Scoggins threw a few nice punches & kicks, and then clinched and pressed Puerta against the fence. They spent the rest of the round with Scoggins pressing Puerta against the fence. They traded control of the clinch a couple of times, but in the end, round one clearly goes to Jared Scoggins.
     Puerta caught a kick early in the second round, and then threw Scoggins to the ground, but Scoggins immediately popped back up, clinched, and pressed Puerta against the fence again, for the next 4+ minutes. This fight sucks, as it's mostly just been 10 minutes of clinching so far, but Scoggins is still clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was the same thing, with Scoggins pressing Puerta against the fence, and clinching for 4+ minutes again. The referee split them up halfway through the round, and then Puerta pressed Scoggins against the fence, but it only took a few seconds for Scoggins to take control of the clinch again. This fight was literally 13+ minutes of clinching against the fence with almost zero damage being delivered by either fighter. Congrats to Scoggins for the boring as shit 30-27 unanimous decision victory.