TKO (Punches)
      Gegard Mousasi is one of the best fighters on the planet right now. With a 15-Fight winning streak, finishing almost all of his opponents, Mousasi seems to be somewhat unstoppable at the moment. Goodridge is clearly a decade past his prime at this point, but Mousasi took him down with easy, mounted him, and beat the living shit out of his face, making him bleed, and forcing the referee to stop the fight due to the brutality behind the blows. So yeah, another highlight reel victory for Gegard Mousasi against a legend in this sport.
     Gary Goodridge took this fight on ONE DAY'S notice, replacing Aleksander Emelianenko. After they announced both fighters, they took a 10 minute break or some shit, while Goodridge took a nap in the corner, rolled around for a while, stretched his groin, went into the back room, came back out, all kinds of ridiculous bullshit. I don't know what was going on. Once the fight finally started, Buentello punched Goodridge hard, and kicked him really hard, and basically beat him up for the entire first round. The second round was kind of slow paced, but Buentello got the better of most exchanges, and he almost finished Goodridge again at the end of the round, landing some really great boxing combinations. By the end of this fight, it just looked like a dirty boxing match, with both guys sweating, tired, and still throwing heavy punches. Pretty decent fight overall, and nice solid decision victory for Paul Buentello.
KO (Head Kick)
      This was apparently Gary Goodridge's retirement fight or something along those lines, so he hand picked Don Frye to be his final fight. Don Frye really didn't put up much of a fight though, as he got hit a few times by Goodridge, left his left hand WAY too low, and Goodridge kicked him right square in the head, knocking Frye unconscious in less than one minute of the first round. Pretty nice win for Gary Goodridge, but not really much of a fight overall.
     Meh, normally I'm pumped about these fast stoppages, because it means someone just got their ass beat. This fight started with Goodridge poking Bobish in the eye, and then he finished him with punches, as Bobish turned his back to Goodridge, and was trying to tell the referee he got poked in the eye, and Goodridge capitalized on it. To be fair, when they showed the replay, I don't think it was an intentional eye poke, it was just a punch to the eye, and the glove might have cut the eye a little bit or something. Either way, nice win for Goodridge, after his last fight, which was a quick loss to Fedor. One random fact that is sort of amusing, is that the first time I saw Dan Bobish fight, was at UFC 14, where he was finished by Mark Kerr, via "chin to the eye". Remember that shit?
TKO (Soccer Kicks)
     OH SHIT! That was awesome. This fight is between the two top Heavyweight fighters in the world, and Fedor fucking CRUSHED Goodridge. He came out swinging for the fences, beat the living shit out of Goodridge on the feet, he took the fight to the ground, continued to beat up Goodridge, and then he finished him with soccer kicks to the head, finishing the fight in just over one minute of the first round. AWESOME win for Fedor Emelianenko.
TKO (Punches)
      This was a good one-sided ass beating. They started the fight by colliding like to big bulls, and after grappling in the clinch, Goodridge SLAMMED Dams to the ground, got on top, after Dams started fish hooking Goodridge's mouth, he said "Fuck this shit..." and got the full mount, and started dropping BOMBS on the face of Dams, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Good solid win by Gary Goodridge.
Decision (Split)
      This fight was ok. It was Achmed's last fight of his career, and he had a decent showing, especially early on, as he took Goodridge to the ground and controlled him. As the fight went on though, Goodridge turned up the violence, and was able to throw some solid knees on the ground, and beat up Achmed quite a bit. So yeah, nice win for Goodridge, but it was definitely a close fight overall.
      Goodridge looked good about halfway through this fight, throwing bombs, and trying to take Braga's head off. By the end of the fight though, Braga was on top of Goodridge, beating his ass with ground & pound, and when the fight ended, Goodridge was still laying on the floor, and Braga hopped up. So I'm going to have to give Braga the victory points for this fight, even though it was technically declared a draw.
(Corner Stoppage)
     Last time Yatsu fought in Pride, he got demolished by Gary Goodridge, and I specifically said that they should have never put a guy with no experience, into the ring with a veteran like Gary Goodridge. Yatsu spent 2 weeks in the hospital after their last fight. So what did they do for his second fight? Put him back in the ring against Gary Goodridge, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?! So yeah, Goodridge beat him up for about 3 minutes, locked on a guillotine choke, and Yatsu's corner threw in the towel. That was fucking ridiculous, PLEASE don't ever put Yatsu back in a Pride fight again, he has no business fighting professionally. This fight looked like one of those "fat kids getting punked by a bully in High School" situations. Regardless, congrats to Goodridge for another win against a Pro Wrestler.
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      Neat! The Pride debut of the soon to be legend, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. He started the fight looking kind of sloppy, clearly wanting to pull guard, but Goodridge tried to stay standing, but eventually, the fight DID go to the ground, at which point, Nogueira was able to turn the grappling knob up to the next level, locking on a triangle choke, and tapping out Goodridge pretty quickly in the first round. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is LEGIT.
Submission (Knee)
      Well that was awkward. These guys both look big & tough, and they're both super strong, but Goodridge was able to take the fight to the ground pretty early. Overeem went for a Kimura, and it looked like he might get it, but Goodridge escaped, threw a knee while on the ground, to the head of Overeem (it barely looked like it even connected though), and Overeem tapped out, the referee tried to stop the fight, and Goodridge snapped, and started throwing bombs at the head & body of Overeem, until the referee was forced to physically push Goodridge off. Nice win for Goodridge, but this fight felt a little fixed to me.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight never should have happened. Gary Goodridge has sort of a mixed record, but he has WAY TOO MUCH EXPERIENCE for a guy that has no experience at all. Yatsu is apparently a Pro Wrestler, who clearly has no idea how to fight, so Goodridge threw bombs at him for the entire fight, heavy punches, and big leg kicks, chopping away at Yatsu, who just kept walking backwards the entire time. He shot for a couple of takedowns, but he was NOWHERE EVEN CLOSE to executing a proper takedown. Well, there was one point near the end where Yatsu secured a single leg takedown, and tried to turn it into a leg lock, but Goodridge just postured up on him, powered out of it, ended up on Yatsu's back, and Goodridge continued to punch him in the side of the head, until Goodridge landed a knee to the head of Yatsu, while Yatsu was laid out flat on his stomach, so that was considered a foul, and they stood them back up, giving Goodridge a yellow card. Once they stood them back up, that was the end of the fight basically, because Goodridge unloaded on Yatsu with some more heavy punches, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight, because Yatsu was practically out on his feet. Really strong performance by Goodridge, against a guy that should never fight again.
KO (Head Kick)
      HOLY SHIT! They both walked to the center of the ring, they looked like they were about to fight... Yvel launched a huge left kick to the head, knocked Goodridge the fuck out, and that's all she wrote. 28 seconds into the first round, and Yvel just destroyed Gary Goodridge with a single kick to the head. Awesome win for Gilbert Yvel!
      The first round had Rodriguez taking the fight to the ground, he was caught in Goodridge's guard, where he punched him square in the nuts for no apparent reason, so the fight was stopped so Goodridge could let his balls drop again. Once they started up again, Rodriguez slammed him to the ground, and controlled the rest of the fight (second round was more of the same), so yeah, I still gave the fight to Ricco Rodriguez, kind of a boring fight overall, considering both of these guys are "Championship Contender" level fighters at various points in their careers.
TKO (Punches)
     Well, Goodridge wanted to get revenge for his loss against Igor in Igor's Pride debut, but he failed once again, getting his head knocked off with Igor's huge punch combinations. Goodridge more often than not looks tired these days, so I'm started to lose faith in him a little bit, but still, this was a pretty nice win for Igor Vovchanchyn, starting off his run in this Pride Grand Prix.
Submission (Forearm Choke)
      This was pretty much a squash match, between the legendary Gary Goodridge, and some random dude that was making his MMA debut here, and went on to have a professional record of 0-4, losing all of his professional fights in under 5 minutes. So basically, this fight, Goodridge beat the shit out of the guy with punches, knocked him to the ground, got the side mount, pushed his forearm into Kawahara's throat, forcing him to submit. Good win for Goodridge, but his opponent has no business fighting at this level.
      This was one hell of a debut by Tom Erikson, smashing the shit out of Goodridge's face early in the fight with GIANT punches, he's a huge dude, and then he took him down, and pounded the shit out of him on the ground. Erikson also looked like he had SOME sort of ground game, he went for a few submissions, but didn't really come close to locking anything on. In the end, this fight was pretty much 20 minutes of Erikson laying on Goodridge, overpowering him, and beating him up. Good show by Erikson, Goodridge needs to work on his takedown defense though.
Submission (Keylock)
      Gary Goodridge started this fight strong, immediately throwing bombs, big knees, big punches, rocking Ogawa a bit, but eventually he gassed, and Ogawa spent the majority of the round, on top of Goodridge on the ground, going for armlocks, and throwing punches. The second round started, Ogawa took Goodridge down almost immediately, locked on a keylock, and finished the fight via submission.
Submission (Punch)
      This fight sucked. Andre Roberts came out at nearly 400 pounds (you don't see shit like that in modern day UFC), and Goodridge hit him a few times with some kicks, and a couple of punches, nothing looked all that impressive, and then Andre Roberts just turned his back to him, and walked away while tapping out. Apparently Goodridge broke Andre's nose. Lame ending for a fight between two massive brawlers.
TKO (Punches)
     Going into this fight, I was really excited to see Gary Goodridge kick some more ass, but to be honest, this was a sort of disappointing fight. Goodridge took Igor down early, on their way down, somehow (I'm assuming a headbutt?) cut Igor's eye, so he had blood running down his face. They grappled for a few, with Goodridge going for a leglock, Igor ended up in full mount, and then after a scramble, they got back to their feet. At one point, Gary asked the referee if he could kick Igor in the face (while Igor was on the ground) and the referee said no. Once Igor got back up, he punched Goodridge a couple of times, Goodridge kind of wobbled into the corner, the referee stopped the fight, and Goodridge didn't think it was a good stoppage at all. Who knows? Next fight I guess.
KO (Punches)
      Hahaha... On the DVD I'm watching, one of the commentators mentioned that Amir called him after the fight was over, and told him he lost. And then Bas Rutten had to remind him that "Uh, we're here... RIGHT NOW... They'll have to cut that out..." but APPARENTLY they never cut it out, so that made me laugh out loud. It's not like they gave away a huge spoiler though, I mean, who the hell was Amir Rahnavardi? This was his first fight, against one of the most brutal fighters in the sport. So after scrapping for a few minutes, Gary Goodridge started toying with him, Amir was punching him in the face from his guard, and Gary just looked down at him, and started screaming "CHILD'S PLAY! HIT ME AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!!!" And Amir kept punching him, and it was having no effect. Eventually Goodridge had enough, and started throwing bombs, which knocked Amir the fuck out. Gary Goodridge is a beast!
Submission (Heel Hook)
      Yeah! Finally a really good fight in Pride! Gary Goodridge started out strong, chasing Ruas into the corner, and beating the hell out of him with big punches. Goodridge was then able to take him to the ground. I really thought Goodridge was on the path to dominate Ruas, but around the 9 minute mark, Goodridge slipped (or something), and apparently hurt his knee, and Ruas capitalized on the moment, grabbing Goodridge's leg, and nearly ripping it off. Awesome fight for Marco Ruas, and it sucks that Goodridge had to go out like that, after his excellent start.
KO (Punch)
      This fight was kind of slow paced... Lots of standing & staring, with no action at all, followed by a flurry by both fighters, and then it would slow back down to the standing & staring, etc... Repeat that process maybe 3 times... Then Goodridge knocked Taktarov down to the ground, and then started stalking him, mostly just standing there, but he threw a solid kick to the face of Taktarov while he was still on the ground... Eventually, Taktarov stood back up, and that pretty much marked the end of the fight... Once both fighters were on their feet, Goodridge landed a grazing shot, that surprisingly knocked out Taktarov... Goodridge then followed up by punching Taktarov in the face twice, before the referee could break them up & stop the fight... So yeah, Gary Goodridge wins by KO early in the first round...
Submission (Punches)
      This fight was fuckin' crazy... It lasted a little over 16 minutes, and it was mostly just a bunch of laying around on the ground, but there were a handful of explosions in this fight, that really make it a legendary battle... Gary Goodridge had a few flurries with his punches, that probably left Otavio wishing he wasn't there, but even worse! EVEN WORSE!!! Quite possibly the WORST thing to ever happen in an MMA fight, even worse than Keith Hackney vs. Joe Son at UFC 4... Gary Goodridge put his foot in the shorts of Otavio, while they were on the ground, and he moved Otavio's cup over to the side, and literally started playing with his penis, with his foot... SAY WHAT!?! (You think I'm full of shit? Rent this video, and watch for yourself...) Then the fight ended, when they stood back up, and Goodridge blatantly put his hand down Otavio's pants, GRABBED HIS TESTICLES, and squeezed, causing Otavio to run backwards to get away... Goodridged followed that up with a knee to the head of Otavio, a barrage of punches, and then the referee stopped the fight, because at that point, Otavio was tapping out... So Gary Goodridge wins the fight, by literally giving Otavio a handjob, and then beating the shit out of him with his fists... Most infamous submission victory of all time... (I honestly thought the crowd was going to kill Goodridge for the way he won this fight)... INSANE...
Submission (Keylock)
      This fight started with both fighters hugging, Goodridge tripped Worsham, and slammed him to the ground... They rolled around for a minute or so, with Worsham throwing cheap punches from the bottom position, and then Goodridge grabbed his arm and locked on a keylock for the submission victory... Cal Worsham was LOUD, he actually started screaming, and then tapped out... I thought his arm had been ripped off or something... Ok fight, but again, Gary Goodridge completely dominated his opponent...
Submission (Crucifix)
      This was a fun little fight... Augusto Santos threw a jab at the face of Goodridge, pissed him off, and then Goodridge attacked... Gary Goodridged locked on a crusifix submission while standing, took Santos to the ground, started to squeeze the hold, and it looked like he was going to break the neck of Augusto Santos, so Santos was forced to submit... This was a quick fight, but Gary Goodridge is a monster, so this was a fun one...
Submission (No Apparent Reason)
Submission (Fatigue)
      I get the feeling that the Gi of Gary Goodridge saps his energy or something... He looks like he should be in pretty good shape, but he's just not able to hang with these guys, when the fights go into the later minutes... This fight started with Don Frye boxing the shit out of Goodridge on their feet, and then Frye pinned him against the corner, and continued to punch him... After a bit of that, Gary Goodridge was able to take Frye to the ground, and it looked like Goodridge had the upperhand on the ground, for the most part... After a while, Frye got the top position again, and then Goodridge just tapped out due to exhaustion... Good fight overall, but it lasted a little longer than it really needed to... Don Frye wins by submission...
Submission (Exhaustion)
      This was quite possibly the best match of the evening... Both fighters are very evenly matched, and there was a lot of strength displayed in the match... Coleman showed that he was the superior wrestler, and pretty much kept control throughout the entire match, which is impressive when your opponent is Gary Goodridge... This match ended, when Coleman pinned Goodridge face first against the mat, and Goodridge tapped out because he knew there was no way he'd be able to get out of that vulnerable position...
KO (Punches)
      This match started with Campetella showing off that he's the first UFC fighter that could actually match the strength of Gary Goodridge... After some strongman style wrestling around on their feet, Goodridge took him down with a really smooth takedown, and eventually pinned Campetella against the cage, and threw several firm punches at his face, until the referee again, stopped the fourth fight of the evening...
TKO (Cut)
      This was a really long match, with not much action... It took the entire 12 minutes for it to finally end, and the only reason it ended, was because the doctors said that a cut over Goodridge's eye, was too bad... Schultz slammed Goodridge a few times throughout the match, but about 95% of the match was spent on the ground, without much movement at all... It was a boring match, but since it had 2 really great fighters in it, it was still the best fight so far... Schultz, surprisingly, wins by decision... He definitely deserved to win, since he dominated the entire match, but I must say that I was extremely disappointed that Goodridge didn't put up a better fight...
Submission (Position)
      This was a really tough match, and Goodridge dominated it for the most part, with his superior strength... But it seemed like even with everything that he dished out to Frye, nothing seemed to have any sort of real effect on Don Frye... A little bit after 2 minutes into the match, Frye took control of the match, pinning Goodridge against the mat, and started throwing strikes at him, until Goodridge eventually tapped out... Don Frye became the champion of the 8th UFC Tournament...
TKO (Punches)
      This was the first match between two really great fighters of the night... From the earlier fights, I assumed that Goodridge would dominate the entire fight without a problem, but Jerry Bohlander actually proved that he has some incredible defensive techniques... Eventually Goodridge's size & strength won over, and he got Bohlander in quite possibly the worst position possible... Bohlander ended the match upside-down, on his back, locked by Goodridge's leg, while Goodridge threw several punches down towards his face... The referee stopped the match... Goodridge wins...
KO (Elbows)
      Herrera started the match by shooting for Goodridge, and instead of taking him down, he got locked up quickly into some sort of crucifix type maneuver by Goodridge... Goodridge then started pounding away at the head of Herrera with the most insane looking elbow/knee combinations that I've ever seen... He seriously looked like he killed Herrera within the first few seconds of this match... AWESOME show by Goodridge, but it would have been nice to see him do it to someone else that actually had some credibility...