TKO (Knees to the Body)
      Thompson was moving around the outside a lot, and Kongo appeared to be slightly afraid. Kongo finally clipped Thompson with some heavy punches 90 seconds into the round, and as soon as I thought he had Thompson in trouble, Thompson clipped Kongo, and forced him to shoot for a takedown, which Thompson easily stuffed. They clinched, and then Kongo threw a knee to Thompson's groin. When the fight started back up, Kongo kind of rushed Thompson and took him to the ground, and beat him up with some short shots against the fence. Kongo was mostly just grinding Thompson against the fence, but he postured up a few times and dropped some heavy shots that nearly blasted Thompson's head through the mat. Thompson stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round, but Kongo continued to press him against the fence until the end of the round. Kongo threw some heavy knees to the body from the clinch to finish out the round, and the referee had to jump in to save Thompson as the bell sounded. Round one clearly goes to Kongo.
     The second round started with Thompson rushing forward, clinching, and pressing Kongo into the fence. Kongo spun him around 90 seconds into the round, dropped for a deep double leg, and he dumped Thompson to the ground again. Kongo worked some solid ground & pound, and as the round progressed, his shots became harder & harder. Thompson spun around and tried to setup a kneebar, but he was too squashed against the fence, so Kongo was able to step out of it, and then he continued to drop heavy punches & elbows against the fence. That was a true ass beating, delivered by Kongo, leading to a 20-18 lead for Kongo going into the final round.
     These guys clinched early in the final round, Kongo pressed Thompson against the fence, he dumped him to the ground one minute in, pressed him against the fence, and continued to work his ground & pound with 4 minutes left to work, and this time, he passed to full mount. Kongo postured up 2 minutes into the round, unloaded with some heavy punches, the referee warned Thompson, telling him he needs to defend himself, but Kongo continued to just beat the shit out of him. With 45 seconds left in the round, Kongo dropped some heavy elbows that I thought might end the fight, but Thompson was doing JUST ENOUGH to hang in there. That was pretty much a one-sided ass beating delivered by Kongo for a solid 13 minutes or so. All the judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory after he beat the shit out of his former training partner.
KO (Punches)
      These guys both came out moving quickly, but they weren't throwing very many strikes or anything. Thompson clipped Mitrione with a decent punch, and then Mitrione attacked him with some wild punch combinations, pressuring him toward the cage, and trying to get the early finish. Mitrione then clinched against the fence. Mitrione hit Thompson with a big knee, rocked him, he followed that up with some heavy punches, chasing Thompson around the cage, and then he hit him with some more knees. Thompson fired back with some heavy punches. We're only 2 minutes into this fight, and it's already a barn burner. That round was an ugly brawl, and Thompson looked like he was already getting gassed halfway through the first round. Crazy fight so far, and I gave that first round to Mitrione.
     The second round was a lot slower, as they traded some single shots, eventually leading to Mitrione clinching against the cage. Mitrione landed a couple of knees from the clinch, backed away, and then punched Thompson in the chin several times, causing him to fall face first to the canvas. Another really solid win by Matt Mitrione, after a pretty solid 2 round war.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was decent I guess. The first round mostly consisted of Phil De Fries leaning against Oli Thompson, against the cage. Thompson got tired, and De Fries got boring. The second round started, and De Fries was a little more active, moving around some more, throwing some DECENT punches (one that knocked Thompson off balance, and he followed that one up with a good punch combination on the ground). Ultimately, the fight ended with a slow paced rear-naked choke.
TKO (Punches)
     These guys are pretty big dudes, and they both came out ready to brawl, but it was pretty clear that Shawn Jordan had the better technical boxing skills, and he was able to pick apart Thompson in both rounds, until eventually near the end of the second round, he landed a big uppercut, knocked Thompson to the ground, and finished him off with a few more punches. Really impressive win for Shawn Jordan.