Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight started with some clunky striking exchanges, and then Godbeer initiated a heavy clinch, which Sosnovskiy took control of against the fence. Sosnovskiy threw Godbeer to the ground 90 seconds into the opening round with a body lock, and he landed inside Godbeer's closed guard in the center of the cage. They traded some punches on the ground, and then Sosnovskiy passed to side control with 2 minutes left in the round, but Godbeer was able to wrangle him back into guard a few seconds later, so the referee stood them up. They traded a few big punches, and then Sosnovskiy shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and Godbeer tried to catch him in a choke, but that didn't work, so Godbeer took his back, threw a few punches, and then Sosnovskiy rolled around to pull guard. Sosnovskiy tried to sweep Godbeer, but he wasn't able to get the heavy Godbeer off him. Round one probably goes to Godbeer for finishing on top.
     They traded some big punches to start the second round, and then Sosnovskiy clinched and pressed Godbeer against the fence again. Sosnovskiy threw Godbeer to the ground again at the one minute mark, landing inside his guard again. Sosnovskiy dropped back for a leg lock, fucked it up, and Godbeer spun around to take Sosnovskiy's back, but Sosnovskiy was able to spin into Godbeer's guard around the 90 second mark, and then he passed to side control. It looked like Sosnovskiy tried to setup a ridiculous bulldog choke, which Godbeer easily shrugged to the side, and then he swept Sosnovskiy. Sosnovskiy cranked on a Kimura, but couldn't get it, so Godbeer threw a few punches down at Sosnovskiy from inside his guard. The referee got bored, stood them up, they traded some ugly punches, Godbeer randomly got rocked by something, he shot for a takedown, Sosnovskiy slapped on a standing guillotine and then threw Godbeer to the ground, mounted him, took his back, and slapped on a rear-naked choke, finishing the fight by submission with 30 seconds left in the second round. Congrats to Sosnovskiy for winning his UFC debut, but that fight was pretty terrible. Both guys looked out of shape & bored.
DQ (Kick to Head After Referee Paused Fight Due to Low Blow)
      These guys traded a few big punches, and then Harris took down Godbeer. Harris beat him up on the ground for most of the round, and then they stood back up with around a minute left in the round. Harris clipped Godbeer with a knee to the groin, the referee tried to pause the fight, Harris kicked Godbeer in the head for good measure, and THEN realized the referee was pausing the fight, so he backed off. Godbeer said he couldn't continue, so... Walt Harris loses by DQ. Fuck that, I'm giving Harris the victory points, because he CLEARLY won that round, and I'm pretty confident he would have knocked out Godbeer in the second round if they wouldn't have had this weird situation with the low blow & head kick.
      Spitz is super tall, at 6'7", and he's making his UFC debut here against a guy I've never seen win a fight. The first round had both guys trading strikes, at a fairly even pace, with Godbeer probably landing the better shots, so I scored the first round slightly for Godbeer. The second round started with more strikes, and then Spits took down Godbeer 90 seconds into the round. They stood back up a few seconds later, and Spitz hit Godbeer with a heavy knee, but he looked tired. Godbeer unloaded with some heavy shots, and Spitz backed up against the fence, looking to take a break, while Godbeer continued to walk him down with punches. The second round goes to Godbeer for sure, as Spitz could barely even walk back to his corner due to exhaustion. Godbeer should be ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     These guys both came out looking like slugs in the final round. They traded some sloppy shots for most of the round, but with around 90 seconds left in the fight, Godbeer turned it up a notch and landed some brutal punches to the chin of Spitz, which had him rocked hard. This wasn't a great fight between two highly trained athletes, it was mostly just a heavyweight brawl between a couple of guys with poor cardio. Godbeer should pretty clearly win all 3 rounds, for a 30-27 decision. Yup, this is the third time I've seen Godbeer fight, and it's the first time I've seen him win, against a guy I've never heard of. Good win for Godbeer.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Ledet landed some big punches early, and then took down Godbeer one minute into the opening round. They stood back up, and Ledet tried to take Godbeer's back. Godbeer shot for a takedown of his own, sort of pulled guard, went for a leg lock, Ledet slipped out, grabbed his back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight with a first round submission. That was another solid performance by Justin Ledet.
TKO (Knees and Punches)
      Kongo secured a takedown to start this fight, but he wasn't able to do anything with it, as Godbeer crawled up the fence, into a clinch, where he landed a groin shot which paused the fight. Once the fight started again, Godbeer came out swinging, and Kongo took him back down to the ground. They clinched some more, there were a couple more "near-groin shots" delivered by Godbeer. Overall, the first round was kind of boring, but I'd give it to Kongo, especially since he stamped Godbeer's forehead with a giant knee at the very end of the round. The second round started with another clinch, this time Kongo was behind Godbeer, launching big knees to the back of Godbeer's thighs. Godbeer spun around to face Kongo, and then Kongo started blasting Godbeer's body with brutal knees, Godbeer shot for a takedown, and Kongo finished him with more brutal knees & uppercuts. Really nice win for Cheick Kongo.