The first round was really close, without a lot happening, but I'd probably give it to McGill, based on a small flurry of punches she landed at the end of the round. The second round, I thought was going in the favor of Goodwin, until McGill took her to the ground, and got on her back, which she couldn't really do anything with, but she at least scored some points with the exchange. It's also worth noting, that McGill landed some really hard punches at the end of the second round as well. In the third round, McGill had a nice headlock takedown, and then stood back up. Goodwin then tried a headlock takedown of her own, and McGill ended up in top position anyway, showing that she's clearly the superior grappler. The last half of the round had McGill in side mount, punishing a bloody Goodwin with elbows on the ground. Nice unanimous decision victory for Kelly McGill in her Invicta debut.