Here we have two great big heavyweights, throwing big punches, and squashing each other with their grappling. Nelson looked like he was well on the way to a finish in the second round, with a slick armbar attempt, but Curran was able to roll out of it, ending up on top where he beat up Nelson a little bit. Curran nearly finished Nelson at the end of the second round, rocking him with some big punches, and almost knocking him out of the ring. Nelson was getting fucked up there at the end of the round. They continued to brawl, albeit at a slow pace, during the third round, and Nelson clinched, and almost caused them both to fall out of the ring. The story of this fight was massive amounts of heart, and terrible cardio. With that being said, it as a pretty good fight, and a nice hard fought victory for Josh Curran, as he won the unanimous decision over the previously undefeated Roy Nelson.