The first two rounds were competitive, with Bandenay probably winning the first round, and the second round could have maybe gone either way. They were close though. The final round had Arnett taking down Bandenay halfway through the round, he pinned him near the fence, and spent the last half of the round beating the shit out of Bandenay with big punches. The third round was a clear round in the books for Arnett, and he nearly finished him in the final 15 seconds, making it a possible 10-8 round for Arnett. I scored this fight 29-28 for Austin Arnett, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
KO (Slam)
      Benitez came out swinging, and he knocked down Bandenay 10 seconds into the opening round. He continued to beat him up on the ground, Bandenay threw up an armbar from his guard, Benitez slammed his way out of it, and knocked Bandenay the fuck out. That was a fantastic performance by Gabriel Benitez.
KO (Head Kick)
      These guys both threw some brutal body kicks, they traded them back & forth for a few seconds, Bandenay threw a brutal head kick/knee to Bravo's chin, and knocked him the fuck out, flattening him out like a board. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Humberto Bandenay.