The first round had Carvalho clinching and pressing Njokuani against the fence, while trying to chip away with short ranged strikes. He finished the round with a basic trip takedown. Round one goes to Carvalho. The second round was pretty similar to the first. Njokuani started by using his range, but Carvalho quickly clinched, and then took down Njokuani with 2 minutes left in the round. The referee reset them a minute later. I have Carvalho ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round had Carvalho scoring a takedown, and he spent pretty much the entire time on top, inside Njokuani's guard, while beating him up with punches. This wasn't a great fight, but it was a nice win for Carvalho, and it breaks his 2-fight losing streak.
Decision (Split)
      The first round started with Carvalho clinching and pressing Machida against the fence. Carvalho clipped him with a knee to the groin, and Machida's nose started bleeding. They split up halfway through the round, and traded some single strikes. Machida threw a kick, Carvalho caught it, took him down, Machida threw some strikes up from his guard, and then they reset back on their feet. Machida landed some solid strikes in the final 30 seconds, but I'm still going to give that round to Carvalho for controlling most of the round.
     Carvalho came out swinging to start the second round, and he basically beat the shit out of Machida, while chasing him around the cage. The first round was close, but I thought Carvalho pretty clearly won the second round. Machida tried to fire back with a few shots here & there, but for the most part, Carvalho ran over him in the second round. I have Carvalho ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Carvalho came out swinging again at the start of the final round. Machida scored a takedown a minute into the final round. Machida passed to full mount 2 minutes into the round, and basically just smothered Carvalho in the center of the cage. He really didn't do anything from mount at all, and then Carvalho scrambled back to his feet with 2 minutes left to work. They clinched, Carvalho pressed Machida up against the fence, and then he blasted him with a hard knee to the groin. When the fight started back up, Machida scored another takedown, and finished the round on top. Round 3 goes to Machida, but I scored this fight 29-28 for Carvalho. Two judges disagreed, giving Machida the split-decision victory.
TKO (Punches)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Mousasi shot in for a quick takedown a minute into the opening round. Carvalho did a good job powering his way back to his feet, but Mousasi just whipped him back to the ground while he worked to secure back control. Carvalho continued to struggle to get back to his feet, and Mousasi continued to dominate him with his relentless wrestling. Mousasi eventually secured back mount, unloaded with some big punches, Carvalho just curled up and covered his head, and Mousasi becomes the new Bellator Middleweight Champion via a first round stoppage.
KO (Elbow)
      These guys casually touched gloves, the fight was off to a slow start, they slowly circled around each other, Carvalho blasted Sakara with a big body kick, he punched him in the face a few times, Sakara started to back up, clearly hurt, Carvalho chased him down, knocked him down with a brutal elbow against the fence, and then punched him a few times on the ground, as Sakara went to sleep. That was another fantastic finish by Rafael Carvalho.
KO (Head Kick)
      These guys traded a few decent strikes, Manhoef blasted Carvalho in the chin against the fence, and then Carvalho poked Manhoef in the eye. When the fight started back up, they both exchanged a few decent strikes, with Carvalho pressuring Manhoef, and then Carvalho scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but he couldn't hold him down at all. They stood back up, clinched, and Carvalho pressed Manhoef against the fence. Carvalho was beating up Manhoef with knees, until Manhoef caught a knee, and dumped Carvalho to the ground. Manhoef struggled to land any strikes due to Carvalho's legs keeping him away, but Manhoef was still able to maintain top control until the end of the round. I was going to give that round to Carvalho, but I think Manhoef MIGHT have stolen the round in the final 30 seconds.
      Carvalho was still trying to keep Manhoef at distance in the second round, working his long kicks, and jabs, while applying a lot of pressure. Manhoef looked like he was waiting to land the perfect counter, but he's just too short to get inside the range of Carvalho. Manhoef threw Carvalho down at one point, and landed a punch, but Carvalho stood back up immediately after that. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace, Manhoef caught a kick, and punched Carvalho in the head, which knocked him down. Carvalho spent the rest of the round pressuring Manhoef, by stalking him, and working his range striking, but Manhoef had the most highlight worthy moments. I guess this fight is probably all tied up going into the third round, but the scorecards could already be all over the place.
      The third round had Carvalho beating up Manhoef against the fence, and then Carvalho tried to trip him to the ground, but Manhoef grabbed the fence, so the referee took a point from Manhoef, and then started them back on their feet. Manhoef landed a few hard shots, and then Carvalho rushed in, took him down against the fence, and Manhoef struggled to get back to his feet. They eventually stood back up, and Carvalho continued to pressure Manhoef until the end of the round. Due to the fence grab, that should be a 10-8 round for Carvalho.
      Manhoef stepped it up a notch early in the fourth round, pressuring Carvalho, and clearly looking to land something big. They both started to slow down a bit halfway through the round, and they basically just stood in front of each other in the center of the cage, and exchanged a few punches here & there, but nothing spectacular. Everything changed with around 2 minutes left in the round, when Manhoef rushed in, threw some punches, Carvalho stayed just outside of range, and then blasted Manhoef in the jaw with a massive head kick that knocked him the fuck out. That was a brutal KO victory, and Carvalho retains his belt, and more than likely retires Manhoef.
Decision (Split)
      Nothing happened in the first round. I sort of expected that, but the fans seemed shocked, and were showing their disapproval. Manhoef is clearly looking to throw that perfect counter, and Carvalho knows that, so he's not attacking. I scored the first round a draw, based on no action whatsoever from either fighter. The second round started, Carvalho kicked Manhoef in the dick, and Manhoef was like "It's all good, let's keep fighting..." They finally started trading some significant strikes one minute into the second round, including a brutal kick to the body delivered by Manhoef. Carvalho started stalking Manhoef, backing him up toward the cage, but he still wasn't really throwing anything significant. Carvalho finally started throwing big knees with 30 seconds left in the round, and he blasted Manhoef with a big knee to the groin, followed by a hard elbow that rocked him for a second, while Big John was trying to stop the fight for the groin shot. Once the fight started back up, Manhoef destroyed Carvalho with a series of hard leg kicks and one final body kick. I have Manhoef ahead 1-0 going into the third round (since the first round was a draw).
      Manhoef came out and blasted Carvalho with some brutal punches to start the third round, and then Carvalho poked Manhoef in the eye a few times. Carvalho was given a stern warning. Manhoef landed a few more punches, and then Carvalho initiated the clinch. Manhoef threw Carvalho away, and then blasted him with some hard punches, but Carvalho clinched again, and then tripped Manhoef to the ground. Manhoef got right back up, and Carvalho continued to clinch. Carvalho threw another knee to Manhoef's groin. Big John gave Carvalho a VERY stern warning this time, but still isn't taking away any points. The fight started again, and Carvalho clinched again. Carvalho was warned for grabbing the cage. Manhoef broke free and blasted Carvalho with some heavy punches. I have Manhoef ahead, 2-0 going into the fourth round, and based on all the dirty tactics from Carvalho, I'm tempted to say Manhoef is ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round.
      Manhoef threw some big strikes to start the fourth round, Carvalho shot for a takedown, and Manhoef stuffed it, following it up with some more strikes. Carvalho threw a flying knee, and then followed that up with another takedown, this time landing in side control. Carvalho did ZERO on the ground, and then Manhoef popped back up to his feet. Manhoef landed a few power shots, but not a lot happened in the last half of that round. Even though Carvalho got that takedown, I'm still going to say this was another round for Manhoef, based on landing more significant strikes while standing, while also negating any offense Carvalho had on the ground. Not to mention, Carvalho LITERALLY ran away in the final 5 seconds, and Manhoef just stood there irritated, and then walked back to his corner. If Carvalho doesn't finish this fight in the final round, then there's no way Manhoef loses this fight in my opinion.
      Manhoef immediately started the final round with some brutal leg kicks. Manhoef threw a superman punch (missed), followed by another hard leg kick. Manhoef landed a hard left hook to the body of Carvalho. Manhoef landed a brutal right kick to the body of Carvalho. Carvalho shot for a slow desperate takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Manhoef stuffed it. They clinched, and Manhoef took down Carvalho, grabbing full mount for a few seconds. Carvalho stood back up, they continued to clinch, and Manhoef threw Carvalho down again. Manhoef stood back up, and continued to stalk Carvalho. Carvalho looked bored, like he had no interest in defending his belt at all, almost like he just assumed he would get to keep the belt if it went to a decision, but fuck that man, I'm scoring this fight 50-45 for Melvin Manhoef. If Carvalho wins this fight, it'll be one of the worst decisions in history. And... Yeah... That just happened... 2 judges gave the fight to Carvalho, 29-28. FUCK THEM. That was seriously one of the worst decisions in MMA history. FUCK Carvalho, and FUCK those judges. That was fucking horrible. FUCK BELLATOR.
KO (Body Kick)
      Halsey (obviously) took Carvalho to the ground early in the first round, and even though Carvalho put up a fight for that takedown, eventually he just had to give in, and tried to keep some sort of guard, but Halsey was able to pass that, which allowed him to lock on a TIGHT arm-triangle choke. How did Carvalho escape that? Carvalho then tried to lock on an inverted triangle choke, but that didn't work either, so Carvalho shot for a takedown, but the ultra powerful Halsey was able to flip him over, ending up in full mount again. Carvalho scrambled back to his feet, and was taken down again, and with every takedown, Halsey was able to secure full mount, over and over again, but he still wasn't doing anything with it, other than that arm-triangle attempt earlier in the round. I scored the first round 10-9 for Halsey. Halsey moved in slowly, and attempted another takedown to start the second round. Carvalho did a decent job defending this one, and was back on his feet in no time. Carvalho delivered a slick liver kick, Halsey collapsed, and the fight was stopped. It wasn't a very explosive looking finish, but it was impressive none-the-less, and we have a new Bellator Middleweight Champion, Rafael Carvalho.
Decision (Split)
      The first round was pretty close, with a lot of clinch work, and not a ton of action, but I'd probably give it to Schilling for showing a little more aggression. The second round had Carvalho dominating Schilling on the ground with his wrestling, showing that Schilling clearly has no idea what he's doing on the ground. They came out swinging to start the third round, and Schilling knocked Carvalho to the ground with a big punch, but he got back up, and then they clinched. Carvalho took the fight to the ground, and Schilling went for a leg lock, but like I said, he clearly had no idea what he was doing, so it didn't go anywhere. Carvalho escaped, and then secured another takedown, this time ending up on top of Schilling in a slightly better position. He controlled Schilling for the rest of the round, and was able to squeeze out a relatively boring split-decision victory.
TKO (Punches)
      HOLY SHIT. That fight was fucking nuts. Rogers reminds me of Mike Tyson, short & stocky, but scrappy as fuck, throwing brutal punch combinations, and constantly moving forward. He almost finished Carvalho early in the first round, but Carvalho was able to survive, and came back with a huge right hand that rocked Rogers, and then he finished him off with 10+ unanswered punches. That was an awesome fight for both guys, and a great Bellator debut for Rafael Carvalho.