TKO (Punches)
      Nunes immediately beat up Rousey's face with heavy punches to start the first round, and for some reason, Rousey just stood there, eating heavy punches, Nunes continued to chew up her face with heavy punches, Ronda looked absolutely lost in there, like she had never been in a fight in her entire life, and the referee was eventually forced to step in to save Ronda's life. That was another fantastic performance by Amanda Nunes. I would also like to point out that I've been saying for a long time now (before Ronda ever lost) that Amanda Nunes deserved a title shot, and I thought she would be the one to beat Ronda. Amanda Nunes is a fucking destroyer!!!
KO (Head Kick & Punches)
      OH MY GOD!!! Ronda Rousey looked really terrible in this fight. He came out swinging, missing almost all of her punches, her face was bloodied up in the first round, as I think Holm broke her nose or something. Rousey tried to take her to the ground a few times, and Holm slammed Ronda to the ground, and then got back up. By the second round, Ronda looked exhausted, and Holm continued to pick her apart with her boxing, and then she BLASTED her with a massive head kick, followed by some brutal punches on the ground, forcing the referee to jump in, and Ronda Rousey was OUT COLD. That was fucking insane, I believe that's the biggest upset in MMA history, and Holly Holm is the new UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. HOLY SHIT that was good. Ronda looked REALLY bad though.
KO (Punches)
      OH MAN. That was wild. This fight more or less happened the way I expected it to happen, with Correia coming out throwing bombs, and she actually did a decent job slipping out of the way of Ronda's punches, showing decent footwork, etc... BUT... Ronda Clinched with her, punched her in the head a few times, pushed her to the ground, Correia did sort of a back roll to get back to her feet, and then Rousey started boxing with her up against the cage, and then knocked Bethe the fuck out. That was a really fun fight to watch, and a decent way to cap off an evening full of pretty decent fights. I guess Ronda is still the best, eh?
Submission (Straight Armbar)
      HOLY FUCK. That was fucking outstanding. I feel horrible for Zingano though, after such a long wait, she finally got her title shot, she ran out Rousey like a bull, she threw a flying knee (I think?), but missed, and Rousey flipped her, dropped her on her head, there was a scramble, Rousey got on Cat's back, locked on an armbar from the back, it was a unique "headlock" style armbar (where she sort of got the arm in a "headlock" type of hold), and she just cranked back, and Zingano was forced to submit, in 14 seconds, the fastest victory in UFC Championship history, and also a tie for the fastest submission victory in the UFC. Ronda Rousey is fucking insane, and she MIGHT BE the best fighter, pound for pound, in the entire world.
KO (Punches)
      OH GOD! That was fucking nuts. There were a few punches thrown, Rousey threw a hard knee, immediately followed by a beautiful Judo throw, slamming Davis to the ground, she kept ahold of the headlock, and then punched her in the face 9 or 10 times, unanswered, so the referee had to stop the fight. Ronda Rousey just BEAT THE FUCK out of Alexis Davis. That was pretty hardcore. I really have no idea who they could put against Rousey that would really be interesting at this point, she's pretty much cleared out the division.
TKO (Knee to the Body)
      Well, that was a shitty fight. McMann looked like she had some solid boxing skills, she's clearly a good wrestler and was able to negate Rousey's throws. Eventually, Ronda landed a knee to the body, McMann fell to the ground, the fight was stopped immediately, but McMann looked fine to me. Early stoppage, lame fight. Apparently it was a liver shot or something? Still didn't look like an end to the fight in my opinion.
Submission (Armbar)
      This fight was fucking insane. The build up to this fight, resulted in two people that hate each other more than possibly anyone I've ever seen fight before. I've been a big Rousey fan for a while, so I wanted her to win this, but I can definitely understand why she lost a lot of fans after the way she acted on The Ultimate Fighter. WITH THAT BEING SAID, this fight was fucking awesome. Ronda's Judo throws were fucking insane, every time Miesha would shoot in for a takedown, Ronda would THROW HER across the octagon, and slam her down like a wet paper sack. Ronda is fucking brutal. In the end, Miesha put up a hell of a fight, but as usual, nobody can handle the Ronda Rousey armbar, and this time, Tate tapped before having her arm snapped. This fight was seriously awesome though, best fight I've seen in a while.
Submission (Armbar)
      Holy horse shit! This fight definitely lived up to, and exceeded the hype. Ronda Rousy is still clearly the best female fighter in the world, but Liz Carmouche proved to any doubters, that she definitely deserved this title shot. The fight started with Carmouche climbing on Rousey's back, and locked on a rear-naked choke / neck crank, and it looked like she was going to break her head off. Eventually Rousey was able to escape, and from that point forward, it just turned into one of the most amazing grappling matches I've ever seen. Easily the best fight on the card, and considering the number of BADASS fights on this card, that's really saying something. Eventually, Rousey locked on her famous armbar, and Carmouche was forced to submit. Amazing fight all around, and one of the best UFC events I've ever seen.
Submission (Armbar)
      VICTORY! I think all of the people that watched this fight, came to watch Ronda Rousey kick Kaufman's ass, and that's exactly what happened. Rousey came out swinging, she pinned Kaufman against the cage, she took her to the ground, she locked on the armbar, they rolled around for a few seconds, and eventually Rousey forced Kaufman's arm loose, and BAM... Submission via armbar in under a minute. Ronda Rousey scares the shit out of me. Badass fighter!!!
Submission (Armbar)
      HOLY FUCK! That was one of the best fights I've ever seen. Rousey seemed unstoppable going into this fight, and she pretty much threw Tate around like a ragdoll, and showed some decent ground & pound. Tate is strong as fuck though, and she beat the hell out of Rousey as well, getting the better of her while standing, and even getting the better of her on the ground for a little while. There was so much back & forth action, I couldn't possibly try to do a play by play, all I know is, this was a legendary fight, one of the best fights ever in MMA history, and Ronda Rousey is the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. FUCKING BRUTAL ARMBAR. She broke Tate's arm in half. That was fucking brutal, and Tate didn't tap until her arm was already twisted up like a hose. Fucking BRUTAL victory for Ronda Rousey.
Submission (Armbar)
      BOOM! And she does it again. Rousey went straight into the clinch, she pulled Budd down to the ground, she went straight for the armbar, she dislocated Budd's elbow, and it still took Budd a few extra seconds to tap, but that was a brutal armbar, against a quality opponent, and Budd walked away with her arm hanging by her side, completely destroyed. Ronda Rousey is a fucking maniac. Awesome fight.
Technical Submission (Armbar)
      Well, that was interesting. Ronda Rousey makes her Strikeforce debut here, throws a few jabs, corners D'Alelio against the cage, she went for a flying armbar, cranked that arm, it looked like she MIGHT have snapped her arm, Ronda said "She tapped..." or "It snapped..." I'm not 100% sure what she said. The referee stopped the fight, there was some controversy, because it didn't LOOK like D'Alelio necessarily tapped, but if she wouldn't have, it was still pretty clear that Rousey was about to break her arm, so... I mean... Congrats to Rousey for the submission victory, I guess, but it SORT OF looks like D'Alelio got screwed here, in a pretty major fight. Rousey still looked unstoppable though.