Almost the entire first round consisted of Chiasson pressing Lansberg against the fence, where she beat her up with some short punches & some decent knees. Round one goes to Chiasson. The second round started with an awkward clinch where Chiasson sort of dropped down for a leg lock or something random, and Lansberg settled into top control, inside Chiasson's guard. Chiasson worked her way back to her feet halfway through the round, and they spent the rest of the round chipping away at each other from inside the clinch. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round. It's also worth noting Lansberg is the biggest underdog on this card. The final round was a pretty casual clinch fest, with Lansberg controlling most of the round, leading to the unanimous decision victory for Lina Lansberg, ruining Chiasson's 5-0 undefeated record.
TKO (Punches)
      Moras immediately shot for a takedown, and secured it 5 seconds into the opening round. Moras spent almost the entire round on top, just grinding on Chiasson, and then Chiasson swept her with a minute left, and started working her brutal ground & pound, stealing the round with a minute of ground & pound, compared to Moras's 4 minutes of smothering. Round one goes to Chiasson.
     Chiasson kicked Moras in the face as soon as the second round started, as Moras went for another early takedown, which Chiasson reversed easily this time, ending up on top in half mount. Chiasson continued to smash Moras with punches & elbows, turning up the volume 2 minutes into the round when she secured full mount, forcing the referee to stop the fight due to punches.
TKO (Punches)
      Chiasson threw some clean long strikes, Mazany looked like she was ready to participate in a squash match, they both traded some strikes back & forth while circling around each other, and then 90 seconds into the round she clinched, unloaded with some big punches when they broke apart, Mazany dropped, and the fight was stopped. Congrats to Chiasson for another one-sided performance. I've been a fan of Macy Chiasson since the first fight I saw of hers in the Ultimate Fighter. I'm glad to see that she's still mauling people in the UFC.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls both came out swinging, Chiasson beat up Kianzad with some strikes, she hammered her with some heavy knees, they clinched for a while, with both girls trading control, but Chiasson controlled most of the clinch, and then she took Kianzad's back late in the round, and slapped on a rear-naked choke, but didn't have enough time to finish it. Round one goes to Chiasson based mostly on clinch control, and landing the better strikes.
     They both came out swinging in the second round again, Kianzad landed some hard strikes early, and then Chiasson dropped her a minute into the round with a big combination, Kianzad tried to catch her in an armbar, and then Chiasson climbed over to escape, and immediately took Kianzad's back, locked on another rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic performance by Macy Chiasson, and she's one of my new favorite fighters. She was my favorite on TUF 28, and she's one of my favorites in the UFC Women's Featherweight division.
TKO (Knees)
      The first round started with a lot of heavy clinching, a bit of dirty boxing, with Letson in control, and then Chiasson threw her to the ground with a slick Judo throw. She almost mounted her, and then Letson quickly worked her way back to her feet. Chiasson dropped her with some brutal knees from the clinch, Letson tried to recover, and Chiasson continued to DESTROY her with brutal knees to the body & head, causing Letson to eventually collapse due to a knee to the liver. That was a badass finish by Macy Chiasson, and she's moving on to the finals.
TKO (Punches)
      Chiasson came out, kicked Pacheco in the head, threw a knee to her body, and then created some distance and circled around the outside. Pacheco clinched, and pressed Chiasson against the fence. Chiasson tried to create some space to throw some more strikes, and Pacheco kept clinching, until she finally threw Chiasson to the ground 2 minutes into the opening round. Chiasson wrestled her way into side control, Pacheco went for a guillotine, and Chiasson scrambled to take Pacheco's back with 2 minutes left in the round. She punched Pacheco repeatedly in the head and face from back mount, until the referee finally stopped the fight. That was a strong performance by Macy Chiasson, as she gets the first round TKO stoppage.
      The first round had Chiasson picking apart Schmidt with punches & kicks, while Schmidt was mostly just getting hit and trying to clinch. Round one goes to Chiasson. The second round was more of the same, with Chiasson winning the striking, and Schmidt just clinching, and failing with her takedown attempts. I have Chiasson ahead 20-18 going into the final round. Chiasson came out swinging in the third round, knocked down Schmidt, she stood back up, and Chiasson continued to outwork her until the end of the round. This was a clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Macy Chiasson.