The first round was a casual kickboxing match, with Allen controlling most of the exchanges, but neither fighter wanted to spend much actual energy in the first round, so... I guess Allen won the round, but neither fighter looked interesting at all.
      The second round was another casual round of kickboxing, capped off with Allen going crazy, and unloading with some big punches in the final 10 seconds, as he dropped Rinaldi as the horn sounded. Allen is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
      The final round was a repeat of the second round, with some basic striking exchanges, and then Allen capped off the round with a wild 10 seconds again. I really would have liked to see Allen put more than 30 seconds worth of aggression into this fight, but since Rinaldi didn't have any highlight reel moments, then this fight is a clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Arnold Allen.
      Knight started this fight with a violent combination of punches & kicks while rushing forward. Rinaldi stayed calm, kicked Knight in the head, and then took him down a minute into the opening round. Knight sort of stood back up, threw a few elbows near Rinaldi's spine, the referee warned him, Knight apologized, and then Rinaldi took him down again. Rinaldi spent the rest of the round wrestling the shit out of Knight. Round one goes to Rinaldi based on his top control.
     The second round started slowly, and then Rinaldi scored a quick takedown a minute into the round. He took his back 30 seconds later, and then locked on a body triangle from back control. Rinaldi spent the rest of the round digging for a rear-naked choke, which never happened. Knight did a good job defending himself, but that doesn't change the fact that Rinaldi is up AT LEAST 20-18 going into the final round. Knight needs to make something crazy happen.
     There was a wild scramble a minute into the final round, where Rinaldi sort of tried to take down Knight, Knight took his back, tried to scramble to mount, Rinaldi reversed him, went for a Kimura, and then took Knight's back again 90 seconds into the final round. He locked on that body triangle again, started digging for the rear-naked choke again, punched Knight a few times, and we basically got a repeat of the second round. Congrats to Rinaldi for the one-sided unanimous decision victory. That sucks for Knight though, as this is 4 losses in a row, and he's normally an exciting fighter, but he didn't really show much of anything other than toughness in this fight.
TKO (Punches)
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Gillespie scored a takedown a minute into the opening round, pinning Rinaldi in the center of the cage. Gillespie was in complete control, but he wasn't doing much damage on the ground. Rinaldi gave up his back with around 2 minutes left in the round, but he kept rolling over to try to avoid giving up a choke. Gillespie slapped on a mounted guillotine with 90 seconds left in the round, but gave it up in favor of just holding top position. Gillespie unloaded with some bombs from back mount in the final minute of the round, and after pounding on Rinaldi's head a little too much, the referee was eventually forced to stop the fight. That was a really solid win for Gregor Gillespie.
(Von Flue Choke)
     Rinaldi started this fight with a lot of leg kicks, and a few punches. Herrera looked like he was waiting to throw some counters. Rinaldi took down Herrera a minute into the round, Herrera caught him in a guillotine choke, Rinaldi immediately passed to side control, pressed his shoulder into Herrera's jaw, Herrera held onto the guillotine choke (which is a bad idea), and after a few seconds in that position, Herrera tapped out, the referee let them keep going for a while, so Herrera started tapping wildly, and the referee finally stopped the fight. That was a solid win for Jordan Rinaldi.
      Trujillo blasted Rinaldi with some hard punches early in the first round, and then he tripped him to the ground, landing inside Rinaldi's guard. They eventually stood back up, traded some punches, and Rinaldi shot in for a takedown, but it was stuffed. They continued to trade punches for most of the round, and they both got rocked a little but, but I'm going to have to score that first round for Trujillo, it was pretty close though.
     The second round started with Trujillo catching a kick, he countered it with a couple of punches, and then took down Rinaldi. Rinaldi slapped on an armbar from his guard, Trujillo tried to slam his way out of it, and wasn't QUITE successful, but he eventually shook Rinaldi off of him. Trujillo tried to drop some punches, Rinaldi was looking for another armbar, and Trujillo just stood back up. Trujillo looked tired, he threw some slow punches, and Rinaldi grabbed his back, threw him to the ground, and went for the rear-naked choke. Trujillo defended against the choke for a couple of minutes, Rinaldi flattened him out, continued to look for the choke, and Trujillo did a decent job staying calm, but he barely even tried to escape, he mostly just let the clock run out. Rinaldi dominated him for a solid 3 minutes or so though, and Trujillo finally broke free, dropping a few punches before the buzzer sounded. That MIGHT have been a 10-8 round for Rinaldi.
     Trujillo came out swinging for the final round, and blasted Rinaldi with several hard shots, before Rinaldi shot for a takedown attempt, which Trujillo pretty easily stuffed. Rinaldi shot for another takedown, and Trujillo blasted him in the side of the head with several sharp elbows. Rinaldi then took his back again, but Trujillo escaped by standing up and spinning around. Trujillo continued to batter Rinaldi with hard punches, and Rinaldi was pretty clearly rocked. With 90 seconds left in the fight, Trujillo shot for a takedown, slowly pressing Rinaldi against the cage. Trujillo landed some hard punches on the ground, Rinaldi went for an omoplata, and Trujillo just stood back up. They were both clearly exhausted by the end of the fight. I scored this fight 29-28 for Trujillo, but I'm halfway expecting that weird judge from earlier to give the fight to Rinaldi. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving the fight to Trujillo, 29-28 across the board.
Submission (Inverted Triangle Keylock)
      Inverted Triangle Keylock? Good lawd that's a lotta submissions! Rinaldi is the man, and his ground game was WAY too much for Abanokov to handle. He was able to take him down in every round, and pretty much dominated him for the duration of the fight, throwing submission attempts, and just grappling the shit out of him, eventually ending up in sort of a mounted crucifix position, with an inverted triangle choke, where he punched Abanokov in the face a lot, before eventually adding a keylock on top of that submission, finishing the fight due to Abanokov tapping out. Awesome show of grappling skills, by Jordan Rinaldi.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
     These guys traded a few punches, and then clinched, traded a few knees, and then reset. They continued to trade some random punches, until Proctor shot in for a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but Rinaldi was able to easily stuff the shot. Rinaldi then threw a kick, Proctor caught it and knocked him down, and then slapped on a mounted guillotine choke that was tight as fuck, and Rinaldi was forced to submit. That fight wasn't great, but the submission finish was outstanding.