Mueller came out swinging, she blasted Velasco with a knee, and then pressed her against the fence. Mueller took his fight on a week's notice, and she moved up a weightclass to take the fight. Velasco spun her around and took control of the clinch 45 seconds into the opening round, Mueller took control again, and she blasted Velasco with another big knee. They split up, traded some more strikes, and Mueller unloaded on Velasco, she clinched again, and continued to beat up Velasco against the fence. They continued to throw decent strikes at each other, but for the most part, I felt like Mueller was bullying Velasco. She blasted Velasco with some really violent strikes in the final 45 seconds, and she almost finished Velasco a few times, but Velasco was saved by the bell. That might have been a 10-8 round for Mueller.
     The second round started with Mueller going all old school Wanderlei Silva on Velasco's ass, beating the living shit out of her, forcing Velasco to shoot for a desperate takedown, but Mueller stuffed the shot, took her back, and continued to beat the living shit out of Velasco. Velasco finally ALMOST took down Mueller, and Mueller just threw her to the ground instead, and told her to get back to her feet to trade strikes. Mueller blasted Velasco with some heavy punches, another big knee, and then they clinched again. Velasco looked exhausted, and Mueller continued to unload on her with some violent punches & knees. Velasco opened up a cut under Mueller's right eye with 90 seconds left in the round, and Mueller started to slow down a bit after that, so Velasco started to pick her apart with some jabs. Mueller turned it up a notch in the final 20 seconds, and I think that was probably enough to secure the round for Mueller. I have this fight scored 20-18 for Mueller. Like I said, the first round could have even been a 10-8 round for Mueller, so I definitely have her ahead going into the final round, even if it's just 19-18 or something.
     Velasco was throwing jabs & running away in the third round, while Mueller was slowing down, but still plodding forward, and throwing big punches. It looked like Velasco was complaining about a possible eye poke, nobody called it, so Mueller unloaded on her, and Velasco clinched and pressed Mueller against the fence 90 seconds into the final round. Mueller continued to bully Velasco around the halfway point, where she blasted Velasco with some knees from the clinch. Velasco went for a standing guillotine choke, but Mueller just pulled her head free, and reset. Velasco landed a series of clean punches, and then Mueller rocked her across the cage with a brutal spinning backfist. The round eventually ended with Mueller still hitting Velasco with some knees against the fence. This round should for sure go to Mueller, AT LEAST 29-28, if not 30-27 or something along those lines. All 3 judges agreed with me, scoring the fight for Mueller, with a couple of 30-26 scorecards mixed in there. That was a great fight, and especially since she took the fight on short notice, I think Lauren Mueller deserves a contract.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      Ladd immediately pressed McGill against the cage as soon as this fight started. A minute into the round, Ladd threw McGill to the ground, and grabbed her back. She continued to ride McGill's back for the duration of the round, blasting her in the head with a lot of punches, and clearly outgrappling her. She also threw some hard knees to the body of McGill while on the ground with her. With a minute left in the round, McGill tried to roll out of the bad position, and Ladd threatened her with an armbar, which allowed Ladd to grab her back again, this time locking on a rear-naked choke, but she let that go in favor of some hard elbows to the head of McGill. 10-8 round for Ladd.
     The second round started the same way, with Ladd throwing McGill to the ground, grabbing her back, and battering her with knees to the body. Ladd might be ahead 20-16 going into the final round, she's absolutely dominating McGill in this fight. The final round started with Ladd throwing McGill to the ground again, this time she mounted her, and slaughtered her with punches & elbows, finishing the fight in just under two minutes of the final round. Another really great performance by Aspen Ladd, who took this fight on short notice, and in my opinion, she deserves a title shot down at 125, or maybe even here at 135, whichever weight class she'd rather fight at.
     The first round was really close, without a lot happening, but I'd probably give it to McGill, based on a small flurry of punches she landed at the end of the round. The second round, I thought was going in the favor of Goodwin, until McGill took her to the ground, and got on her back, which she couldn't really do anything with, but she at least scored some points with the exchange. It's also worth noting, that McGill landed some really hard punches at the end of the second round as well. In the third round, McGill had a nice headlock takedown, and then stood back up. Goodwin then tried a headlock takedown of her own, and McGill ended up in top position anyway, showing that she's clearly the superior grappler. The last half of the round had McGill in side mount, punishing a bloody Goodwin with elbows on the ground. Nice unanimous decision victory for Kelly McGill in her Invicta debut.