KO (Punches)
      These guys were both fun to watch back in the day, but they're both terrible now. They both came out swinging in this fight, and they both landed some hard shots, but Gomi was showing significantly better accuracy. They slowed down a minute into the round to try to recover. Guillard rocked Gomi halfway through the round, but he got reckless, Gomi fired back with some bombs, and knocked Guillard the fuck out, breaking Gomi's 6-Fight losing streak, where he was finished 6 fights in a row, all in the first round. So... Congrats to Gomi for this much needed win, but I think this says more about the decline of Melvin Guillard, than it does about a resurgence for Gomi.
      Njokuani appears to be about twice the height of Guillard. This fight is being held at 180 pounds due to it being a late notice matchup. Njokuani landed a few long range kicks, and then Big John warned them for not being active enough. When the fight started back up, Njokuani blasted Guillard with a kick, and then Guillard clinched, and then clipped him with a knee to the nuts. When the fight started back up, Njokuani blasted Guillard with another hard kick to the body, and then Guillard took him down, but couldn't keep him down for more than a few seconds. Njokuani blasted Guillard with some additional heavy kicks, a knee, and then they collapsed, as Guillard sort of tried to pull guard or something. Njokuani stood up, destroyed Guillard with some heavy punches and a big knee to the body, and then clipped him in the top of the head with an illegal knee, so the referee had to give him a stern warning. The fight restarted back on their feet. Njokuani continued to blast Guillard's body with sniper style power kicks. Njokuani finished the round with a couple of punches, before Guillard clinched to stall out the final 10 seconds. Round one clearly goes to Njokuani.
      Njokuani continued to pick apart Guillard in the second round, and then Guillard shot for a desperate takedown 45 seconds into the round, and Njokuani easily reversed him on the way down, ending up on top in side control. Guillard tried to stand up, Njokuani beat him up a little bit on the ground, Guillard tried to take his back, and Njokuani scared him off with a Kimura, and then threw him to the ground as Guillard tripped. Njokuani chipped away at Guillard with some heavy punches, short elbows, and some knees to the body while pinning Guillard against the fence. He opened up with some brutal ground & pound with around 90 seconds left in the round. The referee eventually stood them back up, Njokuani blasted Guillard with a BRUTAL kick to the body, it nearly caused him to collapse, Njokuani followed it up with a flying knee to the body, Guillard clinched, and was saved by the bell. I have Njokuani ahead 20-16 going into the final round, based on the way he's basically manhandled Guillard for the first 10 minutes of this fight.
      Njokuani started the final round where he left off, with another hard kick to the body, another big knee to the body, and then Guillard clinched and pressed him against the fence. Njokuani blasted Guillard with a big knee to the head, and then whipped him to the ground from the clinch. Njokuani beat up Guillard with some decent ground & pound, but for the most part, Guillard was doing a halfway decent job tying up Njokuani on the ground. Njokuani pressed him against the fence with a minute left in the round, and continued to unload with big punches, while Guillard just sat there, doing everything he could to avoid death. The referee stood them back up with 30 seconds left in the round, Njokuani landed one more big kick, Guillard tied him up, tried to take his back, and the round ended. That fight could be a 30-24 decision for Njokuani, but I scored it 30-25. All 3 judges agreed, giving Njokuani the obvious unanimous decision victory.
KO (Elbows)
      Guillard started the first round looking for power punches, and Rickels was working his kicks. Rickels punched Guillard, might have had him rocked, and he followed it up with a wild attack, capped off with a big knee. Rickels then accidentally kicked Guillard in the dick. The fight started back up, Rickels landed a few shots, and then got rocked, fell to the ground, Guillard pounced on him, unloaded with some brutal punches & elbows, cut open the forehead of Rickels, and left him laying unconscious. That was a HUGE win for Melvin Guillard, a guy that I had pretty much written off already. I had Rickels ranked as the #5 Lightweight in Bellator, so... I guess this means Guillard might have a chance of climbing back up those rankings. I'm curious to see who they pit him against next. As for Rickels, as much as I like the guy, I'm having a hard time trusting his chin at this point.
KO (Punches)
      Guillard came out looking to kill Campos, throwing bombs, but Campos rocked him early, and then took him to the ground. Campos spent the next couple of minutes smothering Guillard, throwing a few decent punches, before Guillard was able to get back to his feet. Once on his feet, they both continued to throw bombs at each other, looking to knock heads off. Campos won the first round. The second round started, and Campos destroyed Guillard, punishing him with nonstop punches to the face, coming from a variety of angles, until Guillard fell flat on his face. Awesome KO victory for Derek Campos, and another disappointing loss for Guillard, especially after he dedicated this fight to Kevin Randleman.
Decision (Split)
      The first round started with Girtz grabbing Guillard from behind, and then he picked him up in the air, and slammed him to the ground, he threw a ton of knees to the body of Guillard, and pretty much dominated him for the entire round, possibly securing a 10-8 round on some scorecards, as Guillard's only offense was a kick that missed. The second round had Girtz grabbing his back again, and picking him up in the air, and slamming him to the ground. Brandon Girtz is a beast! Guillard got back up, and Girtz slammed him again, this time going for an armbar while on the ground. They got back up, they traded a few punches, but not a lot was happening on the feet, and then Girtz took Guillard down AGAIN. Those first 2 rounds should very clearly be scored for Girtz. The second round started with another big overhand left from Girtz, followed by a takedown. He controlled 3 minutes or so of that round in top position, but the referee eventually stood them up. Girtz wasn't paying attention when the referee told them to fight again, so Guillard blasted him with a flying knee, and some hard punches, possibly stealing the round, but Girtz slammed him AGAIN at the end of the round, securing top position for the final 30 seconds. In my opinion, this fight was a 30-27 win for Girtz. One judge was busy sucking a cock for the duration of the fight, so he just took a wild guess, and gave the fight to Guillard, 29-28, which is one of the worst scorecards I've ever heard of. The other two judges gave the fight to Girtz, 29-27, and I think those are pretty solid scores, giving the split-decision victory to the big underdog, Brandon Girtz. Great fight for Girtz!
Decision (Split)
      Well, that was interesting. This fight was supposed to be for the title, but Guillard failed to make weight, so it ended up only being a 3 round fight. It was 15 minutes of nonstop brawling though, so that was fun. I thought Gaethje probably won all 3 rounds, but a couple of rounds were pretty close, with both guys landing huge punches, kicks, knees & elbows. Pretty awesome fight overall, and these guys clearly don't like each other. I would have liked to see a finish, and that might have happened if this would have been the 5 round fight it was supposed to be, but eh, whatever... Pretty huge win for Justin Gaethje though.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      This was a pretty solid win for Melvin Guillard, and a nice WSOF debut for him, against a tough opponent. I gave the first round to Guillard, even though they both had the same basic gameplan (stand & try to knock the other guy out), Guillard seemed to land more hard shots, so I gave him the round. The second round had Cavalcante trying to take the fight to the ground, and he sort of secured a takedown early on, but Guillard was able to escape, and defend a few more takedowns, before eventually finishing Cavalcante with a series of punches & hard elbows up against the cage. So yeah, nice win for Guillard, and I believe this is going to earn him a title shot against the winner of tonight's main event.
      Well, I always want Melvin Guillard to come out and destroy people, and lately he's been sort of disappointing me. Michael Johnson brought his A-Game tonight though, and pretty much kicked Melvin's ass in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. I gave the first round to Melvin, but it wasn't anywhere near enough to win the fight for him. Good show by Michael Johnson, and in my opinion, this should put him safely in the Top 10 at 155.
NC (Knee to Head of Grounded Fighter)
      FUCK! I hate this fucking "no knees to a downed opponent rule", ESPECIALLY when the shit is accidental. This was a great fight, two guys fighting for a position in the Top 10, and it's ruined by a BADASS scramble by the cage, Pearson threw a flying knee, Guillard caught him in mid-air, slammed him to the ground, they both started to stand out, Melvin threw a couple of knees to Pearson's head, and the referee stopped the fight, because Pearson's hand was BARELY SORT OF GRAZING the ground at the time the knees connected, but as far as I'm concerned, if the guy is THROWING a knee, and halfway throw the swing, you touch the ground, the attacker shouldn't have to "stop the knee" in mid-throw, that's just bullshit. So yeah, Pride used to allow knees to the head of a downed opponent, and nobody ever got seriously injured from that. So... FUCK THIS SHIT... Just because our system HAS to declare SOMEONE the winner, I went ahead and gave this fight to Guillard, since Pearson's forehead was cut open brutally, so yeah, I think Guillard would have won anyway, so he moves up the rankings, and Pearson slides down, just a little bit.
KO (Punches)
      Hell yeah! I love it when Melvin Guillard is on his game, because he's one of the most explosive fighters in the 155 pound division. Mac Danzig is a tough fighter, but this entire fight was basically all about Guillard beating up Danzig, and eventually, he knocked him the fuck out in the second round. Melvin Guillard is a badass, now let's see him win a few in a row, eh?
Decision (Split)
      I've been looking forward to this fight for a while, and was pissed when it was cancelled from the previous card due to Varner getting sick backstage. With that being said, this was a 3 round brawl, and it really could have gone to either guy. Guillard's leg kicks were something of legend, and he was destroying Varner's leg early on. Varner's wrestling was noteworthy, as was his submission grappling. Overall, I thought both guys gave it their all, I personally gave the first round to Varner, and the last 2 to Guillard, but really, I'm ok with Varner winning. Either way, this was one of the most exciting fights on the card!
KO (Head Kick & Punch)
      After watching the two boring ass wrestling matches that came before this fight, THIS knockout was EXACTLY what this card needed. Melvin Guillard came out like a ball of fire, nearly knocking Cerrone unconscious, punches, kicks, knees, flying through the air like a black Superman, and then "CLINK", Cerrone landed a headkick that knocked Guillard a bit loopy. Cerrone then took a running start, and threw a running punch to the face of Guillard, knocking him out, collapsing Guillard's body down to the floor. EXCELLENT victory for Donald Cerrone, and I think he should get whatever fight he wants next. Melvin Guillard was also EXTREMELY exciting to watch in this fight, so yeah, great job to both guys. Fight of the night (so far) in my opinion.
      Melvin Guillard is always a fun fighter to watch, and he had a few noteworthy moments in this fight, like his insane takedown defense, his hard punches, his aggressiveness whenever he got the top position, etc... In the end, I gave the fight 29-28 to Melvin Guillard, and all 3 judges gave the fight to Guillard 30-27, so I guess that's that. Good fight for Guillard, Camoes didn't really impress me very much though.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Yeah! This is the kind of main event I've been waiting for. Jim Miller & Melvin Guillard are two guys that I thought were getting EXTREMELY close to title shots, before they each lost their last fight, sort of stopping them in their tracks. So pitting the two of them together in this fight, there couldn't have been a better idea. Melvin Guillard as usual started off strong, super fast, throwing TONS of flying knees, and huge punches, but after landing one of those flying knees, Miller was able to catch Guillard, and take him to the ground. At that point, it was just a matter of time before Miller got on Guillard's back, and locked on a rear-naked choke, finishing the fight in the first round. Both of these guys looked impressive, but Jim Miller really took it to the next level with his strong chin & great submission skills. Excellent main event!
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was the perfect start for a PPV event. Melvin Guillard came out like a ball of fire, and launched some HUGE punch combinations, flying knees, big kicks, etc... Guillard looked to be on top of his game, until Lauzon clipped him with a quick hook to the jaw, Guillard went down, Lauzon jumped on his back, and choked him out immediately with the rear-naked choke. Great fun was had by all!
KO (Punches)
      YEAH! Shane Roller is pretty good or whatever, but Melvin Guillard is at the top of his game right now. He clipped Roller in an early exchange, Roller fell to the ground, Guillard landed some hammerfists, Roller tried to escape, Guillard landed a perfect knee to the head of Roller as he got back to his feet, and Guillard finished him of with a chaotic KO. Melvin Guillard is a ball of fire!
TKO (Knees)
      Nice main event! Evan Dunham looked like he had some solid wrestling skills at the start of the fight, but the explosive Guillard said "Fuck that shit homey!" And beat the fuck out of Dunham for the remainder of the fight, eventually finishing him off with some EXPLOSIVE knees. Melvin Guillard is a badass fighter when he's on his A game, like he was tonight. Is he ready for a title shot? I don't know about that yet. Maybe put him against Jim Miller or Matt Wiman, and then go from there? He's definitely Top 10 right now, but I don't think he's the #1 contender.
Decision (Split)
      Well, this was one of those fights that should have been one of the most exciting things to ever happen in the octagon, both guys are explosive, both guys are great strikers, and SOMEBODY should have been knocked out. The problem is, they just treated this fight like a sparring session, and I didn't think either fighter lived up to their reputation. So yeah, I gave the fight to Jeremy Stephens, 2 of the judges disagreed and gave it to Guillard, so Guillard is your winner.
KO (Knee to the Body)
      This fight was pretty cool. Lowe had a lot of heart, and spent the entire fight trying to takedown Guillard, and he was doing a pretty solid job. Guillard was able to throw a huge flying knee to the chest of Lowe though, blasting his heart out of his back like a shotgun, and the fight was stopped after Lowe collapsed. Excellent first round finish by Melvin Guillard.
      Well, this fight was kind of disappointing. I was happy to see Guillard win the fight, but the fact that it went to decision sucks. Torres basically just took him down and controlled him for most of the fight, so PERSONALLY, I thought Torres won, but Guillard had a few noteworthy moments where his striking earned him some points, including a rush at the very end of the fight. Either way, I would have much rather seen Guillard finish this guy.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      This was a pretty fun fight. I had Nate Diaz ranked as the #5 Lightweight in the world going into this fight, and Melvin Guillard wasn't even in the Top 20, so I'm not really clear on why this fight was booked. With that being said, I think Guillard has a reputation for "coming to fight", and that's exactly what he did. I gave the first round to Guillard for being more aggressive with his striking, and he unleashed a beautiful Judo throw, slamming Diaz to the ground. Even though Diaz had 2 "normal" takedowns in the first round, I still thought Guillard won that round. The second round started up, more back & forth action, eventually Guillard did some dumb "fall back against the cage, act hurt, and then pounce" move, which failed miserably, landing him in Diaz's guard, where he locked on a CRAZY ass guillotine choke, forcing Guillard to submit. Excellent fight overall.
Decision (Split)
      That was kind of odd. I think most people will agree that Gleison Tibau won at least 2 of these rounds, with his takedowns, as well as his ground & pound. Some might argue that the one round Guillard won, is round two, because he had some decent striking, and was able to defend a little better against the takedowns. Ultimately, most people agree that Gleison Tibau won this fight, but the judges gave the fight to Guillard via split-decision, but they didn't announce the judge's actual scorecards, so I have no idea what went wrong here. As far as I'm concerned, Tibau should have won this fight.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was awesome, and I'm glad they showed it on the PPV... Melvin Guillard came out instantly at the start of the fight, and unleashed some FAST punch combinations, almost knocking out Siver, but Siver was able to recover, sort of... As soon as Siver stood back up, Guillard did it again, and he continued to beat the shit out of Siver's face until the referee was forced to stop the fight in 36 seconds... GREAT action, FAST fight, just the way I like it... Melvin Guillard is the shit...
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was some sort of hardcore Louisiana grudge match... I guess Clementi already beat Melvin in a kickboxing match at some point, and now they're finally fighting in an official MMA match... The fight started with Clementi dancing around the octagon, throwing quick punches & hard kicks, and Guillard wasn't really able to land much of anything... Eventually, Melvin had a nice punch combo that rocked Clementi, but then he slipped & fell on his ass, allowing Clementi to get on top of him, 100% out grapple him, and eventually after schooling Melvin Guillard, Rich Clementi won the fight via submission due to a rear naked choke at the end of the first round... GREAT fight...
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      FUCK YES! I TOLD YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Ok, anyways... I've had Joe Stevenson ranked as the #1 Lightweight in the UFC for a while now... The ONLY guy in that division that I have ranked higher than Sean Sherk... And outside of the UFC, I have him ranked as #4 in the world (before this fight anyways)... The point is, Melvin Guillard is a bad ass, but he's too much like Kevin Randleman... Big, strong & aggressive, and runs into stuff blindly... Guillard came out swinging, and Stevenson almost knocked him out with a punch to the jaw, then Stevenson followed that up by taking Guillard down aggressively, and then Stevenson transitioned to a leg lock, Guillard escaped, so Stevenson IMMEDIATELY locked on the guillotine choke for the submission victory EARLY in the first round... BAD ASS FIGHT for Joe Stevenson... I feel bad for Melvin though... But yeah, Joe Stevenson deserves a title shot, REAL soon...
KO (Punch to the Body)
      Fuck yeah man! Honestly, I think Melvin Guillard MIGHT be the #1 Lightweight in the UFC right now... We'll have to see what happens with the Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian fight in October, but at the moment, it's looking like Guillard might be a contender... He came out and slammed Ruediger around, making him look like his bitch for the entire first round, and Guillard absolutely dominated the first round with his ground & pound, and punch combinations... At the very end of the first round, Ruediger almost locked on a rearnaked choke, but Guillard was saved by the bell... That was really Ruediger's only chance in the fight... The second round consisted of Guillard punching Ruediger in the stomach twice, knocking him out... Melvin Guillard wins by TKO in the second round, due to body blows!!!
     Ha, this fight was funny... The 4th Grade Teacher, Rick Davis, came out with his "Flashy Karate" background, and he died... He tried to hang in there the best he could, but he pretty much got dominated by Melvin, until eventually Melvin threw this overhand right out of nowhere, and knocked Davis the fuck out... Rick Davis literally fell to the ground as if he was dead... Melvin Guillard wins by KO in the first round...
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      OH SHIT! That fight was fucking insane. Melvin Guillard is an animal, and he nearly killed Neer (no pun intended), with strong takedowns, brutal ground & pound, hard strikes on the feet, Guillard looked fucking rabid & violent, and opened up a gigantic hole on Neer's head, and it was shocking that the doctor didn't stop it. BUT! The shocking twist, is that even after that cut being opened even further, Neer locked on a triangle choke, and got Guillard to tap instantly, giving the amazing submission victory to Josh Neer, which also marks his first win in the UFC.
TKO (Cut)
      FUCKING OUCH! That cut that ended this fight was brutal looking. Melvin Guillard looked fucking insane in this fight, slamming Davis, throwing him around, beating his ass with HARD kicks, hard punches, brutal elbows, and even locked on a tight guillotine choke in the first round. Melvin Guillard is like a rabid animal, and he's a TON of fun to watch. Davis was able to hang in there, and tried to put up a fight, but he just wasn't any kind of match for Guillard. Great debut by Melvin Guillard though. Fucking AWESOME ground & pound ending.
     Burkman rushed in, Guillard whipped him to the ground quickly, Burkman got back up and slammed Guillard, grabbed his back, went for an armbar from back control, they scrambled back to their feet, Burkman shot for a takedown, and Guillard slapped on a tight guillotine choke, but he only had half guard, so he couldn't finish it. Burkman popped his head out, took Melvin's back, and punched him in the head a few times. That was a ton of action for the first two minutes of the fight. They scrambled back to their feet, and Burkman jumped on Guillard's back again, but Guillard slipped out the back door and stood back up. Burkman shot in again, lifted Guillard into the air and slammed him near the fence. Burkman went for a guillotine choke, Guillard popped his head out and stood back up. The round eventually ended with Guillard going for one more guillotine choke with 20 seconds left in the round, but Burkman was saved by the bell. That was a close round, but I'd give it to Guillard since he might have finished if the round wouldn't have ended.
     The second round was pretty slow paced, with neither fighter looking to engage, until Burkman shot for a takedown halfway through the round, and ended up in full mount. Nothing really happened on the ground in this round other than some short punches from the top, so I scored that round for Burkman. He even took Guillard's back with 90 seconds left in the round, but that was basically just positional control, and didn't lead to any sort of damage or submissions at all.
     The second round had Burkman throwing kicks to keep Guillard at distance, while Guillard was unloading with some heavy punch combinations. Guillard started the round with solid pressure, but Burkman dumped him to the ground, landing in side control 90 seconds into the round. Burkman eventually grabbed his back and pounded on him with punches & elbows near the back of the head. The referee gave Burkman a stern warning for shots to the back of the head. Guillard spun out with a minute left in the round, ending up on top inside Burkman's guard. Honestly, this fight was really close and could have gone either way. The judges gave the fight to Burkman via unanimous decision.