Golm started this fight with a series of hard leg kicks. They both landed some heavy strikes throughout the round, and by the end of the round, it was a hard round to score. Golm beat up Bhullar with some big strikes to start the second round, and then he clinched and pressed him against the fence. They eventually split up, created some space, and Golm continued to chip away at Bhullar with some big strikes. I have Golm ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but the fight COULD be all tied up, depending on how you score the first round.
     Golm's right foot was swollen at the start of the third round, so Bhullar clinched, and stomped on his foot for a minute. Golm broke out of the clinch, tried to work some boxing, and then Bhullar picked him up, and dumped him to the ground 90 seconds into the round. Bhullar spent the rest of the round chipping away with short ranged ground & pound. All 3 judges gave the unanimous decision victory to Arjan Singh Bhullar.
      Johnson threw some big punches, Golm clinched, Johnson continued to work his dirty boxing from inside the clinch, and then Golm pressed him against the fence. They eventually split up, traded a few more strikes, and then Johnson clinched and pressed Golm against the fence, and just held him there for a while. Golm took control of the clinch with 90 seconds left in the round, they both landed a few strikes inside the clinch, and then Johnson's right eye started bleeding all over the place. I'm assuming the first round will go to Johnson, based on outweighing Golm.
     The second round had both guys winging massive shots at each other, they both landed some hard shots, and we were left with another dirty looking round, with both guys clinching a lot, both guys landing shots, both guys absorbing a decent amount of damage, etc... I would probably give Golm the striking advantage in the second round though, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round had both guys hopping around, trading shots, with Golm working his kicks, and Johnson was throwing some big combinations. Johnson also spent some time pressing Golm against the fence, basically trying the "outweigh him" strategy again. They reset with 2 minutes left in the fight, and went back to trading strikes. Johnson clinched again, and finished the round pressing Golm against the fence again. All 3 judges gave the decision victory to Tim Johnson.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Golm is making his UFC debut here, against a guy that nobody is really taking very seriously at all. Golm backed him up early in the first round, unloaded with some big punches against the fence, nearly finished Colombo there, but he was able to hang on, so Golm took him down, took his back near the fence, continued to work him over with big punches, Colombo started bleeding from his head, and then Golm finished him off with a rear-naked choke just past the 2 minute mark of the opening round. That was a really solid UFC debut for Marcelo Golm. Colombo also retired after this fight. I'm looking forward to seeing where Golm goes from here.