TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight mostly consisted of both girls trading kicks, with both girls landing some decent shots. Nunes landed the best shots in my opinion, I had her winning the round, and then she blasted Holm with a clean right head kick to the face, which knocked Holm on her ass, and then she threw some punches on the ground and the fight was stopped. That's another great win for Nunes, as she has now beaten every Women's Champion at 135 in the UFC. She is clearly the best female fighter of all time. To be fair though, I don't know how Holm even got a title shot here, as she's only won 2 of her last 6 fights, and the only one at 135 was against Bethe Correia... soooo... Why the fuck does Holly Holm keep getting title shots? With that being said, that's still a great win for Nunes.
      Anderson came out swinging, as she blasted Holm with some excellent punch combinations and some big knees. Holm was forced to clinch 45 seconds into the round, to slow down the attack from Anderson. Holm basically just stalled in the clinch for 2 minutes before they reset to trade some more strikes. Holm scored a takedown with a minute left in the round, and Anderson tied her up on the way down, but wasn't able to set anything up, so Holm just smothered her. Holm controlled most of that round, but Anderson did more damage. I guess Holm probably won that round based on stalling, but I would like to see someone score it for Anderson, based on her striking in the first minute of the round.
     Holm beat up Anderson with her boxing to start the second round, they clinched a little bit, Anderson tried to fire back with some strikes, and then Holm scored a takedown halfway through the round, pinning her in the center of the cage. Holm passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round, and she landed some big punches while trying to open her up for an arm-triangle choke. Holm finished the round with some decent ground & pound. Holm is pretty clearly ahead going into the final round, and the second round could have even been a 10-8 round for Holm.
     The final round was more of the same, with Holm beating up Anderson, throwing her around, outwrestling her, beating her up with her striking, and Anderson was in pure defense mode for the duration of the round. This was a really solid win for Holly Holm, and a disappointing UFC debut for Megan Anderson.
      These girls both threw some big punches & kicks early in the first round, and it looked like Holm had the clear strength advantage, which is somewhat shocking. I'm 80% expecting to see an anti-doping violation pop up after this fight. Holly Holm looks like a mountain, at a weightclass above where she normally fights, and Cyborg looks somewhat soft compared to what I'm used to seeing with her. That entire round was all about Holm outworking Cyborg, bouncing around a lot, yelling a lot, and hitting her a lot, while Cyborg was waiting to land that perfect counter, which never happened. Round one goes to Holm.
      The second round was more of the same, with both girls throwing some big shots, but for the most part, it was a pretty competitive fight. So far, I'm leaning in favor of Holm, but it looks like most other people online are leaning in favor of Cyborg (who I WANTED to win), so I'm not sure what to think at this point. I feel like if this fight goes the distance, it could be a split-decision or something. I have no idea what to think so far, other than Holly Holm looks huge, compared to the Champion, who looks huge compared to everyone else.
      The third round was more of the same, with both girls landing some big shots, and it was a hard round to score, until Cyborg unloaded on Holm in the final seconds of the round, resulting in a clear round in the bank for Cyborg. I guess I'm going to trust everyone else online, and assume Cyborg is running away with this fight. Holm is definitely keeping it more competitive than I think most people would have predicted though. The fourth round was more of the same. I'm going to assume at this point that Cyborg is going to walk away with this decision, because I don't see either fighter getting a finish here, but Holm isn't quite doing enough to pull off an upset against the current Champion.
      Cyborg continued to beat up Holm in the final round, but Holm blasted Cyborg with some big shots with a minute left, that seemed to rock the shit out of Cyborg, which allowed Holm to press her against the fence, but instead of going for the finish, she just went for a takedown instead, which didn't work at all. Cyborg broke out of the clinch with a series of knees, and we're going to a decision. That was a solid competitive fight, but yeah, Cyborg should still be the Champion after tonight. All 3 judges agreed, giving Cyborg the unanimous decision victory.
KO (Head Kick & Punch)
      The first round was pretty fucking boring. Holm landed a few strikes, Correia might have landed a couple, I'm not sure... I guess the first round goes to Holm? That was a shitty round for both fighters though, and the crowd was getting pretty irritated by the feints & near zero offense from both fighters.
      The second round was another shitty round of boxing, with almost zero offense being delivered by either fighter. A lot of feints, a lot of jerky nervous looking motions from both fighters, and only a handful of basic punches being thrown in either direction. This fight sucks, and neither of these fighters should ever fight on a main event again. Holm is more than likely ahead 20-18 on the scorecards going into the third round, but I wouldn't be shocked if the fight was scored a draw at this point, based on neither fighter doing anything significant for the first 10 minutes. The referee actually stopped them with 90 seconds left in the second round, and told them they need to start fighting, because this strategy is bullshit.
      The third round started with the same bullshit, until Holly Holm kicked Correia in the head, Correia went down hard, held up her hand like "Ok, I'm done..." Holm punched her in the face, and the referee stepped in to save her. That was a fantastic finish by Holly Holm, that really should have happened in the first round. Congrats to Holm for ending her terrible losing streak, but I mean... 10+ minutes to finish Bethe Correia in a boring ass boxing match isn't exactly what the doctor ordered, if Holm wants any chance at getting another title shot in the future.
      The first round was basically just a striking match, where Holm spent the entire round yelling, while throwing Karate punches or some shit. Randamie on the other hand, was throwing BRUTAL counter punches, and heavy kicks. Holm tried to take down de Randamie late in the round, but Randamie stuffed the shot, was able to stay standing inside the clinch, and the round ended with a stalemate clinch. I scored the first round for de Randamie.
      Holm looks more active from a distance, but when you factor in that she's throwing 4 punch combinations, only to land a single shot, while de Randamie is blasting her with heavy single shots that are almost all connecting, I think de Randamie is pretty clearly winning the majority of the exchanges. Holm clinched halfway through the round, and stalled for a while against the fence. Holm spent a lot of energy looking for a takedown, but de Randamie refused to budge, and she eventually took control of the clinch and blasted Holm with some clean knees. Holm continued to push de Randamie around the cage, while de Randamie continued to blast her with knees to the body. The round ended with de Randamie landing a two punch combination, where the second punch landed just slightly after the buzzer, and she nearly knocked out Holm with it. I have de Randamie ahead 2-0 going into the third round.
      Holm continued to bounce around the outside in the third round, constantly circling TOWARD de Randamie's power side, and every time Holm rushed in, de Randamie would clip her with hard right hands. Holm continued to work for takedowns, and continued to look foolish in doing so, as de Randamie was able to shake her off every time with ease. Holm clinched hard with 90 seconds left in the round, and she really gave a takedown attempt everything she had, and de Randamie was still able to shake her off, allowing de Randamie to take control of the clinch. Holm rocked de Randamie in the final few seconds of the round with a pair of head kicks, de Randamie recovered, fired back, and landed a couple more punches after the buzzer. The referee gave her a stern warning this time. I have de Randamie ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round, but that third round might have gone to Holm for the head kicks, but since I thought de Randamie won at least 4:30 of that round, then I gave it to de Randamie.
      Holm started the fourth round by pressing de Randamie against the fence, and she just held her there, clearly stalling. The referee split them up 2 minutes into the round. Holm continued to rush forward for most of the round, throwing those lame looking punch combinations, while shouting out before every strike, making it easy for de Randamie to avoid most of the strikes. Meanwhile, de Randamie was still clipping her with hard counters. That round will probably go to Holm for applying a lot more pressure, but she didn't do any damage, and de Randamie was still working her over with short knees to the body from the clinch, so...? I guess I'm going to score this fight 39-37 going into the final round.
      The final round was more of the same, with Holm rushing forward, missing with a ton of punches while screaming, and de Randamie was still clipping her with heavy single shots to the chin. Holm clipped de Randamie 90 seconds into the round, and then instead of finishing her, she just clinched and pressed her against the fence. The referee split them up with 2 minutes left in the fight. They traded a few strikes, and Holm hugged her again and stalled some more against the fence. I know that inside Holm's head, she's winning this fight, by being loud, throwing random strikes at the sky, and pressing de Randamie against the fence, but her clinching isn't doing her any favors in my opinion. They finally broke apart with 15 seconds left in the round, and de Randamie clipped Holm with a pair of hard punches to finish out the final round. I feel like de Randamie should win this fight, 48-47, but I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the judges here. All 3 judges agreed, giving her the unanimous decision victory, as Germaine de Randamie becomes the first ever, UFC Women's Featherweight Champion. I'm really happy that shit won this fight, since she was fighting, and Holm was mostly just clinching. Pretty good fight overall though.
      This fight started slow, with Shevchenko landing a couple of decent counter punches, but Holm put her on her ass with a massive right hand, and then followed up with a few more strikes before Shevchenko stood back up. They clinched, Shevchenko took down Holm, and Holm powered out of it, ending up back on her feet, in control of the clinch, pressing Shevchenko against the cage. Holm landed some hard knees to the body & thighs of Shevchenko to finish out the round. I scored the first round for Holly Holm.
      The second round started slow again, they threw a few feints, and then Shevchenko tried to clinch 2 minutes into the round, but Holm powered her back up against the fence again. The rest of the round was spent with Shevchenko countering Holm's attacks with single shots, and she also landed some decent leg kicks, but she stumbled near the end of the round that made it look like she was rocked, so that round COULD go to Holm, but I scored it for Shevchenko, and have it all tied up going into the third round.
      The third round was more of the same, with Shevchenko showing off her lightning fast reflexes, countering most of Holm's attacks, and she even cut Holly's right eye, and took her down twice. Holm powered her way back to her feet once, but got taken down again pretty quickly in the clinch. Shevchenko had half mount, and basically just pressured Holm near the fence, but wasn't doing a ton of damage, but that cut on Holm's eye looks like it could be kind of bad. Shevchenko postured up, and landed some short elbows, and Holm basically just had to try to tie her up to wait for the bell. I have Shevchenko ahead 2-1 going into the fourth round, and they also pointed out that the cut on Holm's eye is from a headbutt.
      The fourth round was more of the same, with Shevchenko basically picking apart Holm, with her excellent counters. Shevchenko shot for one single leg takedown, but Holm easily slipped out of it. Holm is clearly the more aggressive fighter, but whenever she moves in to attack, she gets hit with crisp counters. I have Shevchenko ahead 3-1 going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, but Holm was more aggressive this time, clearly knowing that she was behind on the scorecards, but she still didn't have that killer instinct. She basically just stood there, afraid that the smaller Shevchenko was going to beat her up. Two losses in a row for Holm? Not good... Great huge win for Shevchenko though, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes next. If it wasn't for her counterstriking though, I'm not sure how much ass she could kick, considering she had zero offense in this fight outside of counters. Holm is the same way though.
Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round was somewhat uneventful, with both fighters landing a few decent shots, but I didn't think either fighter had an obvious advantage. Holm probably landed a few more power shots, so I gave the first round to Holm. The second round had Tate finishing a body lock takedown, and then she beat the shit out of Holm with elbows from side control, before nearly finishing the fight with a rear-naked choke late in the round. AWESOME round for Tate, and the score is all tied up going into the third round.
     The third round was somewhat uneventful, but I scored it slightly for Tate, based on a few of the combinations that she landed. The fourth round goes to Holm, mostly for some hard combinations she landed late in the round. Really, this fight is up in the air, going into the final round, but it's PROBABLY being scored in Holm's favor by most judges. The final round started, Tate grabbed Holm, yanked her to the ground with a desperate takedown, she grabbed her back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Holm tried to flip over head first to escape, Tate refused to let go, and she put Holm to sleep. FUCK YEAH! Miesha Tate is the new UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion!!! That's fucking awesome.
KO (Head Kick & Punches)
      OH MY GOD!!! Ronda Rousey looked really terrible in this fight. He came out swinging, missing almost all of her punches, her face was bloodied up in the first round, as I think Holm broke her nose or something. Rousey tried to take her to the ground a few times, and Holm slammed Ronda to the ground, and then got back up. By the second round, Ronda looked exhausted, and Holm continued to pick her apart with her boxing, and then she BLASTED her with a massive head kick, followed by some brutal punches on the ground, forcing the referee to jump in, and Ronda Rousey was OUT COLD. That was fucking insane, I believe that's the biggest upset in MMA history, and Holly Holm is the new UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. HOLY SHIT that was good. Ronda looked REALLY bad though.
      Nothing happened in the first round. They traded kicks, but not much really landed. Holm landed a decent kick at the end of the round, so I guess I would give her the round. The second round was pretty much a repeat of the first round, Holly Holm probably won most of the exchanges, but she wasn't really landing anything worthwhile, she was just applying more pressure than Reneau was. The third round was the same thing, Holm was throwing punches & kicks, missing most of them, and yelling "YAH YAH YAH" like some sort of Karate warrior or something. I keep hearing about how Holly Holm could be the one to defeat Rousey... GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT SHIT. So far, I've seen all 3 of her fights in the UFC, and I haven't been impressed by anything she's had to offer. It's cool that she wants to keep it standing, but she should take some classes from Joanna Champion if she wants to learn how to make a fight exciting. Reneau on the other hand, has a badass ground game, and I was really looking forward to watching her submit Holm in this fight, but that didn't happen, since she couldn't take the fight to the ground (and barely even tried), which allowed Holm to win a boring 30-27 unanimous decision.
Decision (Split)
      This was kind of a slow paced "jabby jab" fight, where they were moving around a lot, but neither fighter did much damage in the first two rounds. I gave the first round to Holm, I thought the second round was more or less a tie, and the third round definitely went to Pennington, for knocking Holm on her ass. I also thought Pennington did a better job with her counter-striking, every time Holm would throw a punch, Pennington would counter with 2 or 3. So in the end, I think I would have given the fight to Pennington, 29-28, but I can't really complain about the fight going to Holm via split-decision. What I CAN complain about is, one judge gave her the fight, 30-27? Are you fucking insane? Get the fuck out of here... That's ridiculous. So yeah, that sucks, I wanted Pennington to win, but you can't win them all I guess. I will say that I wasn't really impressed by the performance of Holm, and I don't think the crowd was either, because the crowd erupted in an ocean of "BOOOOOO" while Holm was giving her post-fight speech.
TKO (Punches)
      Holly Holm's gameplan seems to be to just run forward, while throwing punch combinations, while yelling "YA YA YA YA YA YA YA", which sort of makes it easier to predict her movements. The problem is, Merrill had no real offense at all, so it was really just a matter of time before Holm broke down Merrill with her boxing, finally landing a big punch to the body, Merrill tried to counter it with a kick, but lost her balance, fell down, Holm punched her a couple of times, and the fight was stopped. Holm looked decent in this fight, but Merrill barely even looked like a professional fighter, so I'm not sure how much this fight really says about Holm.