TKO (Punches)
Submission (Triangle Choke)
     Mowry looks tall & lean, and Eatman is short and pudgy. I mean seriously, if Eatman would slim down some, he could probably drop from 265 to 185. With that being said, Eatman is still pretty fast for a 265 pound pudgy dude. He was hopping around Mowry, and picking him apart with punches, while Mowry was mostly trying to keep him at distance. Mowry scored a takedown halfway through the round, and ended up in side control. He took Eatman's back, and started working for a rear-naked choke, but didn't get very far with it. He postured up and unloaded some big punches, and then continued to crank on a choke, but Eatman never really looked all that concerned, even though the choke looked like it was BASICALLY locked on. Eatman spun out and got back to his feet with a minute left in the round, and landed a few decent punches, but not enough to win back the round. The standup was fairly even, but Mowry clearly controlled the ground game for the last half of the round, so round one goes to Steve Mowry.
     The second round had both guys trading punches and kicks at a decent pace, even though they were both pretty clearly exhausted. I thought Eatman was a little more active, and when Mowry shot for a takedown in the final 30 seconds, Eatman stuffed the shit out of it. It was a close round, but I'm scoring that round for Eatman, and have the fight all tied up going into the third.
     These guys came back out for the third round, trading punches at a decent pace, with Mowry looking more tired than Eatman, and Eatman was picking him apart with punches, until Mowry shot for a takedown one minute in, and pressed Eatman against the fence. After wrestling around for a minute or so, Eatman tried to stand back up, but gave up his back in the process. Mowry was looking for a rear-naked choke, Eatman spun out of it, Mowry pulled guard and started looking for a triangle choke, which he locked on, finishing the fight by submission around the halfway mark of the final round. Not a great fight, but a decent Titan debut for both fighters.