TKO (Punches)
      Ladd started the first round with some aggressive striking, and then they clinched for a while, with Kunitskaya pressing Ladd against the fence for a while, but the referee got bored and reset them because Kunitskaya kept grabbing the cage. Ladd then scored a slick trip takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, landing in half mount. Ladd took Kunitskaya's back with 30 seconds left in the round, and then unloaded with some wild ground & pound while screaming at her. Round one definitely goes to Aspen Ladd.
     Ladd landed a lot of aggressive strikes to start the second round, while chasing Kunitskaya around the cage. Ladd scored another takedown, they stood back up, and then Kunitskaya controlled the clinch for a while again, mostly just stalling against the cage. Ladd broke out of that with 2 minutes left in the round, and went back to throwing big punches at Kunitskaya, while Kunitskaya kept backing up while throwing jab kicks. Ladd took her down again with 90 seconds left in the round. Ladd spent the rest of the round chipping away with ground & pound.
     Ladd rushed out to start the final round, and she dropped Kunitskaya immediately with a hard punch, and then she took her back, and unloaded with violent ground & pound, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was another fantastic performance by Aspen Ladd. I'm a huge fan.
TKO (Punches)
      Ladd pumped a few jabs, Randamie dropped her with a brutal right hand, stood above her, threw another punch, the referee stopped the figh, and Aspen Ladd just sat there and looked confused. That was probably an early stoppage, but she went down hard, and the way she collapsed, it LOOKED like a knockout, so I'm not going to blame the referee here. That's a nice win for Randamie. I also know Ladd had a hard weight cut, so maybe Herb Dean was on high alert for that? I'm not sure. Honestly though, even watching the knockdown in slow motion, she LOOKED like she was going to sleep, but she did recover quickly when she hit the ground.
      Eubanks shot in, picked up Ladd, and slammed her 30 seconds into the opening round. They stood up 90 seconds into the round, and Eubanks continued to whip Ladd around with a tight clinch. Ladd then slapped on a standing guillotine choke, and used that to takedown Eubanks halfway through the round. Ladd then took her back a few seconds later. Eubanks started strong, but I think Ladd stole that round with her grappling in the last half, wait, NOPE! Eubanks unloaded with some Mike Tyson combinations to finish the round, and nearly finished Ladd with some late ground & pound. Round one goes to Eubanks. This fight is really good.
     They both came out brawling early in the second round, they clinched, and then Ladd tripped Eubanks to the ground 90 seconds into the round. She slowly worked her way into full mount, then back control, setup a rear-naked choke, it looked tight, and Eubanks somehow slipped out of it. Ladd slapped on another rear-naked choke, and Eubanks escaped again. Ladd beat up Eubanks with short punches until the end of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was basically a 5 minute brawl, with both girls giving it all they had. I was more impressed with the boxing from Eubanks, so for that reason, I would score this fight 29-28 for Eubanks, but I'm not super confident about that pick. I really do think she deserves to win, but I won't be shocked if the judges give it to Ladd or something. All 3 judges gave the win to Ladd, and one of them scored it 30-26? Are you fucking nuts? That was a great fight, but I think Eubanks got screwed a little here.
TKO (Punches)
      Evinger came out swinging to start the first round, and it looked like she was going to control this fight early on, but Ladd took her down and beat the living shit out of her with some heavy punches & elbows 2 minutes into the round, and then scrambled to try to control Evinger's back. Ladd flattened out Evinger with back mount, and then continued to DESTROY her with heavy punches & elbows. That was a massive win for Aspen Ladd, and I hope she finally gets the credit she deserves after this fight. I've had her ranked as the #2 Women's Bantamweight for a while now, because she's one of the only undefeated fighters in the UFC, other than Ketlen Vieira. I'm not necessarily saying she should get a title shot immediately, but maybe match her up with Irene Aldana, and then the winner of that gets a title shot? All I know is, people have been overlooking Ladd, and she's fucking legit.
TKO (Punches)
      Ladd walked forward like a zombie at the start of the first round, they traded a few random punches, Ladd walked into the clinch, and then pressed Lansberg against the fence like a truck. Lansberg took control of the clinch a minute into the round, and landed a few decent knees to the body, while pressing her against the fence. Ladd took control of the clinch halfway through the round, and they continued to trade knees to the body, while struggling to control each other against the fence. The referee split them up with 30 seconds left in the opening round, and Lansberg continued to chip away at Ladd until the end of the round. Round one goes to Lansberg.
     Lansberg continued to beat up Ladd for 30 seconds to start the second round, and then Ladd shot for a much needed deep double leg takedown, and she pinned Lansberg in the center of the cage, landing in half mount. She passed to full mount 90 seconds into the round, while working some punches in between transition attempts. She postured up and unloaded with some wild punches halfway through the round, her ground & pound was relentless, and the referee finally decided to stop the fight after a large number of unanswered bombs were dropped on Lansberg's head. That was a questionable first round, but a fantastic finish for Aspen Ladd's UFC debut. She now has the longest active winning streak in the Bantamweight Division I think? TITLE SHOT!?! hahaha... Maybe not, but she's still someone to keep an eye on.
      These girls both came out swinging, as they both looked like they wanted to knock each other's heads off. Aspen Ladd started to chew up Eubanks with clean punch combinations 90 seconds into the round. Eubanks shot for a deep takedown halfway through the round, but Ladd sprawled all over it, and then blasted Eubanks with some elbows on the ground, while Eubanks continued to dig for that takedown. After a brief scramble, Ladd went for an inverted triangle choke, but Eubanks continued to roll until she escaped, as she continued to press Ladd into the fence. Eubanks finally slammed Ladd with a minute left in the round, but she just found herself stuck inside the guard of Ladd until the end of the round. That round probably could have gone either way, but I wouldn't be surprised if the round is scored for Eubanks based on top control.
     The second round was an aggressive boxing match, with Ladd continuing to pick apart Eubanks with crisp boxing combinations, while Eubanks was still firing back with some solid shots, but she didn't have the volume that Ladd was throwing with. Eubanks shot for a takedown in the final minute of the round, but Ladd was able to stuff the shot. That round clearly goes to Ladd, so she could be up 2-0 going into the third round, or this fight might be all tied up. I'm still not 100% sure how the first round should be scored.
     They clinched early in the third round, and Ladd threw Eubanks to the ground 90 seconds in. Ladd landed a few decent shots on the ground, but for the most part, she was just smothering Eubanks. Eubanks finally swept her with 90 seconds left in the final round, but she landed inside a triangle choke. Eubanks scrambled out of that, and then took Ladd's back. Ladd regained her guard, and Eubanks continued to wrestle her, but she wasn't doing much damage on the ground. In the end, this fight should go to Ladd, at least 29-28, if not 30-27, but I wouldn't be TOTALLY shocked if someone gives the fight to Eubanks. All 3 judges gave the fight to Aspen Ladd, with one judge giving one round to Eubanks. That was a solid fight overall, and it's the first time Ladd wasn't able to finish her opponent, but she still remains undefeated after 5 fights.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      This fight started with Hoy swinging wildly, but she wasn't landing with much, as Ladd was blasting her with counter jabs, that reddened the face of Hoy pretty early on. Hoy then clinched and pressed Ladd against the cage, but that just turned into a hugging stalemate for several minutes. They reset in the center of the cage with around 90 seconds left in the round, and Ladd continued to pick apart Hoy with some crisp punches & kicks. They both landed some decent strikes in that round, but round one pretty clearly goes to Ladd.
     The second round was the exact same thing, with Ladd picking apart Hoy for a few seconds, before Hoy clinched, and they hugged in another stalemate for a little while. Ladd eventually whipped Hoy to the ground 90 seconds into the round, landing in side control. Ladd smoothly transitioned into full mount, and then postured up, dropping some big elbows, some hard punches, Hoy gave up her back, and Ladd continued to batter Hoy with some massive strikes. Ladd opened up with some BRUTAL elbows, as she continued to ride the mount, Hoy gave up her back again, and the fight was stopped dude to some BRUTAL punches & elbows. Another fantastic finish for Aspen Ladd, bringing her record to 4-0, with 100% finishes.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      Ladd immediately pressed McGill against the cage as soon as this fight started. A minute into the round, Ladd threw McGill to the ground, and grabbed her back. She continued to ride McGill's back for the duration of the round, blasting her in the head with a lot of punches, and clearly outgrappling her. She also threw some hard knees to the body of McGill while on the ground with her. With a minute left in the round, McGill tried to roll out of the bad position, and Ladd threatened her with an armbar, which allowed Ladd to grab her back again, this time locking on a rear-naked choke, but she let that go in favor of some hard elbows to the head of McGill. 10-8 round for Ladd.
     The second round started the same way, with Ladd throwing McGill to the ground, grabbing her back, and battering her with knees to the body. Ladd might be ahead 20-16 going into the final round, she's absolutely dominating McGill in this fight. The final round started with Ladd throwing McGill to the ground again, this time she mounted her, and slaughtered her with punches & elbows, finishing the fight in just under two minutes of the final round. Another really great performance by Aspen Ladd, who took this fight on short notice, and in my opinion, she deserves a title shot down at 125, or maybe even here at 135, whichever weight class she'd rather fight at.
Submission (Armbar)
      Aspen Ladd started this fight quickly, throwing some nice jabs, and immediately shooting for a takedown, but Cooper was able to defend, and almost took Ladd's back, ending with both fighters still standing in the clinch. The first 3 minutes or so were spent in a grueling clinch battle, with both girls looking strong, until Ladd was able to trip Cooper to the ground, where Ladd worked to pass Cooper's guard, and Cooper did a decent job trying to flip out of bottom position, she went for a nice armbar attempt, and continued to show a decent guard game, while Ladd continued to beat up Cooper from inside her guard. Solid top position control for Ladd, and solid guard game for Cooper. Close first round, but I guess I would have to give it to Ladd for showing a little more control. Ladd started the second round by shooting in for another slick takedown, securing top position in the first few seconds of the round. Ladd went for a strong looking keylock, cranked it hard, and used that to pass to full mount for a second, but Cooper did a good job regaining half guard. Ladd slipped back into full mount, Cooper rolled over, Ladd took her back, and continued to beat up Cooper from the back mount. Ladd went for a rear-naked choke, Cooper rolled onto her back, and Ladd BLASTED her with some BRUTAL elbows, cutting Cooper's forehead, Cooper tried to roll out of it, Ladd locked on an armbar, and finished the fight via submission. AWESOME win for Aspen Ladd, and she's really moving quickly up the ranks of 125, with just her second pro win in Invicta. This was a really great fight overall, and a badass performance for Ladd.
(Punches & Elbows)
     That was a pretty decent fight to start off the card. Both women came out swinging, Vidal secured a beautiful throw, and as she was trying to get the full mount, Ladd reversed it, and got on top in Vidal's guard, and punched her a few times. The referee randomly stood them up for no apparent reason, and then the same thing happened, Vidal went for a takedown, and Ladd ended up on top, where after a few minutes of grappling on the ground, Ladd was able to get on Vidal's back, where she finished her with punches & elbows to the side of the head. Nice debut for Aspen Ladd.