Decision (Split)
      The first round had Phillips pressuring Marshman, but neither fighter was doing much of anything. Phillips then dropped Marshman halfway through the round, stared at him like he was hoping for a walk off KO, but that didn't happen, so Marshman stood back up, and then Phillips pressured him until the end of the round. Round one goes to Phillips.
     The second round was another round of Phillips pressuring Marshman, without either fighter really fighting at all, and then Marshman dropped him with a hard combination halfway through the round, but let Phillips back up. I guess round two goes to Marshman?
     The final round was another round of Phillips pressuring Marshman. It got pretty exciting in the final minute of the round, with both guys kind of brawling, but overall, this fight wasn't that great in my opinion, especially for a fight where both guys acted like they just finished a brotherly war or something. I scored the fight 29-28 for Phillips, and thought that score was obvious, but the judges gave the split-decision victory to Jack Marshman.
      Roberson looks fucking massive for 185. He blasted Marshman with some calculated strikes, and every strike he threw landed with authority. Marshman has a solid chin, and he was able to fire back with a few solid shots, but Roberson basically just outclassed him in the first round. That should be a 10-9 round for Karl Roberson.
     Roberson was slowing down at the end of the first round, and Marshman came out swinging to start the second round. They both landed some big shots in the second round, it was a close round, and then Roberson scored a big takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. He basically just held Marshman down with side control until the end of the round. Roberson should be ahead 20-18 going into the final round. Marshman is still dangerous though.
     They spent the first half of the final round trading strikes at a moderate pace, they both landed some big strikes, and then Roberson scored another big takedown, landing in side control again. Roberson sort of tried to setup an Americana, and then gave that up in favor of passing to full mount. Roberson looked like the best fighter in the world in the opening round, and then he just kind of decided to coast to a decision in the last two rounds. He still clearly beat Marshman, but this fight went from explosive, to somewhat boring. Still, congrats to Roberson for the decision victory.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Antonio Carlos Jr. took down Marshman early in the first round, he dominated him on the ground, beat him up with a few strikes, he mounted him, he took his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with only 30 seconds left in the first round. That was another solid submission victory by Antonio Carlos Jr., as he completely outclassed Marshman in this fight..
      The first round started with Janes dancing around the outside, while Marshman controlled the center of the cage. Marshman was picking apart Janes with punches, but he wasn't landing as often as he probably would have liked. I just realized Ryan Janes looks like Glass Joe from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! I mostly noticed it, when Marshman would land a big uppercut or a straight right hand to the chin of Janes, which would knock his head back in cartoon fashion. Janes started to fire back with a few decent punches, but for the most part, Marshman was connecting with the cleaner combinations. With 30 seconds left in the round, Marshman nearly knocked the head off of Janes. Round one goes to Marshman.
     The second round had both guys trading random strikes at a fairly even pace, but Marshman rocked Janes a few times with some big combinations. Janes clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, and pressed Marshman against the fence. Marshman finally broke free with 40 seconds left in the round. Janes might have stolen that round with his clinching, but he really didn't do much of anything from the clinch. When they split up, Marshman threw some bombs to cap off the round. I have Marshman ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it could be all tied up.
     They were both moving around quite a bit in the final round, but they weren't throwing as often as they were in the first two rounds. Janes was controlling the center of the Octagon in the third round, and their striking exchanges were similar. Marshman was having some issues with the range of Janes, but that didn't stop him from throwing heavy punches whenever he saw openings. Janes forced Marshman into the fence for some clinchwork with a minute left in the round, and he blasted him with some big knees to the body. When they split up, Marshman lost his mouthpiece (for the second time in the fight). The referee rinsed it off, had him put it back in, Marshman spit it out again by accident, the referee told him to keep it in his mouth, and then Janes beat him up until the end of the round. The third round goes to Janes, but I still have Marshman winning this fight, 29-28, after a competitive 15 minutes of boxing. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving the unanimous decision to Jack Marshman. That was a close fight though.
TKO (Spinning Wheel Kick & Punches)
      These guys started the first round by trading some heavy punch combinations, but Marshman was having trouble getting inside the range of Santos, so Santos clipped him with some good shots, and then took him to the ground one minute into the round. Marshman tied up Santos, but he wasn't able to avoid a series of heavy punches that Santos dropped on his head. Marshman finally got back to his feet halfway through the round. They traded a few strikes in the last half of the round, and then Marshman dropped Santos with a brutal right hand. They both turned the fight into a wild brawl, and Marshman continued to clip Santos with some really clean shots. I thought that round was going to go to Santos, but Marshman might have stolen that round with the big knockdown late in the round. We have ourselves a fight here!!!
     They continued to trade some heavy shots in the second round, with both guys throwing at a decent pace. Marshman was stalking Santos, backing him up toward the fence, where he was able to clip him with some hard shots to the chin, but Santos was still doing a good job keeping his distance for the most part, working his long kicks to the body. He then dropped Marshman with a spinning heel kick, knocking him on his ass, he jumped on him, threw some punches, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight. It looked like it COULD have been an early stoppage, but Marshman hit the ground in dramatic fashion, so you can't really blame the referee too much for stepping in on this one. That was a solid win for Thiago Santos, breaking his 2-Fight losing streak, against a guy that made his UFC debut 3 months ago, and was coming in with a lot of hype. I'm still looking forward to seeing both of these guys fight again in the near future though, I just wish the referee would have given Marshman a few more seconds to prove that he was defending himself on the ground.
KO (Punches)
      Marshman dropped Cedenblad with a left hook early in the first round, but Cedenblad recovered and immediately took him to the ground. Cedenblad tried to work some ground & pound, while Marshman scrambled around wildly from his guard. Marshman had a cut over his left eye. Marshman has a fairly tight guard, but that didn't stop Cedenblad from battering him with heavy punches from the top. Marshman tried to throw up some elbows from his back, but they weren't doing as much damage as the top position ground & pound being delivered from Cedenblad. Cedenblad opened up with some brutal strikes to finish the round. Round one clearly goes to Cedenblad.
     Cedenblad landed some really long kicks in the second round, but Marshman was still throwing some pretty heavy punches to try to counter Cedenblad's offense. They continued to trade violent strikes at a steady pace, as Marshman's face looked pretty chopped up by the halfway point of the second round. He dropped Cedenblad at one point, but he popped right back up again. Cedenblad was on chicken legs for a few seconds, so he shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. Marshman stood back up, unloaded some heavy punches, and Cedenblad collapsed in a bloody heap. That was a pretty insane finish for Jack Marshman. This has been a really wild night so far.