KO (Punch)
      These guys traded a couple of leg kicks, and then Quintero caught a kick and took down Trepagnier, but they both popped back up immediately. These guys continued to scrap at a rapid pace, they both landed some hard shots, and then Quintero took down Trepagnier again 90 seconds into the round, and pounded on him against the fence, but Trepagnier rolled to setup a heel hook, Quintero scrambled out of that, and continued to pound on Trepagnier. They stood back up around the 2 minute mark, Trepagnier threw some wild strikes while chasing Quintero, and then Quintero clinched, and pressed Trepagnier against the fence. Quintero scored another takedown with around 90 seconds left in the round. They continued to scrap at a solid pace until the end of hte round, with Trepagnier finally scoring a takedown of his own in the final 30 seconds, as he took Quintero's back, and tried to setup a rear-naked choke, but Quintero was saved by the bell. Trepagnier finished strong, but the first round still goes to Quintero I think.
     The second round had Quintero taking down Trepagnier again, and he basically wrestled the shit out of him, until Trepagnier tried to setup a Kimura from his guard with around 2 minutes left in the round, which caused Quintero to stand up, and then they clinched for a few seconds, before Trepagnier yanked Quintero to the ground with a front headlock, and then he cranked on a guillotine choke with a minute left in the round, but Quintero was able to pop his head free, so he finished the round on top working some more ground & pound. This fight is competitive, but I have Quintero ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Quintero quickly took Trepagnier's back to start the final round, but Trepagnier was able to scramble enough to pull guard 30 seconds into the round, and then from there he went for an armbar, Quintero escaped, so Trepagnier scrambled to take his back, and they continued to trade a variety of positions on the ground. Like I said in the previous round, this entire fight was very competitive, but I ended up scoring the fight 30-27 in favor of Travis Quintero, based on controlling more of the fight on the ground, even though Trepagnier definitely had his moments in every round. In the end, all 3 judges agreed, giving Quintero the hard fought unanimous decision victory.