TKO (Punches)
     Fortune threw some big punches, they clinched, Fortune blasted Sarran with some massive knees, he pinned him against the fence, and continued to destroy him with a ton of knees. Fortune scored a takedown 2 minutes into the opening round, and Sarran tried to catch him with a guillotine choke, but it didn't work out, so Fortune popped his head free, and punched Sarran repeatedly. Sarran tried to work his way back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the round, and Fortune threw him back to the ground, and continued to pound on Sarran with big punches. The fight probably could have been stopped, but the referee let them continue. That was a 10-8 round for Fortune.
     Fortune scored an early takedown to start the second round, and he continued to beat up Sarran while bullying him near the fence. Sarran went for a terrible guillotine attempt again, but he was nowhere near locking it on. Fortune spent most of that round riding Sarran's back, while punching him in the head repeatedly. The referee finally stopped the fight with 24 seconds remaining in the second round. That was another one-sided performance by Tyrell Fortune.