Submission (Armbar)
      Gevorgyan missed weight by 5 pounds, which is significant. Ostovich came out throwing some leg kicks, and Gevorgyan fired back with some fast punches. Ostovich shot for a takedown, and ended up inside Gevorgyan's guard 30 seconds into the first round. Gevorgyan rolled for an armbar, and Ostovich spun around into side control for a second, but Gevorgyan stood back up, and then shot for a takedown of her own. Ostovich took her back on the way down, and then slapped on an armbar from back control, Gevorgyan escaped, Ostovich went for a triangle, transitioned to an armbar again, and finished the fight by submission. That was a really solid performance by Rachael Ostovich in her UFC debut.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round had both girls trading punches at a solid pace, with Gevorgyan landing the cleaner shots for the most part, but Bennett rocked her head back with a hard punch a minute into the round, and it seemed to hurt Gevorgyan. Bennett scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and then unloaded with some big punches & elbows while pinning Gevorgyan against the fence. Bennett bounced Gevorgyan's head off the canvas a few times with some jackhammer punches, and the referee eventually had to stop the fight. That was a solid first round finish by DeAnna Bennett.