Holobaugh started the first round with a takedown attempt, which Moises was able to stuff without much effort. Moises then took down Holobaugh 2 minutes into the opening round. Moises spent the rest of the round on top, leading to a round in the books for Moises.
     Moises scored another takedown a minute into the second round. Holobaugh eventually stood back up halfway through the round, and took control of the clinch for a while. I could see an argument going in either direction for this round. Holobaugh finished strong though, so I'm giving that round to Holobaugh, and have this fight all tied up.
     Moises took down Holobaugh early in the third round, and continued to chip away at him with punches on the ground. They reset 2 minutes into the round, and then Moises scored another quick takedown. He spent the rest of the round on top, and won via unanimous decision.
Submission (Armbar)
      Holobaugh started this fight with a series of hard leg kicks and some fast boxing. Burgos was firing back with some clean punches of his own though. Holobaugh dropped Burgos, it looked like Burgos MIGHT be getting knocked out in the first round, Burgos smiled though, recovered quickly, and then locked on a tight armbar from his guard, cranked, and finished the fight by submission. That was a good fight while it lasted, and a crazy comeback finish by Shane Burgos. That's also the first submission loss for Kurt Holobaugh after 22 fights.
KO (Punches)
      The first round was a boxing match, with Holobaugh rushing in and throwing some punches, but Barcelos was landing the better shots, and then Barcelos scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, so the first round probably goes to Barcelos. Barcelos also finished the first round with a guillotine attempt.
     The second round was another round of boxing, with Holobaugh whiffing with a lot of his shots, and Barcelos was picking him apart with counters, and then Barcelos scored another takedown 90 seconds into the round. They stood up, traded a few more strikes, and then Barcelos tripped Holobaugh, scoring another takedown with 90 seconds left in the round. Barcelos has a pretty clear 20-18 lead going into the final round.
     The third round started with some more boxing, with more of the same, with Holobaugh throwing, and missing, and Barcelos was landing his counter strikes. Barcelos clipped Holobaugh with a series of hard punches 90 seconds into the round, he unloaded with some really clean strikes, and Holobaugh went to sleep. That was a great UFC debut for Raoni Barcelos.
KO (Punches)
      Bessette started this fight with some hard kicks, and then Holobaugh unloaded on him with a massive combination of punches, that forced Bessette to back up toward the fence. They continued to trade strikes at a fast pace, with Holobaugh clearly controlling the center of the cage. Bessette is definitely making this a fight, but Holobaugh is clearly on another level, as he was able to work his boxing for the duration of the first round, until he eventually rocked Bessette, and then dropped him hard, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a fantastic performance by Kurt Holobaugh, as he left Bessette's face looking battered and abused.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round had both guys looking a bit tense & nervous. They were trading strikes at a decent pace, but they were both staying just outside of range, so they weren't quite able to land with much of anything. I didn't think either fighter did enough to clearly win that round. The commentators went with Cavalcante, so I guess I'll assume he's ahead by one round.
     The second round had both guys staying closer to each other, so Holobaugh was able to tee off on Cavalcante with some big punch combinations. Cavalcante fired back with some decent strikes, but Holobaugh was clearly taking an early lead in the second round. Cavalcante pulled guard with a flying guillotine with 90 seconds left in the round, but he slipped off the neck of Holobaugh, which allowed Holobaugh to settle into his guard, before standing back up. Not a lot happened in the final minute. Round two clearly goes to Kurt Holobaugh.
     They both threw some crazy strikes to start the third round, Cavalcante clipped Holobaugh with a spinning wheel kick, and then he took him down with a body lock. Cavalcante beat up Holobaugh from inside his guard for a good portion of the round, with some short strikes, but Holobaugh was doing a good job tying him up, to avoid taking too much actual damage. They scrambled around for a while, and Holobaugh took Cavalcante's back with 2 minutes left in the round. Cavalcante twisted around and ended up back on top, where he worked some more ground & pound from inside Holobaugh's guard. Round 3 goes to Gesias Cavalcante. Holobaugh landed some solid punch combinations in the final seconds of the round, but it was probably too little too late.
     Holobaugh started the fourth round with a series of jabs, capped off with some big punch combinations that seemed to rock Cavalcante a little bit. He pressured him toward the fence, and continued to unload, until Cavalcante pulled guard again. Holobaugh continued to pound on Cavalcante with big punches & elbows, chopping up his face quite a bit, especially destroying his nose, until teh referee was finally forced to stop the fight around the halfway mark of the fourth round. That was a really solid finish by Kurt Holobaugh.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded some big punches & kicks to start the first round, while Holobaugh was chasing Cedeno around the cage. There was a long pause while they had to swap out one of Holobaugh's gloves for some reason. When the fight started back up, they both came out swinging again, and then Holobaugh took Cedeno's back, and started digging for the rear-naked choke halfway through the round. Cedeno was able to spin out of it with 90 seconds left to work, as he ended up on top inside Holobaugh's guard. Neither fighter did much damage from this position before the end of the round. Round one goes to Holobaugh.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Cedeno took down Holobaugh, only to find himself stuck inside a triangle choke attempt. They stood back up 90 seconds into the round, and continued to battle inside the clinch before resetting. Holobaugh was still coming forward, throwing punches, while Cedeno had his back against the fence for most of their standup exchanges. Holobaugh took his back again halfway through the round, and went back to digging for a rear-naked choke with the body triangle locked on. The round eventually ended in that position. I have Holobaugh ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Cedeno rushed in for a takedown to start the third round, and Holobaugh stuffed the shot, and threw some knees, and then took down Cedeno 30 seconds into the round, and immediately took his back again. Holobaugh slapped on the rear-naked choke just past the one minute mark, and Cedeno was forced to submit. That was a solid performance by Holobaugh, and another disappointing loss for Cedeno.
TKO (Punches)
      Holobaugh threw some punches, moved in to clinch, shot for a takedown, and Santos showed some solid takedown defense against the cage. Holobaugh continued to land some solid punches, but he always ducks down while throwing punches, leaving himself open for a possible counter knee. Santos landed some decent kicks with his thick legs, but Holobaugh was picking him apart with his boxing. Kurt Holobaugh looks on point tonight, as he very clearly takes round one.
     Santos continued to work some hard kicks, but Holobaugh was throwing some wild punch combinations, landing more volume than Santos. Santos unloaded with some punches, but slipped, and Holobaugh jumped on him, looking for a takedown. They stood back up, and continued to trade with wild punches. I'm really impressed by Holobaugh's combinations tonight. Santos is looking tired halfway through the second round. Holobaugh continued to tee off on him, destroying Santos with his punches, forcing him to back up against the cage, Holobaugh unloaded with a wild barrage of punches, and the referee stepped in to save Santos since he was barely able to defend himself. That was an outstanding performance by Kurt Holobaugh.
      Holobaugh came out swinging, and Harrison took him down against the cage with no real problem. They stood back up, traded a few strikes, and then Harrison took down Holobaugh again with a slick double leg. Holobaugh was looking for an armbar from his guard so they stood back up. Harrison tripped him, threw him to the ground, they stood back up, clinched for a few seconds, and then Harrison stuffed a takedown attempt from Holobaugh. A few decent punches were exchanged, and then Harrison took Holobaugh down again. Round one clearly goes to Harrison, based mostly on his wrestling.
     The second round was the same story, with Harrison controlling Holobaugh with his offensive wrestling, but Holobaugh slapped on a pretty tight triangle choke 2 minutes into the round. Holobaugh threw a lot of punches & elbows from that position, but couldn't finish the choke for some reason. After 3 minutes in that position, I scored the round for Holobaugh, based on his submission offense, compared to Harrison's relatively harmless wrestling. I have it all tied up going into the third round.
     The third round started with Harrison looking for another takedown, Holobaugh slapped on a guillotine, but Harrison moved to side control, so Holobaugh had to give it up. They stood back up, and Harrison continued to look for takedowns. The rest of the round had Harrison's takedowns scoring more points than Holobaugh's guillotine attempts, so I scored that round for Harrison. The fourth round was more of the same, with Harrison working his wrestling to control Holobaugh. I have the score 3-1 for Harrison going into the final round, but Holobaugh's submission attempts could potentially have this fight all tied up.
     The final round was an ugly slugfest between two tired fighters, throwing slow punches, but Harrison secured a couple of takedowns, so I would probably give that round to Harrison as well. Personally, I don't care how the judges score this fight as far as the rounds are concerned, as long as Harrison wins, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, and now he's the new Titan FC Featherweight Champion.
Decision (Split)
      The first round had both guys hopping around, trading strikes at a fairly event pace. With 90 seconds left in the round, they clinched, and Green threw Holobaugh to the ground. That one move was probably enough to win the round for Green. They bounced around trading strikes again in the second round, with Holobaugh picking apart Green for the first 4 minutes with punches. Green took him down in the final minute, and landed some knees to his thighs, but I don't know if that last blast of aggression was enough to steal the round or not. It might be tied up, or Green could be ahead 2-0, going into the third round.
     The third round was another round of these guys circling each other, throwing random punches. Holobaugh dropped Green for a second, 2 minutes into the round. Green slammed Holobaugh with 90 seconds left in the round. The fourth round was another slow round of circling each other while throwing random punches. Honestly, this fight could be all tied up going into the final round as far as I'm concerned. I don't think either fighter has really dominated a round yet.
     Green finally worked on his signature move in the final round, where he clinched with Holobaugh's back, and threw a lot of knees to his thighs. Holobaugh broke free and chased Green in the last half of the round, even taking him down and grabbing his back in the final seconds. Pretty decent fight overall I guess, but I still don't think there is a clear winner. I would really like to see both of these guys finish more frequently, instead of always going to decisions. This time Green's decision style backfired on him, as two of the judges gave the fight to Kurt Holobaugh, declaring him the new Titan FC Featherweight Champion.
TKO (Punches)
      Woodard came out swinging, he got rocked hard by a right hand from Holobaugh, Woodard fell down with some broken chicken legs, and Holobaugh followed him to the ground where he finished him off with some additional punches. Great 15 second TKO victory by Kurt Holobaugh.
      These guys clinched a lot in the first round, and every time they broke apart, Holobaugh would let loose with a few solid punches. Round one goes to Holobaugh based on his solid boxing, as well as a mounted guillotine attempt in the final 2 minutes of the round. He also worked some ground & pound from full mount. The round ended with Holobaugh landing some hard elbows to the body, and some punches to the face of Marriott.
     The second round started with Holobaugh dropping Marriott with a kick to the groin. When the fight started back up, Marriott shot for a takedown, and Holobaugh punished him with some elbows to the side of the head. Marriott finished the takedown, but Holobaugh was doing more damage from inside his guard, than Marriott was doing from the top. 2 minutes into the round, Holobaugh swept Marriott, landed a few punches, and then Marriott went for a leg lock. Holobaugh escaped, and punished Marriott with some decent elbows from half mount. I have Holobaugh ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Holobaugh rocked Marriott to start the final round, and then pinned him down, possibly looking for another choke. Holobaugh stood back up 2 minutes into the round, and then Marriott blasted him, rocked him, and ended up inside Holobaugh's guard. With 90 seconds left in the fight, Holobaugh got back on top, and beat up Marriott's body with hammerfists, while Marriott failed at a Kimura attempt. I scored this fight 30-27 in favor of Kurt Holobaugh, and all 3 judges agreed for the most part.
     I generally don't like it when undercard fights go to decision, because it usually means it'll be 15 minutes of boredom. That's never the case with Steven Siler though, I've only seen him fight once so far (before this), and he got his ass beat by Darren Elkins, but he proved to be "tough as nails" at least. Well this time around, Kurt Holobaugh is the one that is tough as nails, and Siler is the new beast in town. Steven Siler dominated Holobaugh in the first round with his Jiu-Jitsu, and did the same in the third round, so I gave the fight to Siler. Holobaugh won the second round with some solid ground & pound, but that wasn't enough to secure the victory. Both guys are pretty exciting though, and I look forward to seeing them both fight again in the future.
      This was a really good grappling match. Holobaugh stated out strong, rocking Healy with a big punch, and going for TONS of submission attempts, but ultimately, Healy was able to grind his way through this fight, winning PROBABLY all 3 rounds, with his takedowns, submission defense, as well as submission offense. Pat Healy is a pretty tough dude, but Holobaugh put up a hell of a fight as well.