Submission (Kimura)
      Mariano threw a lot of big kicks, Vannata just ate all of the big shots, and then he picked up Mariano and slammed him 90 seconds into the opening round. Vannata spent the rest of the round on top, working some basic ground & pound, including a few hard shots that he put all of his bodyweight into. Just as I was about to submit my scorecard for the round, Vannata finished the fight with a Kimura. That was a nice win for Lando Vannata.
Draw (Majority)
      Frevola landed some big strikes to start this fight, mostly single shots, and then Vannata blasted him with a head kick that nearly killed Frevola, Vannata followed it up with some big punches, knocked the mouthpiece out of Frevola's mouth, and then the referee paused the fight to put the mouthpiece back in. They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace, with Frevola winning most of the exchanges, he rocked Vannata a few times, Vannata tried to take him down late in the round, Frevola turned that into a mounted guillotine choke, Vannata pulled his head free, and was able to hang on until the bell. Round one goes to Frevola.
     Vannata came out throwing some crazy kicks, and big combinations in the second round, Frevola was getting fucked up, he was nearly put down multiple times, and then he shot for a takedown to try to buy himself some time to recover, but Vannata did a good job stuffing the shot. Vannata continued to chip away at Frevola for the duration of the round, while stuffing a few more takedown attempts from Frevola. Frevola finished the round with a takedown, and got caught in a guillotine choke, but was saved by the bell. Round two clearly goes to Vannata, and this fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     They both landed a few solid shots in the final round, Vannata caught a kick, and tried to turn it into a takedown, but Frevola bounced around on one foot, while punching Vannata in the face. Vannata eventually scored the takedown, but Frevola popped back up almost immediately. Vannata spent the entire round moving forward, the striking exchanges were close, Frevola sort of scored a takedown, but Vannata immediately rolled out of it and stood back up. The third round was pretty close, the second round was arguably a 10-8 round, Vannata dropped Frevola in the first round but ultimately lost the round. I'm expecting Frevola to win this fight, 29-28, but I think Vannata deserves to win, based on aggression, and effort to finish the fight. One judge gave the 29-28 decision to Frevola, and the other two declared it a draw, for the majority draw. I'm giving the victory points to Vannata, because we don't do draws here, but... Yeah, that fight was awfully close, and I'll be interested to see if they setup a rematch or not.
      Klose started this fight with some heavy clinching, and he tried to choke Vannata by grabbing his throat and pressing him against the fence. Vannata scrambled to back control and took down Klose, but couldn't hold him down, so they popped back up, and Klose clinched and pressed him against the fence again. Vannata finally created some distance 2 minutes into the round, and tried to work his boxing, but Klose was still pressuring him, and trying to close the distance. The first round probably goes to Klose.
     The second round had both guys sort of walking toward each other, while winging big punches. Klose appeared to be landing the better strikes, and Vannata looked like he was having trouble controlling the distance. I have Klose ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of striking, with both guys moving at a slow pace, with Klose sort of picking apart a tired Vannata, while Vannata looked like he mostly was praying for one perfectly landed counter or something. Klose clinched 2 minutes into the round, and pressed Vannata against the fence. The referee reset them with 90 seconds left in the fight. Vannata scored a quick single leg takedown with a minute left in the round, and immediately took Klose's back. He gave that up because he was too high, so he stood back up with 45 seconds left in the round. Klose shot for a takedown of his own with 30 seconds left, and pinned Vannata against the fence until the end of the round. This should be a 30-27 decision for Klose. All 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
Draw (Split)
      Lando threw a few punches, and a pair of hard leg kicks that nearly chopped down Green in the first minute of the opening round, and then Green clinched and pressed him against the fence. Lando broke free, and then kicked Green in the head. Lando then dropped Green with some big punches, he nearly finished him with punches on the ground, Green went face down and covered his head, Vannata beat the shit out of him, and then Green finally started to stand up, so Vannata threw a flying knee, but Green still had one knee on the ground, so the referee took a point from Vannata for the illegal knee. When the fight started back up, Lando locked on a guillotine choke, whipped Green around for a few seconds, and then Green pressed him against the fence. Lando broke free with 90 seconds left in the round, and continued to chip away at Green with punches & leg kicks. Vannata scored a takedown with 15 seconds left in the round. That round for sure goes to Vannata, but with the point loss, that makes it a 9-9 round. That's bullshit though, because the knee was actually just a "thigh" instead, and Green was ALMOST up, so it wasn't intentional at all. He shouldn't have lost a point there in my opinion, not to mention, the "no knees to a downed opponent" rule is fucking stupid to begin with. You COULD say that was a 10-8 round for Vannata too though, so he still might have won the round, 9-8, so that's how I'm going to score the first round.
     Lando looked like he was picking apart Green with punches & leg kicks in the second round, but Lando's nose was all fucked up, with a big gash across the bridge of his nose. Green tried for some takedowns in the second round, and Vannata did some crazy flips and shit, converting one of the takedowns into a takedown of his own. They stood back up, and Vannata hurt Green, he blasted him with some big punches in the final 90 seconds, and Green looked like he was in trouble again. Green landed some nice jabs, but Lando was hammering him with power punches & heavy leg kicks, so I'm giving that round to Lando as well. I have Vannata ahead 19-17 going into the final round.
     They both traded some clean punch combinations in the final round, Vannata shot for a takedown a minute into the round, but gave that up in favor of some more boxing. Vannata continued to pick apart Green with some clean boxing, as it looked to me like he was chipping away at Green for the duration of the fight, but Vannata's face is a bloody mess, so it's hard to predict how the judges are going to score this fight. Green blasted Vannata and rocked the shit out of him in the final 5 seconds, and with a few more seconds, he could have maybe finished him, but I was giving Vannata the round up until that point, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the judges. I'm going to score this fight 29-27 for Vannata, but I wouldn't be shocked by any scorecards at this point. The judges were all over the place, with scores of 29-27, 29-27, and 28-28, which leads to a draw? I don't see how Green could have possibly won 29-27 on anybody's scorecard, but whatever. Congrats to both guys for a hell of a performance, even though it ended in a draw. I'm personally giving the victory points to Vannata though, because fuck draws.
      Teymur spent most of the first round circling around the outside perimeter of the cage, while Vannata beat him up with random punches & kicks, while constantly moving forward. Vannata threw a badass head kick while standing on one hand, it landed flush, and then he went in for the kill and had Teymur rocked, but he was able to recover enough to turn the fight into a wild brawl for a few seconds. They continued to trade some wild strikes, with both guys landing some heavy punches & kicks, and then Vannata blasted Teymur to the floor with a fast takedown, he took his back, they scrambled around for a few seconds, and then stood back up. A cut opened up above Teymur's left eye before the end of the round. That was an awesome opening round for both fighters, but I scored the first round in favor of Lando Vannata.
     They both continued to exchange some really creative kicks & knees in the second round, with Teymur probably landing the harder shots, especially the combinations of hard knees he threw at one point, but Vannata had some WILD counter spinning kicks that were definitely earning him some points as well. Teymur blasted Vannata with a brutal superman punch, and then took him down with a surprise show of wrestling offense, but Vannata stood back up quickly. Teymur blasted Vannata with some BRUTAL knees again from the clinch near the end of the round. Those knees would put down most fighters, but Vannata didn't seem to even feel them. I gave that round to Teymur, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round. Both of these guys are eating some insane shots.
     The third round was a VERY even back & forth striking battle, with both guys landing some really violent strikes. Vannata at some clean shots to the chin, and then Teymur took him down again, but he wasn't able to hold him down for more than a couple of seconds. They continued to fight at a high pace all the way up until the end of the third round, with Teymur probably landing the harder shots throughout the round, and he also scored a couple of takedowns (but could never hold down Vannata at all). If I had to pick a winner, I would give this fight to Teymur, but I fully expect it to go to a split-decision. All 3 judges gave all 3 rounds to David Teymur which is pretty crazy, but he deserved to win this fight, so congrats to Teymur for the biggest win of his career.
KO (Spinning Wheel Kick)
      Makdessi landed some decent jabs in this fight, but for the most part, that first round was all about Vannata's funky footwork, he hammered Makdessi with some heavy punches, some slick kicks, and then he knocked him the fuck out with a badass highlight reel worthy spinning wheel kick to the jaw. Lando Vannata is fucking LEGIT!!! His fight against Ferguson was insane, and here he is with his second UFC performance, and he knocked Makdessi the FUCK OUT in just over 90 seconds of the first round.
Submission (D'Arce Choke)
      This fight started with Vannata (UFC debut on short notice), showing some amazing footwork, while picking apart Ferguson on the feet. He hit Ferguson with a shot to the groin in the first 50 seconds. Ferguson landed a nice kick to the body, and dropped Vannata with some punches 90 seconds in. Vannata rocked Ferguson with some hard punches, and nearly knocked him out 2 minutes into the round. They continued to rock the shit out of each other with some wild striking, both guys practically getting knocked out multiple times, and Vannata nearly finished Ferguson late in the round, as Ferguson was wobbling around wildly, with no control over his legs at all. Vannata went in for the kill, and Ferguson almost caught him in a leg lock, and then an armbar. That was one of the wildest UFC debuts I've ever seen by Landon Vannata, this dude is SUPER fucking legit. Round one goes to Vannata.
     The second round was another wild round of striking, but this time, Vannata finally started to slow down, and Ferguson beat the fuck out of him for the duration of the round, landing countless heavy punches, and big kicks, Vannata almost knocked him out with a head kick, and then Ferguson continued to destroy him, as Vannata just came at him with his chin up. Vannata's face was fucking MAULED, and bloody as hell. Vannata dropped his head while he moved in for a clinch, Ferguson caught him in a guillotine, turned it into a D'Arce choke, took Vannata to the ground, continued to crank, and eventually finished the fight by submission. OH MY GOD! That fight was fucking insane, possibly the best fight of the year so far. Landon Vannata couldn't have had a better UFC debut, and Ferguson came back from absolute hell in that first round, and finished the fight. FUCKING AMAZING! Holy shit man... HOLY SHIT! Oh, and Ferguson also hands Vannata the first loss of his career.