This really wasn't a very good fight. I always want Al-Turk to kick some serious ass, because he LOOKS like a badass, but he never really seems to win at all. This fight was kind of a boring, slow paced boxing match, where Madsen got the better half of most of the exchanges, so in the end, I gave him the fight, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed. I'm glad this one is over.
TKO (Punches)
      Well, damn. I was REALLY excited about this fight, especially once Cro-Cop started to pick up the pace near the end of the fight, where he basically destroyed Al-Turk during the final 20 seconds or so. Cro-Cop won via TKO, but after watching the replay, we realized that he poked Al-Turk in the eye really badly (so the "fatal blow" was actually an eye poke, and not a "fatal punch"). So, Cro-Cop still looked pretty good, but that kind of killed the momentum once they played that replay.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      This was the debut of Mostapha Al Turk in the UFC, and I sort of had high hopes for him, even though I had never seen him fight in any other organizations either. He came out looking decent, pretty much nullifying Kongo's striking, by staying close, but after both fighters hit each other in the nuts with their knees, Kongo got pissed and attacked Al Turk, brutally beating him into a bloody pulp. Kongo wins via TKO near the end of the first round.
Submission (Punches)