These guys started this fight by trading a lot of jabs, while Cucciniello controlled the center of the cage, and Katona circled around the outside. The fight felt like a sparring match for the most part, until Katona dropped Cucciniello with a big left hook with 30 seconds left in the round. That one knockdown was probably enough to steal the round for Katona.
     Katona dropped Cucciniello with a left hand 40 seconds into the second round, he popped back up, and then Katona took him down at the one minute mark. Katona mostly just smothered Cucciniello, while dropping short punches & elbows here & there. Not a lot of damage has been done so far, but Katona has a pretty clear 20-18 lead going into the final round.
     They traded a few random strikes in the third round, and then Katona picked up Cucciniello and dumped him to the ground in the center of the cage 2 minutes into the final round. That was a decent performance by Katona, as he pretty clearly won that unanimous decision victory to become the TUF Champion, but... It wasn't a very exciting fight at all.
TKO (Punches)
      These guys both came out swinging, they threw some hard kicks, and Diamond dropped Cucciniello 20 seconds into the opening round, and then tried to setup a front choke of some sort, but it didn't work, so they stood back up and reset a few seconds later. They traded a few more strikes, and then Cucciniello scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but couldn't hold Cucciniello down. They clinched for a minute or so, and then they split up and unloaded on each other, both getting dropped a few times, but they kept on swinging. Diamond scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but still couldn't hold Cucciniello down at all. The round eventually ended with Cucciniello swinging big punches, and Diamond failing with his takedown attempts. That round was fucking wild, but I'm pretty sure the round goes to Diamond.
      The second round had both fighters trading strikes at a decent pace, while Diamond continued to fail with his takedown attempts against the fence. I'm actually going to give that round to Cucciniello and call this fight all tied up going into the final round. Diamond looks like he's gassing, and Cucciniello looks like he's ready to kick some ass. This fight has been pretty close so far, but Diamond's wrestling is failing him.
      Diamond continued to fail with his takedown attempts in the third round, and Cucciniello was pretty much beating the shit out of him with his boxing and his knees. He chopped Diamond down with some brutal kicks to the body, and forced him to keep shooting for those terrible takedowns, which Diamond was having zero success with. Cucciniello dropped him with a little over a minute left in the final round, and he finished him off with a few more punches on the ground. That was an insane fight, and a HUGE win for Jay Cucciniello, as he moves on to the finals, after losing in the first round. This fight was fantastic.
      These guys both started the first round by trading single punches & leg kicks, while bouncing around a lot. Mitchell landed a head kick 90 seconds into the opening round, and followed it up with a pair of punches, and then a takedown against the fence. Cucciniello gave up his back, Mitchell rolled around with him for a few seconds while clinging to his back, and then Cucciniello was able to spin into Mitchell's guard, which allowed him to stand back up with 2 minutes left in the round. They traded a few more strikes, and then Mitchell blasted Cucciniello with another head kick, some more punches, and then he took him down and secured back control again with 90 seconds remaining. Cucciniello tried to improve his position on the bottom, but Mitchell just kept punching him in the face, and then he tried to secure a reverse triangle choke. By the end of the round, Cucciniello was all tied up and getting hammered with hard punches & elbows. Round one clearly goes to Mitchell.
     The second round started with Mitchell rushing Cucciniello, he took him down immediately, he secured back control within seconds, and he went back to trying to setup a choke, while punching Cucciniello in the side of the head. It looked like he had a rear-naked choke locked on, but Cucciniello was somehow able to escape. Mitchell continued to punish him with punches, while working to sink in that choke, but Cucciniello was doing an outstanding job defending against the choke, but he wasn't able to work much offense of his own, as he was in pure defense mode. Mitchell was hanging on with a tight body triangle, and Cucciniello was fighting back, but he was never able to create any space to work. That was a fantastic 20-18 unanimous decision victory for Bryce Mitchell, but Cucciniello deserves some credit for showing a lot of heart.