TKO (Punches)
      These guys was trading strikes at a decent pace for most of the first round, with Young pressuring Dy for the most part, and he nearly knocked him out halfway through the round with a lengthy combination while pressuring him against the fence, but he wasn't able to finish him off. Dy sort of recovered, they continued to trade some wild strikes, and then Young hurt Dy again with a minute left in the round, but still wasn't able to finish the fight. Round one pretty clearly goes to Young though.
     The second round was another aggressive round of back & forth striking, with Young destroying the face of Dy, causing blood to flow all over the place, while Young still appeared to be somewhat untouched. Young nearly caused Dy's head to explode with a brutal elbow, and then he finished him off with a series of punches against the fence. That was a fantastic performance by Shane Young as he earns his first UFC win.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Dy blasted Wu with some BRUTAL left hooks that knocked him on his ass, but instead of going in for the kill, he just let him stand back up. Li took down Dy with a single leg a minute into the round, but Dy quickly popped back up to his feet. Li grabbed his back during a scramble, and yanked Dy to the ground again, this time securing back control on the ground. Dy eventually stood back up, and Li rushed him across the cage and smashed him against the fence as Dy was trying to get his legs under him, They reset halfway through the round and went back to trading strikes. Dy probably won that round with his striking, but it was a competitive round.
     Wu aggressively worked for a takedown to start the second round, and Dy ended up on top in side control after a wild scramble. Dy threw some knees to Wu's shoulder & body on the ground. Wu scrambled back to his feet 2 minutes into the round. Dy threw some big bombs, and then Wu fired back with some softer but extremely fast punches. This has been a pretty fun fight so far, but I'm going to score it 20-18 for Dy going into the final round.
     Wu shot for the aggressive single leg to start the final round, and he took down Dy 45 seconds into the round. From there, he was just locked in on top, grinding his elbow into Dy, but he wasn't really throwing any significant strikes or working toward any submissions or anything. Dy scrambled back up 2 minutes into the round, they traded some punches, and Wu immediately shot for another takedown, pressing Dy against the fence, but Dy did a decent job stuffing his shot this time. They split up, and Dy kicked Wu in the balls, so they paused the action for a few seconds. When the fight started back up, they basically picked up where they left off, leading to a round that was pretty hard to score. In the end, I think Dy should win this fight, maybe 29-28? All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Rolando Dy.
      Ishihara came out and threw some fast strikes, and he dropped Dy 30 seconds into the opening round with a clean left hand. He unloaded with some wild ground & pound, while pinning Dy against the fence. He cut him open with an elbow, Dy worked his way back to his feet, and then Ishihara took him down again, and continued to pound on Dy with some vicious punches & elbows. Some of those elbows he was dropping made me want to cry. Round one could have been a 10-8 round for Ishihara.
     Ishihara was pressuring Dy early in the second round, he threw some big strikes, they clinched, and then Dy threw a knee to his groin. After a brief pause, the fight continued. Ishihara threw a big left hand, Dy blasted him with a clean head kick, neither fighter seemed phased by the exchange, Ishihara shot for a takedown, and Dy stuffed his shot, so they reset a minute into the round. They continued to hammer each other with some heavy punches, without either fighter really concerning themselves with defense at all. That round could have gone to either fighter. Either way, I still have Ishihara ahead going into the final round, based on the 10-8 first round.
     The final round started with Dy blasting Ishihara with a knee, Ishihara dropped to the ground, and shot for a desperate takedown, which Dy stuffed, but Ishihara still pressed him against the fence for a few seconds, buying himself some time to recover. They reset, and then Dy dropped Ishihara with a hard knee to the groin. Dy tried to say it was a clean shot, but after watching the replay, it looked like it was a pretty clear knee to the groin to me. When the fight started back up, they traded a few strikes, and then Ishihara blasted Dy with a clean head kick, but Dy just ate the shot and kept coming forward. Dy blasted Ishihara with a head kick, and Ishihara scrambled to avoid any follow up damage. Dy then blasted Ishihara with one of the hardest kicks to the groin I've ever seen in my entire life. That was a BRUTAL shin to the groin. The referee HAS to take a point for this one, and if Ishihara can't continue, I'm going to assume he'll win on the scorecards. The referee took a point, and Dy said "WHAT!?! THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME!" It was the THIRD LOW BLOW MAN! When the fight started back up, Ishihara shot in for an aggressive takedown, and pinned Dy against the fence with 2 minutes left in the final round. Dy was able to kick his way back to his feet, but Ishihara kept him smothered against the fence. They reset, and Ishihara blasted Dy with a brutal inside leg kick. Dy landed a nice head kick with 10 seconds left in the round, but Ishihara just ate it. This fight is going to a decision, and it 100% has to go to Ishihara. All 3 judges agreed, giving him the hard fought unanimous decision victory.
TKO (Eye Injury)
      Caceres came out and threw a lot of kicks to start the first round. Caceres landed some slick punch combinations, and Dy looked a little lost, with his back close to the fence. Caceres kicked him in the head, unloaded with some big punches, Dy threw a kick, Caceres knocked him down with a big counter punch, Caceres jumped on him, slapped on a guillotine, transitioned to back control, locked on the body triangle, and started working for the rear-naked choke with 2 minutes remaining in the opening round. Dy tried to roll out of it, Caceres blasted him with some more punches, and then slapped on the rear-naked choke again. Dy somehow stood up with a minute left in the round, but Caceres quickly took control again with the clinch, and then they reset. Caceres threw some nice kicks, and then Dy clinched, with 30 seconds left in the round, but he wasn't really able to do anything with it. Round one clearly goes to Caceres, probably with a solid 10-8.
     The second round started with a few random strikes, and then the referee paused the fight because Dy's eye was bothering him (from something that happened in the first round). When the fight started back up, Caceres beat the shit out of Dy with some slick combinations, and then Dy scrambled into a back clinch 90 seconds into the round. Caceres spun around into him, and threw some knees at Dy. They eventually split up, and continued to trade strikes at a decent pace. Dy might have done enough to steal that round, but I have Caceres ahead going into the final round, especially since I scored the first round 10-8 in his favor. So, I guess this fight might be at 19-18 going into the third round? Nevermind, it doesn't matter. The referee stopped the fight in between rounds, due to Dy's eye problems. That was a solid win for Alex Caceres.