All 3 judges scored the fight 49-46 for Rose Namajunas, as she defends her belt. She's a fucking beast!
TKO (Punches)
      These girls both traded some solid strikes to start the first round, and then out of nowhere, Namajunas dropped Jedrzejczyk with some punches, and then jumped on her, but Jedrzejczyk was able to work her way back to her feet against the fence. They continued to exchange some hard strikes, and then Namajunas dropped Jedrzejczyk again, in BRUTAL fashion, Jedrzejczyk curled up in a ball against the fence, and Namajunas continued to unload on her until Jedrzejczyk tapped out due to strikes. That was an AMAZING win for Rose Namajunas, the new UFC Straweight Champion. Rose Namajunas is fucking awesome.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      They traded a few solid punches, Waterson hammered Namajunas with a side kick, and then got her in a headlock, and dragged her to the ground. Rose eventually pulled her head free, and then took Waterson's back. After another brief scramble, Rose ended up on top inside Waterson's guard, 2 minutes into the round. It looked like Waterson was trying to setup a submission from her guard, but Rose blasted her with a hard elbow in the process. Waterson continued to dig for an armbar or something, and Rose hit her with another hard punch & a big elbow. Waterson stood back up against the fence with one minute left in the round, and Rose continued to hit her with hard strikes. Waterson landed some nice kicks, and then Rose took her down in the final seconds of the round. Round one goes to Rose Namajunas.
     Waterson blasted Namajunas with some clean kicks to start the second round, and then Namajunas dropped her with a MASSIVE head kick, that I thought might have knocked out Waterson, but Waterson seemed to sort of recover. Rose postured up, unloaded with some big punches & elbows, while Waterson just tried to take control from her guard. There was a wild scramble, Rose took Waterson's back again, slapped on a tight rear-naked choke, blood started squirting out of Waterson's face, and she tried to fight out of it, but eventually she was forced to submit. That was a badass performance by Rose Namajunas, against one of her toughest opponents to date, and this should secure a title shot (or AT LEAST a #1 contender fight) for Rose Namajunas. This fight was awesome, and both girls deserve a lot of credit for excellent performances.
Decision (Split)
      Kowalkiewicz spent most of the first round coming forward, clearly looking more aggressive, but Namajunas was blasting her with some really clean counter boxing. Namajunas threw a leg kick, and knocked herself down, which might not do her any favors on the scorecards. They continued to trade at a pretty aggressive level in the final 2 minutes of the round. Namajunas clipped Kowalkiewicz with a punch to the chin that had her rocked for a second. Rose landed a few more hard leg kicks, and continued to work her clean counter boxing. Kowalkiewicz opened up with an aggressive flurry of knees & elbows from the clinch, and then Rose took her down to finish out the round, landing some elbows on the ground. That round was super close, but I still scored it slightly for Namajunas.
     Namajunas landed some clean strikes to start the second round, and then Kowalkiewicz unloaded some more brutality from the clinch, blasting Namajunas with some hard shots from the clinch. Namajunas had her pressed against the cage, but Kowalkiewicz was dishing out far more damage with those strikes. Namajunas should probably stay out of the clinch. As soon as I said that though, Namajunas started working to take Kowalkiewicz's back, BUT, Kowalkiewicz was able to strike her way out of that. They reset in the center, and Namajunas landed some crisp punches, while Kowalkiewicz fired back with some kicks & punches of her own. Namajunas shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and that just lead her back into the clinch, where Kowalkiewicz continued to beat her up with knees. Kowalkiewicz rocked Namajunas with a big punch with 90 seconds left in the round. Namajunas looks exhausted, as Kowalkiewicz clearly won that round. I have this fight all tied up going into the third round, but it could be 2-0 for Kowalkiewicz.
     Kowalkiewicz continued to come forward in the final round, landing some more knees from the clinch, and some aggressive punches & kicks. Namajunas was still doing a decent job working her counters, but at this point, I feel like Kowalkiewicz is running away with the fight. Kowalkiewicz then took Namajunas to the ground halfway through the round, but Namajunas went for an armbar, but Kowalkiewicz punched her way out of it. Namajunas landed some decent upkicks, and went for a few more submissions, but in the end, I think Kowalkiewicz deserved to win this fight, at least 29-28. (And for the record, I WANTED Namajunas to win) The judges were split for some reason, but two of them agreed, and gave the fight to Kowalkiewicz by split-decision, which earns her a shot at the title. With that being said though, Jedrzejczyk will destroy this girl (more than likely). She slowed down significantly in the third round, and Namajunas wasn't even pressuring her, so I think that Jedrzejczyk will destroy her in the later rounds.
      The first round started slow, but it got pretty crazy near the end. Namajunas started the fight by throwing random jabs, and working her angles, but Torres started to counter with some HEAVY leg kicks, and big punch combinations, enough for me to score the round for Torres, UNTIL... Namajunas secured a takedown at the end of the round, and worked a little bit of ground & pound. So that round could possibly go either way, but I'm assuming the judges will give it to Namajunas based on that takedown. But Torres pretty clearly won most of the striking exchanges, so I gave the round to Torres.
     The second round was another wild battle, with both girls landing some solid shots. Namajunas was landing more single shots, while Torres was countering with 5-6 punch combinations, mixed in with kicks to the legs & body. That round got REALLY wild in the final 10 seconds, and it looked like Torres might have been rocked a little bit, but I think she was just knocked off balance. Close round, but I have Torres ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. It could be scored in either direction though, I really have no idea what the scorecards look like for this one.
     The final round was another extremely close round, with Namajunas landing some decent shots, Torres ripping her up with combinations, and Namajunas scored a takedown in the final minute of the round. Torres wrapped her up to avoid damage, so nothing happened on the ground, but Namajunas still scored that takedown, so... How do you score this fight? In the end, I think Torres deserves to win, 29-28, but it was a VERY close fight, so I kind of hope it's a split-decision at least. Nope... All 3 judges gave the fight to Rose, 29-28 across the board.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round had Namajunas beating the living shit out of VanZant, cutting her up with elbows, pounding her out with punches, grappling the shit out of her, both dominating her with wrestling as well as submission attempts. Namajunas looked like a machine out there. The clinched in the second round, Paige was trying with all of her might to throw Namajunas, but Namajunas showed some awesome takedown defense, and ended up throwing Paige to the ground. They stood back up, and Paige FINALLY took Namajunas to the ground, but Namajunas easily reversed it, ending up on top. Paige's face was ALL fucked up halfway through that second round, as Namajunas continued to rip her apart with elbows & punches. Paige ran in there for the third round, and Namajunas took her down again, without any trouble at all. Paige finally fought her way into top position, but Rose popped right back up. They exchanged some punches, and Rose continued to pick apart VanZant. Rose Namajunas is a fucking animal! They eventually stood back up, Rose jumped on Paige's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Paige jumped backward to slam Rose, Rose refused to let go, she locked the choke in deeper, as blood 100% completely covered her entire face, and Rose eventually gave it up, mounted Paige, and then slaughtered her with more punches & elbows. The fourth round started the same way, with Rose easily taking Paige to the ground, she locked on an armbar, Paige slipped out, and Rose continued to chop away at her face with sharp little elbows. Rose grabbed Paige's back, and continued to grapple the shit out of her. It LOOKED like Rose snapped Paige's arm with an armbar, and Paige somehow rolled out of it, and fought her way to the top, which was insane, but Rose pretty quickly grabbed her back again. The round ended with another pretty wild back & forth scramble in the clinch, and Rose capped the round off with another takedown. AWESOME fight so far, and both of these girls are beasts, but yeah, this fight has been 100% one-sided for Rose Namajunas so far going into the final round. The final round started with Namajunas beating up VanZant on the feet, and then she took her down again from the clinch. After continuing to dominate VanZant for another minute or so, Rose locked on another rear-naked choke, locked that shit on tight, and VanZant was forced to submit. This was a nearly flawless perormance for Rose Namajunas. HANDS DOWN the #1 contender in my opinion. That fight was fucking awesome.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      YEAH!!! Namajunas was throwing punches, moving forward, Hill tried to work her clinch game, Namajunas threw a nice punch-to-trip takedown, she got on top of Hill, Hill tried to stand up, Namajunas locked on the rear-naked choke, and put Hill to sleep about halfway through the first round. As a big fan of Namajunas, I'm happy to see her break her 2-Fight losing streak with a slick technical submission victory like this one.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      FUCK. That was a great fight, but I'm a huge Rose Namajunas fan, so that's awfully disappointing seeing her lose such a huge fight. BUT! She was scrappy as fuck in this fight, throwing her usual wild kicks, spinning backfists, nonstop offense as usual. The problem is, Carla Esparza is a terrific wrestler, and she was able to control all 3 rounds, especially the last two, where she eventually dominated Namajunas on the ground, finishing her with a rear-naked choke early in the third round. Really great fight by both girls though, and I look forward to seeing where this weight division goes from here. Congrats to Esparza for becoming the first UFC Champion at 115.
Submission (Kimura)
      Rose worked some slick dance moves to taunt Markos a bit, Markos rushed in, threw some big punches, they clinched, and Rose threw Markos to the ground one minute into the opening round. Markos gave it everything she had, as she tried to sweep Rose, but Rose maintained a strong top position with her half mount. Markos was finally able to sweep her around the 2 minute mark, but Rose slapped on a Kimura, they both flipped around like crazy, and Markos secured half mount. Rose cranked on another Kimura, and finished the fight by submission with around 2:16 remaining in the opening round. That was another fantastic performance by Rose Namajunas as she moves on to the tournament finals.
Submission (Kimura)
      Rose came out throwing wild kicks, and they both punched the shit out of each other. Calderwood plowed forward, and sort of took down Rose 30 seconds into the round, but Rose was also pulling guard, looking for a flying armbar, so I'm not really sure who scored the points during that exchange. Calderwood postured up and worked some basic ground & pound from inside Rose's guard. Rose was working for submissions the entire time, while also throwing up some decent elbows from her back. She stood up 2 minutes into the round, went for another flying armbar, missed, so they went back to battling from inside the clinch. They continued to battle at a violent pace, and with around a minute left in the round, Rose cranked on a wild looking Kimura on the ground, but Calderwood escaped, so Rose just settled into Calderwood's guard, and beat her up with some short punches. Round one was a hell of a battle, and I scored it for Namajunas.
     They continued to trade crisp punches & kicks in the second round, with Calderwood using her kicks to keep the distance, while Rose was blasting her in the face repeatedly with long diving punches. They traded some heavy knees from the clinch, and then Calderwood took down Rose 90 seconds into the round. Rose immediately started setting up a Kimura, which she used to finish the fight by submission just past the 2 minute mark of the second round. That was a huge win for Rose Namajunas, considering I had Calderwood ranked #2 in the world going into this fight.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Rose started this fight with a side kick, they danced around for a few seconds, and then Rose kicked the shit out of Chambers, clinched, and then unloaded with some wild punches & kicks. Chambers threw a nice head kick, but it was blocked. Rose fired back with some hard shots that all connected. They continued to dance around and trade strikes, with Rose CLEARLY being the far superior striker. She clinched halfway through the round, and then yanked Chambers to the ground, landing in half mount. They stood back up, and Rose threw Chambers to the ground again, and took her back. They stood up again, Rose continued to press Chambers against the fence, they traded some hard shots, and then reset. Rose threw some fancy kicks, with outstanding accuracy, and then took down Chambers and beat up her body with knees against the fence. Rose took her back again with a minute left in the round, and then finished the fight with a rear-naked choke 30 seconds later. That was an outstanding one-sided performance by Rose Namajunas.
      Damn... I'm a fan of Rose Namajunas, so it sucks that she lost this fight, considering she was one of the few fighters I really knew who she was going into this event. With that being said, this was a pretty awesome fight, both girls fought their asses off, and punched the living shit out of each other for all 3 rounds. Namajunas locked on a couple of flying armbars in the first two rounds, so that was cool, but Torres did an amazing job escaping them, never really finding herself in too much danger. Great brawl, two great fighters, and I look forward to seeing them both again in the future.
Submission (Flying Armbar)
      FUCK YES! Rose Namajunas came out swinging, punched the fuck out of Catron's face, unleashed an amazing flying armbar, flipping Catron onto the ground, where Rose finished the fight via submission in 12 seconds of the first round. That was one of the best submission finishes I've ever seen, in all of the MMA fights I've seen over the years. Rose Namajunas is the fuckin' boss!
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      OH SHIT! That was one of the best first rounds I've seen in a long time. Rose landed some great strikes at the start of the fight, so Kagan tried to pressure her against the cage, taking the fight to the ground, but from that point forward, the entire first round consisted of Namajunas unleashing a Jiu-Jitsu clinic on Kagan, transitioning from INSANE submissions, into each other, chokes, arm locks, shoulder locks, leg locks, Ros Namajunas is fucking insane, both on her feet, as well as on the ground. Kagan though, even though she didn't have much offense, the fact that she survived the first round, was impressive. The second round was more of the same, Kagan securing the takedown, and Rose hunting for submissions. It wasn't as exciting as the first round, but it was still an impressive display of grappling skills by both fighters. The third round had Rose showing off more of her wild kicking skills, until Kagan pushed her up against the cage. Most of this round was kind of boring, as Kagan continued to stall, pressing Rose against the cage, but Rose was able to climb onto Kagan's back, off the cage, where she finished the fight via rear-naked choke. This was a pretty amazing performance, on all fronts, for Rose Namajunas. This fight was fucking awesome!