This fight started with some heavy clinching, and then they split up to trade some sloppy punches. Avila rushed forward a few times and showed some solid striking skills, while Kianzad was mostly relying on clinching and pressing Avila against the fence. Round one goes to Avila.
     Kianzad went right back to the heavy clinching against the fence to start the second round. Kianzad won the first 3 minutes of the round, and then Avila rushed forward and threw some sharp punches again, but Kianzad was able to get her to pause by cutting Avila's right eye. Avila then rocked the shit out of Kianzad by rushing forward with fast punches again. I thought Kianzad won most of that round, but Avila had enough explosive moments that it could go either way.
     They both looked a little tired in the third round, and Avila dropped Kianzad 90 seconds into the round, she rushed forward, jumped on her, and after a brief scramble, she took Kianzad's back. Avila tried to setup a choke, but Kianzad was doing a good job defending, while Avila was doing a great job maintaining top control. This fight was kind of close, but I'm still scoring it 30-27 for Avila. All 3 judges agreed, giving her the unanimous decision victory in her UFC debut.
TKO (Front Kick & Punches)
      Avila started this fight with some heavy clinching, pressing Conners against the fence, where Avila worked her over with a series of punches, elbows & knees. Conners had blood pouring out of the bridge of her nose a couple of minutes into the opening round. Avila continued to beat her up for the duration of the round. Round one clearly goes to Avila.
     The second round started with more of the same clinchwork from Avila, as she continued to work over Conners with her striking. Conners eventually created some distance, and was able to work her boxing a little bit, but her face was already smashed to pieces. The fight ended with 17 seconds left in the second round, when Avila blasted Conners with a series of fast punches, a front kick to the chest that basically dropped Conners, and then she finished her off with some more punches. That was a fantastic performance by Julia Avila.
TKO (Finger Injury)
      Allen started this fight with a hard leg kick. They traded a few more random strikes, Allen kicked Avila's hand, she broke Avila's finger, her bone popped out, and the fight was stopped. Avila didn't seem phased at all, but her finger was FUCKED. Congrats to Allen for the win, but that injury was fucking gross.