Decision (Split)
      Jones threw some long kicks, and then Santos smashed him with a hard leg kick, that wobbled the shit out of Jones. Santos continued to destroy Jones's legs with brutal kicks, and Jones was already limping around a bit just 2 minutes into the opening round. They continued to trade kicks, with Santos clearly landing the harder shots, and then whenever they traded punches, Santos would explode on Jones's face. Round one goes to Santos.
     Santos hit Jones with a BRUTAL leg kick to start the second round, but it looked like he hurt himself, so Jones moved in on him, and then Santos unloaded with wild punches, forcing Jones to back off again. Santos's left leg was clearly hurt, so he was slowing down, but he was still blasting Jones with BRUTAL kicks & punches whenever the distance was closed. Jones landed a few decent shots, but he just hasn't been very active yet. I have Santos ahead 20-18.
     The third round was more of the same, with both guys trading shots at a decent pace, but Santos's left leg was still causing him serious problems. Santos exploded with some BRUTAL punches that landed clean, but Jones just ate them, and then dropped Santos. Jones got sloppy, Santos sort of took him down, and then they quickly reset back on their feet. Jones started to bully Santos halfway through the round, and he opened a cut on Santos's forehead with an elbow. Santos was still landing some massive strikes, but that's the first round I'm giving to Jones.
     Santos continued to destroy the inside thigh of Jones with brutal leg kicks at the start of the fourth round, and he also sort of rocked him with some big punch combinations. Jones was still pressuring Santos the entire time though, while controlling the center of the cage. I really feel like Santos should be winning this fight based on the kinds of shots he's been landing, and the only reason he might not be winning, would be his injured leg, which he seemed to tweak by throwing a kick, so he basically just hurt himself. The scorecards for this fight could be all over the place. I have Santos ahead 39-37 going into the final round, but I don't feel confident about that scorecard.
     The final round was more of the same, with Santos constantly attacking Jones, while Jones was pressuring him, but not throwing much offense at all. Santos was hobbling around, so you could argue it looked like he was losing, but he was winning the actual fighting, it was JUST the matter of his left knee being fucked up. In the end, I'm scoring this fight 49-46 for Santos, but I'm expecting a split-decision, or a lop-sided bullshit Jon Jones decision. The judges gave the split-decision victory to Jon Jones.
      The first round was an interesting tactical battle, where both guys landed some solid shots, but Jones probably won that round by controlling more of the exchanges. Smith is hanging in there though, especially for a guy that is the biggest underdog on the card. Jones continued to chip away at Smith for the next couple of rounds. Jones slammed Smith halfway through the third round, and controlled him on the ground for the rest of the round. Jones has a 30-27 lead going into the Championship rounds. He started out ok, but has hasn't made much progress in rounds 2 or 3.
      Jones continued to beat up Smith in the fourth round, and I think he broke his nose with a flying knee, Smith eventually fell down, and Jones threw a soccer kick (which I guess was legal, because Smith blocked it?) Jones then beat up Smith on the ground, while Smith's nose was bleeding all over the place. He stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, but Jones stayed glued with a tight back clinch, and threw Smith down again, and continued to beat him up with punches from back control. That was probably a 10-8 round for Jones, leading to a 40-35 lead going into the final round. With just seconds left in the round, Jones blasted him with an illegal knee on the ground, so Herb Dean took TWO POINTS from Jones. So... 38-35 still? MAYBE 38-36? Either way, if Smith wants a win, he needs a finish still, even after Jones lost two points.
      The final round was another one-sided round of Jones clinching and beating up Smith against the fence. This fight is CLEARLY going to be a unanimous decision victory for the reigning Champion Jon Jones. I know nobody thought Smith stood a chance here, but I honestly thought he'd give Jones a fight at least, but this was a one-sided fight, at least for the final 4 rounds, and Jones continues to prove that he's the best in the world.
TKO (Punches)
      Jones was clinching a lot in the first round, and he clipped Gustafsson with a knee to the groin in the opening minute of the fight. Gustafsson was moving forward the entire time, and Jones kept poking him with those front kicks, and he blasted Gustafsson with a hard standing elbow. Jones tried to take down Gustafsson a few times, but Gustafsson showed an outstanding ability to stay on his feet. Gustafsson's defense looked good, but he wasn't doing much with his offense, other than throwing a few awkward punches that weren't landing. Round one goes to Jones.
     Jones continued to pick apart Gustafsson in the second round with his striking, and then Gustafsson poked him in the left eye with his pinky. Gustafsson looked aggressive when the fight started back up, clearly trying to take advantage of the bad eye of Jones. Gustafsson kept moving forward, but he just wasn't able to land with much of anything, as Jones did a good job with his movement. Jones landed some interesting leg kicks that caused Gustafsson to limp around a little bit. That was a close round, but only because Jones was poked in the eye, so I'm going to say Jones is ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
     Jones blasted Gustafsson with some hard shots to start the third round, and then he finally took him down with a slick takedown 30 seconds into the round, pinning him in the center of the cage. Jones immediately started working some short elbows to the jaw of Gustafsson. Jones displayed some expert wrestling skills as he absolutely dominated Gustafsson, he mounted him, basically took his back, and then unloaded with some BRUTAL punches, drilling Gustafsson's head into the ground until the referee finally stopped the fight. That was a fantastic performance by Jon Jones.
KO (Head Kick & Destruction)
      Jones threw a big leg kick, followed by some heavy punches, and Cormier knocked Jones's mouthpiece out with a series of uppercuts. Big John gave him his mouthpiece back, Jones punched Cormier, clinched, took him down, but they immediately scrambled back to their feet. From that point forward, they were both trading hard punches & kicks, elbows, all kinds of crazy shit being thrown in both directions. I thought Jones was a little more active, but Cormier might have landed the harder strikes. They both got clipped by some serious heat though. I'm not even going to bother scoring that round, I just want to enjoy this experience.
      The second round started with both guys throwing some aggressive strikes at each other, shit was hitting the fan, and then there was an accidental clash of heads that cut Cormier's right eye. Jones continued to chip away at Cormier with a lot of clean strikes, showing off his wide variety of options on the feet, and then they clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, and Cormier threw Jones, but fell flat on his face as Jones jumped up and took control of the clinch again. They continued to chop away at each other with some big strikes, all the way up until the buzzer. I have Jones ahead 20-18 going into the third round, but as with most fights on this card, I have no idea what to expect from the judges at this point.
      The third round was more of the same, until Jones blasted Cormier with a massive head kick, he wobbled Cormier, followed it up with a flying knee, some violent strikes, Cormier went down face first, Jones jumped on him, pounded on him with big punches, the referee gave him PLENTY of time to recover, and it simply wasn't happening, as Jones had knocked him the fuck out. The referee eventually jumped in to stop the fight, and by then, it was too late, as Cormier stayed on the ground well after the fight was stopped. Jones looked fantastic in this fight, and the way he finished Cormier on the ground with massive punches & elbows, was fucking brutal. Congratulations Jon Jones for REMAINING the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion. That fight was fucking intense!!!
      The first round was a little slow paced, as both guys were testing the water. Jones seemed super calm, and OSP looked terrified. Jones blasted him with some hard kicks, with a decent amount of variety, he landed some solid punches, and he threw him around a little bit in the clinch. Round one goes to Jones.
      The second round was another round full of Jones picking his shots, and tearing up OSP's knee with those front kicks, he blasted him with some hard elbows from the clinch against the cage, and he threw a wild kick at the end of the round. OSP rocked Jones a couple of times with some punches, but it wasn't enough to make up for the amount of work Jones was putting in. OSP also deserves some credit for showing some solid takedown defense as well. Jones is head 2-0 going into the third round.
      The third round was the same thing again. Jones beat up OSP with a ton of front leg kicks, he hit him with some solid punches, he threw him around a little bit, but he also got hit by a few decent punches by OSP. I'm curious to see how OSP's cardio is going to work for him in the Championship rounds. Jones is ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round.
      Jones finally picked up OSP in the fourth round, and took him down kind of hard, but OSP jumped back up immediately. He got blasted with a knee on the way up, but still, it's just another demonstration of how solid OSP's takedown defense is. Jones picked him up again with 2 minutes left in the round, and he dumped him to the ground, landing in side control. Jones landed some hard short elbows, it looked like he was working toward a possible arm lock, OSP kicked out and tried to stand up, but Jones took him down again, grabbed his back, and blasted him with some heavy punches. Jones stood up, OSP stayed on the ground, Jones threw some soccer kicks to his body, and then blasted him with some SUPER heavy punches & elbows before the round ended. I'm going with a 10-8 round for Jones this time.
      Jones continued to pick apart OSP in the final round, and then he grabbed him again, picked him up over his head, carried him halfway across the cage, and SLAMMED the shit out of OSP. He then stood up and threw another brutal soccer kick to OSP's body. He then let him stand back up, Jones pushed him back toward the cage again, tried to work some elbows, OSP threw some punches in the last few seconds, and missed. The fight ends, and I scored it 50-44 for Jon Jones. The crowd didn't seem quite as hyped as I was, but I thought this was an excellent fight, that had that kind of suspense where you feel like it could end at any second. Now that Jon Jones has had a chance to shake off the ring rust, I expect him to destroy Cormier in his next fight.
      WOW. That was fucking intense. All the hype leading up to the fight, and the fight itself, the entire thing was FUCKING INTENSE! That was awesome. I'm not even going to try to recap this 25 minute brawl. I'll just say that I gave the fight to Jon Jones, 49-46, so I agreed with all 3 judges. Jones slammed Cormier a few times, he hit him with some serious punches & elbows, and kicks. Cormier hit Jon with some powerful strikes. He tried to take him down a couple of times, but mostly failed. Cormier ALMOST KIND OF slammed Jones at one point, but Jones somehow "sprawled out of a slam", which was ridiculous. So yeah, awesome fight by both guys, and congrats to Jon Jones for retaining the title in one of the most tense fights I've ever seen.
      Man... I haven't been THIS far on the edge of my seat in a long time, for a fight. Going into this one, I honestly didn't know who I wanted to win, these are a couple of my favorite fighters, so I probably would have been fine either way, but the further into the fight we went, the more I wanted Jones to keep his belt, and the more nervous I got that Glover would hit him with a hard shot and knock him the fuck out. But yeah, Jones cut Glover's face all to hell, beat him up with huge elbows from the clinch, and used his range to throw some great kicks & punches. Glover was one hell of a test for Jones, but ultimately, Jones won all 5 rounds, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the fight 50-45 on all 3 scorecards. Great championship fight.
      This fight was just about as close to a draw as I can possibly imagine, as far as the way I scored it. I went into it wanting Jones to win, but I thought Gustafsson PROBABLY won the first 3 rounds, maybe only 2 of those, Jones clearly won the 4th round. In the end, after a hard fought fight, I had it basically all tied up all the way up until there was only about a minute left, and I feel like Jones probably won that final minute. So... I guess I'd give the fight SLIGHTLY to Jones? I would understand if Gustafsson won though. With some VERY close scorecards though, Jon Jones pulls off the unanimous decision victory. Crazy shit, and a new record for most title defenses at 205. Crazy fight.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! *pukes all over the floor* That fight was fucking insane... Jon Jones basically "Chael Sonnened" Chael Sonnen. He took him to the ground, slamming him several times, once they stayed on the ground, Jon Jones broke out his signature elbows & punches, making Sonnen bleed, and forcing the referee to stop the fight. Awesome performance by Jon Jones! The problem is, during the post fight interview, he looked down and realized his big toe was literally HANGING OFF HIS FUCKING FOOT, OH MY GOD... *pukes again* If Sonnen would have lasted 27 more seconds, he probably would have won the fight due to the injury. But yeah, THANK GOD the referee stepped in, because that would have REALLY fuckin' sucked if Jon Jones lost due to an injury. HOLY FUCK. What a CRAZY ending to a CRAZY event. This whole card was fucked up... GOOD, but FUCKED UP... I'm getting the fuck out of here, to check out the post fight press conference.
Submission (Keylock)
      Jon Jones is a beast. As usual, he kicked a lot of ass here. At one point in the first round, Vitor Belfort LOCKED ON an armbar, but Jones refused to tap, and he powered his way out of it. For the rest of the fight, I thought his arm might be broken though. The next 3 rounds had a lot of back & forth action, but primarily everything went in Jones's favor. He cut Vitor's eye open pretty badly in the first round with some ground & pound, and from that point forward, it was an uphill battle for Belfort. Great title fight overall, and I guess I'm not sure what's next for either fighter at this point, considering how strange the matchup was to begin with.
      Jon Jones is the shit. I don't understand why people would ever boo him. But then again, I guess they boo Rashad as well, so it's all good I guess. This was basically a five round war, I gave the first round to Rashad for knocking Jones a bit loopy with a head kick. Beyond that, Evans stayed inside a box, and Jones continued to beat that box to a bubbled mess. Jon Jones has some crazy elbows, and wild strikes, as usual, and in the end, he wins via unanimous decision. Jones didn't look as good as he has before, but he still looked like a bull. Who's next!?!
Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Jon Jones is LEGIT! The first round was kind of boring, because the entire round consisted of dancing around, finding ranges, etc... Lyoto Machida won the first round in my opinion, showing better striking, and better defense overall, etc... The second round Jones started to pick up the pace, cut the shit out of Machida's forehead with a huge elbow, turning the tides of the fight, and then he locked on a standing guillotine while pressing Machida against the cage, eventually putting Machida to sleep. Once the referee broke them up, Machida collapsed like a dead animal. It was bizarre. Jon Jones is superhuman.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hell yeah, Jon Jones is insane. I've been saying it ever since I saw his first fight, he's basically the Anderson Silva of the 205 division. His striking is AMAZING and very unpredictable, his wrestling is top of the division, his submission skills are pretty insane. Overall, Jon Jones might currently be my favorite fighter. He won all 4 rounds, and submitted Jackson in ROund 4 via a rear naked choke. Jon Jones is STILL, your UFC Light Heavyweight Champion! (Jackson looked solid though, so I really hope he wins his next fight, regardless of who he fights against, because I don't want him to get discouraged from his hardcore training).
TKO (Punches & Knees)
      Jon Jones is the best fighter ever. He just absolutely DOMINATED one of the best fighters to ever exist, all 3 rounds, it was 100% Jon Jones. Shogun didn't even have any offense really, I mean, he went for a couple of leg locks, but for this most part, Jon Jones unleashed a striking clinic on Rua, he unleashed a wrestling clinic on Rua, he unleashed a submission clinic on Rua, Jon Jones is unstoppable, AND he's the new Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      BAM! Jon Jones is the man, he's the 205 pound Anderson Silva. The first round started, Jones took Bader to the ground, and absolutely dominated him with his wrestling skills (which is crazy, since Bader is a wrestler). Jones was rolling all over the place, just making Bader look like a bitch. ABSOLUTELY SCHOOLED. The second round was basically more of the same, Bader on his back, Jones on top, and eventually Jones locked on a TIGHT guillotine choke, forcing Bader to submit. Bader just had this "defeated" look on his face during the majority of the fight, once he realized he didn't stand a chance against Jones on the ground. Great fight, and Jones earns the next shot at Shogun's Light Heavyweight Championship!
TKO (Elbows)
      Jon "Bones" Jones... He is a scary dude... This fight basically just consisted of Jones taking Matyushenko to the ground, once they hit the ground, Jones got him in the mounted crucifix, started raining down SHARP elbows, SUPER FAST, and the referee had to stop the fight before Jones was able to scalp Matyushenko with those vicious elbows.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      Jon "Bones" Jones! The baddest man at 205! I can't wait to see this guy fight more top level competition. I had him ranked at #2 going into this fight, and I feel like there isn't really anybody in the division at the moment that can stop him. So yeah, Jon Jones, badass man. Vera landed an illegal upkick at one point, but other than that, this entire fight was Jones controlling Vera, and then he brutally broke his face with an elbow in the first round, and followed it up with some punches, while Vera curled up into a ball.
DQ (Illegal Downward Elbows)
      Fuck that, that's some bullshit. This fight basically consisted of Jon Jones throwing Hamill to the ground, and then pounding the shit out of him for several minutes with GIGANTIC elbows & punches, and the referee should have stopped the fight, because Hamill wasn't even able to defend himself with one arm. Instead, the referee let the fight go on, eventually Jon Jones threw some illegal downward elbows, and the referee stopped the fight and gave it to Hamill because Hamill was unable to continue. BUT! If Hamill would have gotten up, then Jones would have FUCKING CRUSHED HIM, right? Hamill wasn't able to continue regardless, so yeah, fuck that, this is the dumbest most bullshit ass decision I've ever seen. THAT is why I'm personally going to give the fight to Jon Jones, because as far as I'm concerned, the dude is still undefeated. You can't "WIN" a fight by getting your ass kicked so badly that you are unable to continue, right? So Hamill didn't win this fight. PERIOD.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      The first round was pretty close, with Jake O'Brien being a little more aggressive, but Jones's counterstriking was far superior, and by the end of the round, the inside of O'Brien's left leg looked like raw meat. The second round, Jones came out a lot more aggressive, eventually knocking O'Brien a bit loopy with a spinning back elbow, followed by a TIGHT guillotine choke (Rogan called it a "no arm D'Arce choke", good call on that description I'd say. But yeah, O'Brien tapped, and then a few seconds later fell asleep. Jon Jones is a bad bad man!
      Off the top of my head, I can't remember watching Jon Jones fight before. I'm sure he's in one of my reviews from a recent UFC event, but I'm not sure which one. With that being said, Jon Jones is fucking amazing. His throws were CRAZY, flinging Bonnar around with multiple suplexes, and his strikes were brutal as well. There was one point where Bonnar threw a kick, Jones caught it, and then while holding Bonnar's leg, Jones attacked him with a spinning back elbow. CRAZY! The first 2 rounds went to Jones easily, but Bonnar won the third round. In the end, Jones wins via unanimous decision.
      Well then, I'm not sure why, but I was expecting more out of Andre Gusmao. Jon Jones on the other hand, with only 9 months of MMA training under his belt, pretty much beat the shit out of Andre Gusmao, and out-grappled him for the entire 3 round fight, which included several big slams where Gusmao was slammed head first to the mat. Jon Jones is a tough dude, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his fights in the future. Andre Gusmao on the other hand, needs to stop taking knees to the balls.