KO (Punch)
      Oh God... that was gross... The first 2 minutes were pretty slow, not much going on really, Franklin looked like his striking was going to be ok, BUT THEN... Franklin kicked Le's leg, Le countered with a huge punch, SMASHING Rich's chin, and Franklin got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT, falling face first in brutal fashion. Seriously, that was a gross knockout. Franklin needs to retire, I like the dude, but he's done man...
      Holy shit! I can't believe I didn't watch this event live. This was one of the best fights I've seen in a while. Rich Franklin basically out-boxed Silva for the entire fight, and won at least 3 of the rounds, if not 4. In the second round, Silva basically knocked out Franklin, and DESTROYED him for the entire final minute of the round or so, but really, other than a few huge bursts of "old school Axe Murderer", Silva pretty much just got outclassed in this fight. Both guys did a great job, and it was cool seeing them both turn it up at the end of the fifth round to bring a huge climax to the crowd. Great fight, and I look forward to seeing more of these fights in Brazil!
      This fight was pretty awesome. Forrest Griffin started the fight (like most other fights so far on this card) by dominating Rich on the ground, Forrest is quite a bit bigger than Rich, so he had a pretty clear strength advantage. The second round was a little bit closer, with Rich becoming more active, but I still gave the 2nd round to Forrest as well. The third round, they both just basically scrapped it out until the end, close call in those last 2 rounds, but I gave all 3 rounds to Forrest Griffin, and all 3 judges did as well.
KO (Punch)
      Man, this fight makes me sick to my stomach, because it marks the official end of Chuck Liddell's career (my favorite fighter up until this point). I had the fight scored in favor of Chuck (not just because I was a fan) but he was doing a pretty decent job, doing what Chuck does best, and that's count punching with hard looping punches, and he even took Franklin down once which was cool. The best part, Chuck broke Rich's arm with a kick early in the fight, and Rich was able to continue long enough until he eventually punched Chuck at the end of the first round, and finished him off with some punches on the ground (Chuck was clearly unconscious). Pretty crazy fight overall.
TKO (Punches)
      This was a pretty huge main event, but the actual fight sucked. It basically went 3 full minutes without anybody making a move, eventually Franklin went in with a sloppy attack, Belfort countered, threw a few punches, looked like he missed most of them, and Franklin collapsed and fell asleep. Huh? Whatever... Still, Belfort is a legit contender for Silva, and I've been saying for a while, that he COULD POSSIBLY be the guy to take out Silva, but yeah, Franklin didn't put up much of a fight here at all.
      This fight was a pretty crazy brawl. The first round was slow, the second round started to speed up, and the third round had both guys throwing wild & crazy punches & kicks, and they both looked like they were going to get knocked the fuck out multiple times. In the end, I scored the fight a draw, but the judges gave the fight to Rich Franklin via unanimous decision. Good solid main event overall though.
Decision (Split)
      This fight was pretty solid, between two of the top guys in the sport. Both guys threw down, it was a solid brawl, but it was sort of stained by a few bad moments. Dan Henderson threw an accidental headbutt in the first round that cut Rich's forehead in a couple of spots, pretty badly. Henderson went on to win the first & second rounds. In the third round, Henderson poked Franklin in the eye pretty badly, but Franklin continued fighting, and eventually won the third round. In the end, I gave the fight to Henderson (but wanted Franklin to win). The judges gave the fight to Henderson via split-decision.
TKO (Kick to the Body)
      I was happy with the outcome of this fight, but it's one that I wasn't really THAT excited about. Rich Franklin finally gave up at the 185 weight class, and now he's moved on up to 205. I really don't like Matt Hamill, but he still poses some sort of threat to everyone at 205, simply because you don't really know when he's finally going to step it up to become a better MMA fighter. His striking is getting better, and he's always been an excellent wrestler, I'm just glad that he couldn't quite hang with Rich Franklin's superior striking. After beating up Hamill for most of the first two rounds, Franklin finally ended the fight early in the third round with a hard kick to Hamill's liver, sending him crumbling to the ground like someone just shot him in the stomach. Good fight overall, but I'm mostly glad it's over so I can FINALLY see Chuck Liddell make his return against Rashad Evans.
TKO (Punches)
      Well, Rich Franklin was easily the favorite in this fight, and I tried to call an upset here, by saying that Lutter would take him to the ground & submit him... Well, that BASICALLY happened, kind of... Travis Lutter started the fight by taking down Franklin, dominating him with his wrestling, and then Lutter almost choked him out, almost broke Franklin's arm with a TIGHT armbar (but Franklin magically escaped that, I have no idea how)... But I gave the first round to Travis Lutter... At that point, I was thinking if Lutter doesn't win by submission, he might win by decision... But uh, nope... Lutter was out of gas after the first round, so the second round consisted of Franklin punching him randomly, until the referee finally stopped the fight... It honestly looked like Lutter was sleeping during the entire second round... So yeah, Franklin deserved to win this fight I guess, and he did... The problem now is, where does Franklin go from here? I don't think anybody wants to see him fight Anderson Silva again, and Franklin has already basically beaten everybody else in the 185 division... So I don't know... I was hoping Lutter would beat Franklin & get a rematch against Anderson Silva, but I guess that won't be happening... Either way, good solid fight, pretty exciting, and kudos to Rich Franklin for the excellent win...
TKO (Knees)
      WOW... Rich Franklin got fucked up again, pretty much the same way that it happened the first time... He went into this fight looking like he was in better shape than last time (last time he looked sick)... But it didn't have much of an impact on this fight... Anderson Silva unleashed some fury at the end of the first round, basically knocking out Rich Franklin, but Franklin was literally saved by the bell... The second round started up, and it was more of the same... Big punches, elbows, knees, kicks, Anderson Silva destroyed Rich Franklin, in Franklin's home town... Crazy fight, exciting fight, and Anderson Silva is hands down the #1 Middleweight in the world...
      Well, here we are with another card, with some great undercard fights, and then the main event fights just turn out to be disappointing... The Forrest Griffin fight wasn't nearly as explosive as I think most people probably expected, and then the Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami fight, was just plain boring... The first two rounds had Rich Franklin winning, by being a LITTLE bit more aggressive with the striking... The third round, Yushin Okami got the points, for taking Rich to the ground, and almost finishing him with a DEADLY looking Kimura... Ha, so yeah... I almost wanted to give the fight to Okami, since he's the only one that even came close to finishing the fight... But yeah, Rich Franklin wins by unanimous decision...
TKO (Corner Stoppage)
      Man, I was calling Jason MacDonald the #2 Middleweight in the UFC (even above Rich Franklin), so I was kind of sad to see him lose here... But basically, the fight consisted of MacDonald trying to take Franklin to the ground, and coming up short on most of his attempts... When the fight was standing, Rich dominated him... When the fight went to the ground, Franklin overpowered him... So yeah, overall, Rich Franklin just kicked the shit out of Jason MacDonald... After the bell rang at the end of the second round, Jason's corner just said "Ok, we quit... he can't continue..." So they stopped the fight after the second round, and Rich Franklin wins, I guess by TKO? Good fight... I still give credit to Jason though, for being a terrific submission fighter, I just wish he'd improve his striking & wrestling a little bit more... But yeah, looking forward to seeing both of these guys fight again (but not each other) soon...
KO (Knee)
      This fight left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach... If you've ever seen the movie "Kickboxer", you might have an idea of how this fight went down... Basically, it consisted of the American fighter who happened to be one of the hometown heroes or whatever (Rich Franklin), taking on the REAL DEAL Muay Thai fighter, who pretty much DESTROYED Rich Franklin in the first round... Anderson Silva got Franklin in that Muay Thai clinch, then started throwing knees, and punches, and death blows, and bombs, and axes, and broadswords, and machine guns, and Saw 3 (coming to theaters October 27th, HA!) and uh... Yeah... Basically Anderson Silva knocked Franklin the fuck out, and made him look like he had no business being in the octagon... Rich Franklin has been one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC for a LONG time, and was considered to be probably the #1 Middleweight in the world... That of course, was until Anderson Silva came to America, and literally made Rich look like a fan from the audience that felt like taking his chances against a veteran professional fighter... Silva's Knee + Franklin's Face = KTFO, first round...
      This was without a doubt, the best fight of the night... That surprises me because I was absolutely positive that the GSP vs. BJ Penn fight would be the best fight of the evening, but Rich Franklin really hands down, put on the best show of the night, in one of the best fights that I've ever seen... This fight went all five rounds, which is insane, because EVERY ROUND looked fresh (especially for Rich)... Franklin broke his hand in the second round, and he continued to fight through the 25 minute fight, until he won by unanimous decision... It was absolutely amazing... David Loiseau really put forth a lot of effort, especially since both of his eyes looked like they were going to explode... Franklin beat his ass pretty badly, punching & kicking him, as well as slamming & suplexing him... Rich Franklin shows that he really does deserve to be the middleweight champion, and for the first time ever, I really believe that Rich is nearly unstoppable at this weight class... This was a great fuckin' fight...
KO (Punch)
      Holy Crap!!! This is what a championship bout should be all about... Rich Franklin (Middleweight Champion) completely dominated the fight... Every time Quarry would throw one punch, Franklin would return about 17 punches... It was fucking awesome... He broke his nose about a minute into the first round, and soon after, knocked Quarry the fuck out... I have always been impressed with Rich Franklin, but this is honestly the first time I've seen him, and honestly viewed him as a true champion... Rich Franklin is a bad bad man...
TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
      This was a pretty good fight... It started out slow, with the first two rounds getting a few boos here & there from the fans, since neither fighter was really going all out at all, but since it was scheduled to be 5 rounds, you can't really blame them for starting slow... Then, during the third round, Rich Franklin busted up Tanner's face pretty badly, leaving swollen bumps & cuts all over Tanner's face, but the fight still continued into the fourth round... By the end of the fight (about halfway through the fourth round), Tanner's face was so swollen that the doctors had to stop the fight, since he looked like his entire face was going to explode... Rich Franklin wins by doctor stoppage, and even if they wouldn't have stopped the fight, he was ahead on points anyways, so great win for Franklin, and he becomes the NEW UFC Middleweight Champion!!!
TKO (Punches)
      I remember after the first time I watched this fight, I was disappointed, because Ken Shamrock failed pretty miserably on several different accounts. With that being said, going back and watching this fight again years later, I have to admit it was a pretty cool fight, and it was a great way for Rich Franklin to make an impression on the mainstream fans. Rich Franklin is a badass, and this was pretty much the beginning of his rise towards the middleweight championship (even though this fight was a Light Heavyweight fight). Excellent show by Franklin!
Submission (Armbar)
      This was a pretty alright fight... To be honest though, it seemed like it may have been a little bit over-rated by the announcers, and stuff like that... During the fight, everyone seemed to think that "Oh wow! This is a war! What a brawl!" But I was having a hard time staying interested in it... Blah, let's get to the point though... Both guys have pretty solid striking abilities, and with that being said, they sort of nullified each other's attacks... Rich Franklin pretty much set the pace for the fight, and controlled most of the action, but somehow, in the second round, Rich Franklin's left eye had a GIANT limp above & below his eye, it looked like his face was literally going to explode... BUT, he still kept fighting, and eventually ended the fight late in the third round, via armbar submission... Good fight... Jorge Rivera bores me though...
TKO (Head Kick and Punches)
      Lyoto Machida took Franklin down a couple of times in the first round, beating him up with some basic ground & pound, securing the first round for Machida. Franklin left his hands a little too low in the second round, which allowed Machida to launch a big knee to the head of Franklin, which he followed up with some punches, finishing Franklin early in the second round. Really huge victory for Lyoto Machida.
TKO (Punches & Knees)
      This fight was awesome... Rich Franklin had a torn groin muscle (says the rumor), so he really didn't want to have to go to the ground during this fight, because with a torn groin muscle, it would be hard to defend from your guard... Edwin Dewees on the other hand, is a great submission fighter, so that's exactly where he wanted to take the fight... The fight started with Dewees taking Franklin to the ground almost instantly, and then Franklin scrambled around for a minute, and eventually got back up... At that point, Rich Franklin started raising the level of violence, from 1-10 in the course of about a minute... He started out slow, throwing a few punches, then got Dewees in the clinch, and started throwing some knees... Then Franklin started throwing some punch combinations, knees, kicks to the body, knees to the body, and then total destruction of Edwin Dewees was soon to follow... Rich Franklin isn't quite cut out for the 205 pound division, because I think it takes too much out of his cardio... BUT, against a guy like Edwin Dewees, Rich Franklin will pretty much dominate in any weight class... Rich Franklin wins by TKO in the first round...
TKO (Punches)
      This was a nice clean debut for Rich Franklin. He came in, danced with Tanner for a bit, threw some punches, showed some solid boxing skills, knocked Tanner a bit loopy against the cage, and finally forced him to crumble, which caused the referee to stop the fight. You might be able to debate that it was an early stoppage, but either way, Tanner didn't look like he was bringing much to this fight, and Rich Franklin looked ready to go. So yeah, great debut for Rich Franklin.
Submission (Armbar)
      Well, that was fun while it lasted. Eastman looked aggressive, as he beat up Franklin for a few seconds, he grabbed him, slammed him to the ground, Franklin locked on an armbar, Eastman slapped the ground once, the referee stopped the fight, said he tapped, Eastman said he didn't tap, there was some controversy, but in the end, he was caught in the armbar, he would have tapped eventually. Nice win for Rich Franklin.