TKO (Punches)
      I've never seen Andre Fili fight before, but this was pretty awesome. He cut down to 149 from 178 with only 10 days notice to take this fight. So he missed weight, which sucks, but he beat the living shit out of Jeremy Larson, leaving Larson a bloody mess early in the second round. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Andre Fili. If he can fight like this, with only 10 days notice and a 30 pound weight cut, I can't wait to see what he's like when he actually has a proper training camp.
KO (Punch)
     Wow, that's gotta be disappointing for Jeremy Larsen. I personally gave both of the first two rounds to Larsen, for throwing heavy punches, as well as securing several takedowns. Martins locked on a nice calf slicer in the first round, and also showed some solid muay thai skills throughout the fight, but I really thought he was losing. The third round started, and it looked like Larsen was executing his gameplan perfectly, throw a few jabs, and follow it up with a big hook or overhand right, but Martins was backing up quickly against the cage, threw a hard right jab to defend himself, and knocked Larsen unconscious. Great fight overall, between two guys I haven't really been paying much attention to. I also want to add, that Brazilian crowd is terrifying, so I felt bad for Larsen, it sounded like they were going to kill him at any minute with those loud waves of chants. Martins on the other hand, with the hometown crowd support, wins via KO.
TKO (Knee & Punches)
      These are 2 more guys that I didn't care about from this season. I didn't like the look on Larsen's face, so I was cheering for Proctor here, so I was happy to see him land the knee to the chin of Larsen, followed by some brutal hammerfists on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight early in the first round. Good quick fight.
      Chiesa hopped around, and then shot for a takedown 20 seconds into the opening round, but he had some trouble getting Larsen to the ground. Larsen sort of stuffed the shot, but eventually he was taken down, 45 seconds into the round. Chiesa spent the rest of the round beating up Larsen on the ground from a variety of top positions, and when they stood back up, they clinched, without much happening, and then Chiesa scored another grueling takedown with around 2 minutes left in the round. Chiesa continued to beat him up, and then he landed an illegal knee to Larsen's head while his knee was down. Round one still goes to Chiesa, but the ref took a point for the illegal knee, so the round is going to be a draw.
     The second round was slower than I expected, with Chiesa shooting for sloppy takedowns, Larsen did a good job staying on his feet, and they both threw some sloppy strikes. Chiesa ended up taking Larsen down with back control with around 40 seconds left in the second round, and just finishing the round in the process of setting up a rear-naked choke, was enough to win the round (and the fight) for Chiesa as far as I'm concerned, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory after 2 rounds.
      Smith shot for an early takedown, and sort of took Larsen down, but couldn't hold him down for more than a second. Larsen stood back up, and then took Smith down, sort of, while Smith sort of volunteered to go down by pulling guard with a guillotine choke attempt. Larsen easily escaped, and they reset on the feet 90 seconds into the round. Larsen took down Smith again, Smith threw up an armbar, Larsen escaped, and continued to wrestle Smith from side control. They scrambled around for a little while, Smith rolled for a heel hook, and then a kneebar, Larsen ALMOST tapped, it looked like Larsen sort of kicked Smith in the face to escape, and then he spent the last 2 minutes of the round on top in side control, beating up Smith with his ground & pound. I would have liked to see another round, but solid win for Larsen. Smith had a good showing with his submission offense too though. Larsen moves on via unanimous decision.