KO (Front Kick)
      Well then, there goes Randy Couture... Couture was busy in the first round, trying to move in on Machida, but he wasn't able to do much of anything worthwhile. The second round started, they moved around for a minute or so, and then Lyoto Machida threw that huge Karate Kid kick to the face, knocking Couture flat on his ass (and also knocking his tooth out). Lyoto Machida isn't the most exciting fighter I've ever seen, but this knockout was PRETTY fuckin' brutal. Machida moves up the ranks, and Couture officially retires.
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Well then... Boxing vs. MMA, who wins in a fight? OBVIOUSLY MMA, and Randy Couture proved that, by taking Toney to the ground immediately, Toney clearly had no idea what he was doing once the fight hit the ground, and Randy got full mount, beat the living shit out of Toney up against the face, and then locked on an arm-triangle choke, forcing Toney to submit multiple times. This was kind of a ridiculous spectacle, but it was still a ton of fun. (I'd probably be pretty pissed if Couture would have been knocked out or something).
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Two wrestling legends! One octagon! Randy Couture just whooped Coleman's ass! He came out in the first round, showed some much improved striking skills, boxing was crips & precise, and Coleman had nothing to defend himself with. The second round was more of the same, eventually Couture took Coleman to the ground, and he choked him out with a rear-naked choke, Coleman was unconscious. Excellent showing by Randy Couture.
      Well, this was a controversial decision, and here's my take on it. The fight was boring, which was disappointing, but there were still a few exchanges that lead to some excitement. In general, I think that Brandon Vera EASILY did more damage overall, and if you were to rate each fighter (like I did) based on the fight as a whole, Brandon Vera would have won, based on the fact that he DEFINITELY did more damage in round 2, almost finishing the fight. If you score it on a per round basis, Randy Couture won, because he definitely won the first round, Brandon won the second, and the third round could have gone either way, but I ended up giving that one slightly to Randy. So, Randy Couture wins, I agree with that based on MMA rules, but ultimately, I think Brandon Vera proved to be the better fighter overall.
      This fight was badass! Easily the fight of the night. All 3 rounds were pretty much nonstop action. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira locked on (and I mean LOCKED ON) multiple submissions in this fight, and Randy defended them all perfectly. Nogueira also nearly knocked out Randy during several exchanges. This was quite possibly Nogueira's best performance of all time, and Randy Couture was a BEAST to be able to withstand this much of an assault. Excellent fight, both guys are top Heavyweights, and this was a legendary brawl. *standing ovation*
TKO (Punches)
      Welp, Brock Lesnar is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. I fully expected him to dominate Couture, but he actually was far less impressive than I was expecting him to be. Randy Couture might have actually won the first round, I'm not 100% sure really. The second round, Lesnar won, because he punched Couture and nearly killed him. Good fight, I guess.
TKO (Punches)
      Man, I was off on another important prediction! I wanted Randy Couture to win this one, but I got caught up in the hype, and I actually believed that Gonzaga was a monster that would destroy everybody, including maybe even Fedor Emelianenko... Well, I guess not... Maybe that kick to the head of Mirko Cro-Cop was a lucky shot afterall? Either way, this fight was impressive... Randy Couture came out and took Gonzaga to the ground several times, including one big slam where he picked the giant Gonzaga up off the ground, and slammed him to the ground... Whenever they were on their feet, Randy got up close in the clinch, and dominated Gonzaga there as well... Ultimately, Randy Couture broke Gonzaga's nose in the first round, and then beat the shit out of him for 2 rounds, finally finishing him early in the third with the ground & pound TKO... Randy is the fuckin' man...
      Well... The first 2 minutes of this fight, had some of the greatest moments I've ever seen in MMA... Randy Couture started the fight with a one punch knock down of Tim Sylvia, and once Sylvia fell down, Randy jumped on him, and started pounding away at his face with a vengeance... Randy then got on Tim's back, and tried to lock on a rear naked choke, and basically held that position for the entire first round... From that point on, the fight consisted of Randy Couture boxing his way to a victory, over the much larger Tim Sylvia (Tim had a 11.5" reach advantage, which is ridiculous...) So yeah, Tim should have kicked him in the head or something, but Tim just didn't even try in this fight (and hasn't tried in any of his recent fights) so I'm VERY happy with the fact that Tim Sylvia lost his belt... I just feel bad that he lost it to a 43 year old wrestler, who came out of retirement to take it from him... But yeah, Randy Couture is the fuckin' man, and he basically ran right through Sylvia... The fight lasted all 5 rounds, but Randy won them all... So yeah... Fun times, etc...
KO (Punch)
      The first round of this fight, to be honest, was pretty terrible... It was one of those rounds where both fighters just kind of circle around the octagon, and throw a few jabs here & there... Nothing real special for the most part... Near the end of the first round, Randy had a pretty good takedown, but couldn't keep Liddell on the ground, and instead pinned him standing against the cage... The second round was a little bit more aggressive on both sides, but it ended just like we all knew it would, Randy slipped and Chuck Liddell knocked his head off... I feel awful for anyone who gets sent to the ground after a Liddell KO, and then has to withstand the barrage of punches that he unleashes on you while you're already knocked out, before the referee can stop it... Chuck is the fuckin' man... Nobody can touch him... (Except maybe Pride's Ricardo Arona)... But that'll never happen...
Submission (Anaconda Choke)
      This was a great wrestling match... Randy Couture is a legendary Olympic wrestler, and Mike Van Arsdale has a great amateur background as well... So the fight consisted of a lot of takedowns, going both ways (mostly in favor of Randy though), and some decent striking by both fighters... It went on until a little bit into the third round, when Randy Couture finally locked on a "gator roll" style choke submission or something... Pretty impressive show by both fighters, but Randy Couture secures the submission victory in the third round...
KO (Punches)
      This was one of the greatest matches of all time, simply because Chuck Liddell is my favorite fighter, and he FINALLY WON THE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Randy Couture came out there, looking ripped as all hell, and in the end, he ended up fighting like an amateur... He got poked in the eye by an accidental thumb, and then he got knocked the fuck out, QUICKLY... The rest of the match was pretty much just random punches & dancing in circles, but the ending was fabulous... Chuck definitely deserves the title, and finally, he proved this to the rest of the world...
TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was a pretty big grudge match, since Randy got screwed out of his title at UFC 46, so I was looking forward to seeing Randy hand Vitor his ass during this fight... From the start of the fight, Randy pinned Belfort up against the cage, and just kind of grinded against him... All 3 of the first 3 rounds consisted of the same thing... During the first round, Randy opened up Vitor with an accidental headbutt, leading to a pretty bad cut over Belfort's eye, which continued to get worse as the fight progressed... The point is, after the third round ended, the doctors decided to stop the fight due to the cut, and Randy Couture becomes the new Light Heavyweight Champion!!! (Again...)
TKO (Cut)
      This sucked... Vitor Belfort threw one punch, missed, but either his fingernail, or glove (or something) grazed Randy's eye, cutting through his lower eyelid, and leaving his eyeball exposed, so they had to stop the fight within the first few seconds of the fight... So, Vitor Belfort wins by doctor's stoppage, but in my opinion, this fight DEFINITELY should have been called a "No Contest" and they should have just held the fight at some other event... The way this fight ended sucked, and I would have been ok with it if Randy wouldn't have "lost the belt", but DUDE... It was a freak injury, and he lost in a few seconds... NO CONTEST... Neither fighter should have won this fight... The end result of crowning a new champion was lame, and everybody knows it...
      Tito Ortiz was the Light-Heavyweight Champion... But then he decided to run away from the #1 contender (Chuck Liddell) and he left the UFC for a while... So Randy Couture stepped up, and beat Chuck Liddell, becoming the new Light-Heavyweight Champion... Well Tito Ortiz wasn't down with this concept, so he decided to make his return, to challenge Couture in an attempt to be the undisputed champion... The first round consisted of the two fighters hugging each other... The last 4 rounds consisted of Randy Couture taking Tito to the ground, pressing him up against the cage, and ground & pounding him into a little puddle of bitchedness... Randy Couture made Tito his bitch... Literally... HE LITERALLY SPANKED HIS ASS WHILE ON TOP OF HIM, and Tito couldn't defend himself... It was honestly somewhat disturbing how easily Couture controlled Tito the entire fight... Randy Couture ended up winning by unanimous decision after 5 rounds...
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was depressing for me (since I'm a huge Chuck Liddell fan)... Basically, it consisted of Randy Couture out-boxing Liddell, out wrestling Liddell, out fighting him in general... Just, overall, Randy Couture pretty much dominated Liddell from start to finish... Liddell got a lot of excitement built up throughout the fight, by being able to stand back up, as soon as Couture took him to the ground... BEST TAKEDOWN DEFENSE IN THE WORLD = Chuck Liddell... But a little over halfway through Round 3, Couture took Liddell to the ground again, got the full mount, and started pounding away... At that point, Liddell had no real chance of escaping, and the referee had to stop the fight... Couture crushed Liddell... I'll admit that... Congratulations to Randy Couture, the NEW, Light Heavyweight Champion!!!
Submission (Elbow)
      This was a pretty good title fight, I'm still sort of pissed that Josh Barnett had the title stripped from him though. So yeah, I gave the first two rounds to Couture for taking down Rodriguez, and beating him up on the ground. I gave the next 2 rounds to Rodriguez, for the same reason. The fifth round was starting off on even ground, but Rodriguez was able to take Couture to the ground, he beat him up for a while, eventually landed some elbows, and after 23 minutes of hard work, it was too much for Randy, and he told Big John to stop the fight. Good fight by both guys, but Rodriguez is just too big for Randy Couture.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was pretty crazy. Randy Couture took Barnett to the ground in the first round, and controlled most of that round. Barnett did a good job defending himself, not really absorbing much damage, but Couture clearly won that round. The second round looked like it would be more of the same, until Barnett went crazy, got on top (magically?) seemingly out of nowhere, and then he started raining down gigantic punches & elbows for over a full minute, before the referee eventually stopped the fight. Josh Barnett just CRUSHED Randy Couture, awesome title fight!
TKO (Punches)
      This was a fairly one sided fight. Randy Couture would take Rizzo down, and then beat him up with punches & elbows. They would eventually get back up, Couture secures another takedown, and beats Rizzo up some more. Couture landed some hard left elbows in the second round, that opened up a pretty bad cut under Rizzo's right eye. In the end, near the end of the third round, Couture took Rizzo down one last time, and finished him off with some punches to the face. Another great showing by Randy Couture.
      This was a pretty good fight. People called it legendary, but I just thought it was "pretty darned good", not exactly legendary. But yeah, the first two rounds were amazing, Randy destroyed Rizzo in the first round, Rizzo destroyed Randy in the second round, the following 3 rounds were close, but I gave 3 & 4 to Randy, and 5 to Rizzo. So yeah, I agree with the judges, Randy Couture retains his championship via unanimous decision.
TKO (Strikes)
      Well, that was fun! Randy Couture WAS the Heavyweight Champion, but then he sort of retired (notice a trend in his career?) So now Kevin Randleman is the champ. Well, Couture is back now, to get his belt back, and after getting his ass kicked for two rounds, Randy Couture was able to take Randleman down in the third round, from a tight clinch with some solid knees, and once he got the mount, he pounded Randleman's face with punches, until the referee had to stop the fight. This heavyweight title fight was WAY better than the last one the UFC tried to put on.
Submission (Armbar)
      Inoue threw a body kck, and Couture took him down almost immediately to start the first round. Inoue tried to tie him up with his guard, and Couture slammed his way out of that and stood back up. Couture circled around the downed Inoue, while trying to find an opening to secure another decent top position. Couture dove in and threw a punch here & there, but for the most part, it was just a stalemate for a minute or so. Inoue eventually stood back up, Couture blasted Inoue with some heavy punches, Inoue fired back, they clinched, Couture whipped Inoue to the ground with furious anger, Inoue caught him with an armbar from his guard, and Couture tapped out. That was probably the biggest win of Enson Inoue's career, as Randy Couture is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world.
      This was the heavyweight championship fight, and Randy Couture wins by laying on top of Maurice Smith for 21 minutes... Boring ass fight... Randy Couture's posture while standing up is ridiculous, and reminds me of a little kid trying to keep from getting kicked by the bullies... Maurice Smith landed a couple of good kicks while standing, but in all 3 rounds, Randy Couture was able to take Smith to the ground with ease, and then he just held him down... Boring ass fight... Randy Couture wins by unanimous decision...
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was worth watching, for historical reasons... When you think of Randy Couture & Vitor Belfort, both in their prime, this fight pretty much sums it up... Vitor Belfort got a bit winded early, which shows that if he doesn't finish you quickly, then he might not finish you... Randy Couture stayed on him, and with an 8 minute brawl, Randy Couture ended up throwing some big uppercuts, a series of them in fact, and Belfort fell to the ground... Couture climbed on top of him, and started slamming big fists into the head of Belfort, forcing the referee to stop the fight... Good show by Randy Couture!!!
TKO (Punches)
      Damn son! Randy Couture was the man back in 1997... He came out again, and took down Graham with ease (which is impressive, if you read our review of Graham's earlier match)... Once Couture was on top, he just kept up the high paced wrestling, schooling Graham... At one point, while Couture was on Graham's back, Graham did a forward roll, which caused Couture to land on his head, but that didn't shake him at all, Couture continued to look for the choke... Eventually, Couture mounted the back of Graham, while Graham was laying flat on the ground, and Couture started to punch him in the head, until the referee stopped the fight... Good show, and GREAT two fights for Randy Couture's debut!!!
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, I can't believe that I had never seen this fight, until now... Randy Couture's debut in the UFC, was pretty much amazing... Tony Halme (300 pounds) came charging into Couture (225 pounds) at the start of the fight, and Randy Couture just ducked down, got the single leg takedown, which was REALLY nice by the way... Once they were on the ground, Randy punched Halme in the face once, and then got on Halme's back, and locked on the rear naked choke for the submission victory in under a minute... Good debut for The Natural!!!