TKO (Flying Knee & Punches)
      Johnny Walker does it again! These guys traded some random feints, and then Walker blasted Cirkunov with a massive flying knee 30 seconds into the opening round, dropped him, and finished the fight with a series of punches on the ground. Johnny Walker is one of the best up & coming fighters in the UFC. This guy destroys people, and he does it with style.
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Cummins tried to rush in to start this fight, and Cirkunov waylaid all over him with wild punches & kicks. Cummins tried to dig for a takedown, and Cirkunov grabbed him with a standing guillotine, but his arm was up over his head, so he couldn't get any leverage. He threw a lot of short punches to the body of Cummins though. After a really rough clinching experience, Cirkunov took down Cummins and landed in full mount halfway through the opening round. He locked on a tight arm-triangle choke, jumped off to the side, cranked, and finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic performance by Misha Cirkunov.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round started with Cirkunov unloading on Teixeira, beating him to the punch in every exchange, as Cirkunov landed a lot of punches and hard kicks, but they clinched, and Teixeira worked his way into back control on the ground around the 2 minute mark of the opening round. He locked on a rear-naked choke, Cirkunov was able to defend against it, so Teixeira ended up on top in back mount, he unloaded with some punches, and Cirkunov basically just laid on the ground face first, so the referee stepped in to stop the fight. That was a solid first round finish by Glover Teixeira, especially after getting his ass kicked on the feet for a couple of minutes. Title shot? I don't think so... BUT... That was a solid win for Teixeira.
KO (Punches)
      Cirkunov came out swinging, he blasted Oezdemir with some heavy strikes, he closed in for the kill, and then he randomly got dropped by some imaginary punch or something, that knocked Cirkunov the fuck out. What did he get hit with? I guess it was a right hand behind Cirkunov's left ear, followed by a short uppercut, and then once he flattened out, Oezdemir finished him of with some extra punches on the ground. That was kind of insane, as Oezdemir continues to climb the rankings, APPARENTLY propelling him into the Top 5 or some shit? That's insane.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Both guys traded some decent kicks to start the first round, I thought Krylov was landing the slightly better shots, but Cirkunov ducked under a kick and took down Krylov 90 seconds into the round. Krylov slapped on a guillotine choke, sort of, and they stood back up and reset, while Cirkunov continued to press Krylov against the fence. They officially reset halfway through the round. Krylov landed some solid strikes, Cirkunov caught a kick and scored another takedown. Krylov stood back up, and they reset with a minute left in the round. Cirkunov scored another takedown, sort of, but Krylov immediately scrambled back to his feet. Cirkunov then dropped Krylov with a clean left hand, and slapped on a tight guillotine choke, forcing Krylov to submit with around 30 seconds left in the opening round. That was a fantastic performance by Misha Cirkunov, ending Krylov's 5-Fight winning streak.
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys are both swinging for the fences, with some really crisp boxing. Every punch that lands, looks like it could stop a train. Both guys got clipped early too. Cutelaba was supposed to have the advantage on the feet, and Cirkunov the advantage on the ground, but it looked like Cirkunov was landing the better strikes. He tried to take Cutelaba down, failed miserably, and Cutelaba mounted him. They stood back up. This fight is extremely even so far. I'm going to score that round 10-10. It's worth noting that Cirkunov looks like he's slowing down significantly. If I HAD to pick a winner, I'd probably say Cirkunov won that round, but Cutelaba looks a little more fresh going into the second round.
     Cirkunov continued to pick apart Cutelaba with his boxing in the second round, blasting him with some big combinations, and rocking him a few times. Cutelaba seems to be having a lot of issues with Cirkunov's southpaw stance. This fight is slowing down significantly at the end of the second round, and I have Cirkunov ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. It COULD be all tied up, but I think the crowd is on Cirkunov's side, so I doubt the judges are feeling any different. This is the first time Cutelaba has ever seen the third round.
     Cirkunov cut Cutelaba with a superman punch in the final round, and then finally took him to the ground. Cirkunov hopped over for an arm-triangle choke, and finished the fight by submission pretty quickly. Ion "The Can Crusher" Cutelaba has officially met piece of metal that he can't crush, as Cirkunov beat him up for 2 rounds on the feet (Cutelaba's own game), and then fook him down and finished him with the quickness in the third round with his grappling. Strong performance by Misha Cirkunov.
Submission (Neck Crank)
      Nicholson is making his UFC debut here, and he's the biggest underdog on the card, and he proposed to his girlfriend at the weigh-ins. That all SOUNDS like a setup for failure. Cirkunov on the other hand, is here for his second UFC fight, and he has a lot of hype behind him. Cirkunov spent most of the first round beating up Nicholson on the feet, and he also showed some strong clinchwork, where he sort of went for a standing arm-triangle choke, and kneed the shit out of Nicholson's body. Cirkunov then absorbed a groin shot. Cirkunov continued to grind away on Nicholson, taking him down with 30 seconds left in the round, and then he blasted him with a massive elbow on the ground before the buzzer. The second round started with Cirkunov beating up Nicholson on the feet, and then he took him down in under a minute, grabbing his back, looking for a rear-naked choke. He tried to dig it in deep, and then he cranked the shit out of Nicholson's jaw, and I THINK he rebroke Nicholson's jaw with that choke, because when he tapped, it was a very "all of the sudden" style tap. Really solid performance by Misha Cirkunov, but he could definitely use some work on his cardio.
KO (Punches)
     This fight was kind of interesting. Jolly didn't really have much to show for himself, other than being able to defend himself from getting destroyed for almost 5 minutes. Cirkunov pretty much dominated him though, landing some decent strikes (but kind of clunky), he threw him to the ground with some slick Judo skills, and on the ground, he was able to transition in very smooth ways, eventually ending up mounting the back of Jolly, where he punched him in the head until he put Jolly to sleep. Nice UFC debut for Cirkunov.