Submission (Teepee Choke)
      Scoggins started this fight with some nice punches and a lot of nice kicks. Motoya clipped him with a decent punch, and then Scoggins took him down 2 minutes into the round. Motoya almost immediately threw up a triangle choke, slowly locked it on tighter, he switched it to a teepee choke and eventually Scoggins was forced to submit. That was a huge win for Yuki Motoya.
Decision (Split)
      These guys spent most of the first round circling around each other, throwing strikes that weren't necessarily landing, and clinching, without any real advantage being obvious in either direction. The second round was another round with a lot of movement, but not a lot of actual fighting. This fight could be all over the place on the scorecards going into the final round. Nurmagomedov took down Scoggins to start the third round, and beat him up on the ground for a couple of minutes, leading to the only clear cut round of the fight in my opinion. If I had to choose, I'd probably score this fight 29-28 for Nurmagomedov, but I wouldn't be shocked by any result on the scorecards. Two judges agreed with me, giving the split-decision victory to Said Nurmagomedov.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Scoggins started this fight with a back body lock, and a beautiful suplex, but he let Sasaki stand back up immediately. Scoggins clinched, pressed Sasaki against the fence, and Sasaki tripped Scoggins to the ground. They continued to scramble around for a while, with Scoggins ending up on top, pressing Sasaki against the fence. Sasaki stood back up, and Scoggins rushed in with a few punches, and continued to press Sasaki against the fence. Scoggins threw some slick strikes, and dropped Sasaki with some punches with 90 seconds left in the round. Scoggins worked some ground & pound, while Sasaki tried (and failed) to setup a triangle choke. Round one goes to Scoggins.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and Scoggins dropped Sasaki with a spinning back kick to the body. Scoggins dropped some heavy punches & elbows, as Sasaki struggled to pull guard. Scoggins dropped a lot of heavy elbows, and Sasaki continued to flop around on his back, struggling to find any sort of offense from his guard. They both scrambled around wildly halfway through the round, as Sasaki tried to grab a leg lock or something, and then he mounted Scoggins with 2 minutes left in the round. Scoggins gave up his back, Sasaki slapped on a tight rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was an awesome performance by Scoggins, up until the point where he got choked the fuck out. That was a FANTASTIC comeback finish for Yuta Sasaki, who was one of the biggest underdogs on the card.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Scoggins started the first round with some slick Karate kicks, Munhoz landed a nice leg kick, Scoggins scored a takedown, and then they stood up and reset. They continued to trade some hard punches & kicks at a decent pace. They both landed some pretty serious shots in that round, but I scored that round for Scoggins, based on his more diverse arsenal of strikes he had on display. It's worth noting that the crowd is clearly on the side of Munhoz though, because you know, they're in Brazil and stuff.
     The second round had a couple of minutes of solid striking going both ways, and then Munhoz slapped on a guillotine choke, they rolled around wildly for a second, Munhoz ended up on top with the mounted guillotine choke, and finished the fight by submission in the second round. That was a pretty great win for Pedro Munhoz. Scoggins needs to stop slipping and shit. He slipped multiple times in this fight, and that's what left him open for the guillotine choke.
      Ray Borg came in as a fairly heavy favorite for this fight, and he was struggling to keep Scoggins on the floor. He secured a couple of takedowns, but Scoggins was able to consistently bounce right back up. Meanwhile, on the feet, Scoggins was picking apart Borg with his karate, throwing kicks from interesting angles, and pegging Borg in the face with punches. Borg's face was busted up by the end of the first round, and Scoggins was looking clean. The second round started with Borg pulling guard. Scoggins beat him up on the ground, and then stood back up, and continued to pick apart Borg with those karate kicks. Borg came out for the final round looking desperate, shooting for a takedown, and giving it all that he had, just to keep Scoggins on the ground. Scoggins was able to pop back up, and Borg pulled guard again. From there, Scoggins kept top position for most of the round, basically outwrestling Borg. In the end, Scoggins beat Borg at every aspect of the game, and he clearly won this fight with a 30-27 unanimous decision victory. VERY impressive performance by the underdog, Justin Scoggins, as he works his way into the Top 10 of UFC's Flyweight division.
     This was a really good undercard fight, with Scoggins dominating Sampo in the first two rounds, with his solid Karate striking, as well as his ability to defend himself with outstanding grappling skills. By the third round, Scoggins started to slow down a bit, so Sampo was finally able to take him down, where he beat him up a little bit, but in the end, I thought this was a pretty clear decision victory for Scoggins, and all 3 judges agreed.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Well then, that was interesting. Justin Scoggins looked very energetic, bouncing all over the place, and throwing wild karate kicks, and he even secured a couple of takedowns. The problem is, when he shot for the takedown in the second round, Moraga locked on a guillotine choke (that's what happened in the first round as well), but this time Moraga locked it on a little bit tighter, and Scoggins was forced to submit. Pretty awesome win for John Moraga!
Decision (Split)
      This was a pretty great fight for 15 minutes, lots of back & forth grappling, scrambling all over the place, both guys looked awesome, every once in a while Scoggins would kick some ass, and then Ortiz would kick some ass, back and forth, etc... Really, this fight could have gone either way. I gave Ortiz 2 of the 3 rounds, but I thought Scoggins won the fight overall. In the end, two judges gave it to Ortiz, so he wins via split-decision. Really good fight by both guys, and probably the most important fight on the card, as far as "current rankings" are concerned.
      Holy shit man, Justin Scoggins is legit! I've only seen him fight once before, and he absolutely destroyed Richie Vaculik in the first round. Now here he is, going 15 minutes, and he never stopped attacking, it was just an all out assault, where Scoggins kicked the shit out of Campuzano with his karate kicks, and he took him down at will, and absolutely dominated him with his grappling, beating him up on the ground. Justin Scoggins has the potential to become one of my favorite fighters at 145. I'd like to see him fight some tougher competition though, to see if he can still hang.
TKO (Punches)
      Ha, that was awkward. Justin Scoggins came out, threw ultra fast karate kicks, he pressured Vaculik, he took him to the ground, got the full mount, beat the shit out of him, Vaculik rolled onto his stomach, Scoggins had the back mount, still dominating, beat the shit out of Vaculik some more, and the referee stopped the fight. The crowd booed the referee for stopping it a bit early, but Vaculik didn't stand a chance, so why should the ref allow him to take any more of a beating? Good ass kicking, but just completely one-sided.