These girls both came out moving around a lot, they threw a few punches, and then Bayard clinched and pressed Rincon against the fence. Rincon spun her around and then took down Bayard 45 seconds into the opening round, and almost immediately took her back on the way down. Rincon slapped on a rear-naked choke, and Bayard raised her hips into the air to try to shake Rincon off the top. Rincon flattened her out and continued to pound on Bayard from back control, looking for an opening for the rear-naked choke. Bayard finally spun out of that, and swept Rincon around the halfway mark, ending up on top inside Rincon's guard. They stood back up with around 90 seconds left in the round, and they traded a few wild punches. Rincon clinched and took down Bayard with a minute left in the round. Bayard worked her way back to her feet, and they finished the round trading a few more punches & leg kicks. Round one probably goes to Rincon.
     The second round started with Rincon boxing the shit out of Bayard, landing a lot of big punch combinations to the head while backing her down. Rincon clinched and tried to take Bayard's back against the fence, but Bayard did a decent job defending, and she ended up taking down Rincon with a single leg. Bayard stayed standing above Rincon, and threw a few leg kicks, while Rincon just kind of threw some kicks up from her back. The referee eventually had her stand back up with around a minute left in the round, and they traded some sloppy punches, while lunging into each other. I have Rincon ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round had Bayard rushing forward while throwing some clunky looking punch combinations, while Rincon still looked fairly relaxed. Neither fighter comes across as a high level fighter, but they were at least going at each other for the full 15 minutes, both working at a fairly decent pace. Rincon clinched around the halfway mark of the final round, and pressed Bayard against the fence. The finished the final round still clinching, while mostly trying to take each other to the ground. In the end, this was a pretty close fight, but Rincon should probably win 30-27. All 3 judges agreed for the most part, giving the unanimous decision victory to Shaianna Rincon, in her professional debut.