Decision (Split)
      These girls clinched early, and Orr pressed Kleczka against the fence. They eventually reset, and Orr threw some decent kicks, and then took down Kleczka 2 minutes into the opening round. Kleczka slapped on a guillotine choke from half guard, but Orr was able to wrestle her way through that, she threw a few short punches, and then she stood up to let Kleczka get back to her feet. Orr continued to clinch with her, pressing Kleczka back against the fence to work some knees. Kleczka finally took control of the clinch with 30 seconds left in the round, and then she slapped on a standing guillotine choke, and blasted Orr with some brutal knees in the final 15 seconds. That round was going to go to Orr for sure, but Kleczka really made the most of those final 30 seconds.
     Kleczka took down Orr by reversing a throw from the clinch 90 seconds into the second round, but Orr was able to scramble out of that, she sat on Kleczka for a few seconds, Kleczka tried to take her back, and then Orr pinned Kleczka against the fence again. The rest of the round was full of awkward scrambling, where both girls battled for the top position, but in the end, I thought Orr probably spent more time on top, so I guess I would score that round for Orr? She's more than likely ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but this fight has been close so far.
     The final round mostly consisted of Kleczka clinching, and pressing Orr against the fence. Not a lot happened, but Kleczka was clearly in control of the clinch for the duration of that round. I feel like she was trying to grind out a decision, with the assumption that she won at least one of the first two rounds. I don't know if that was necessarily a good strategy on her part, since most people probably have Orr ahead 20-18 going into this final round. The referee reset them with a minute left in the fight, and Kleczka clinched again almost immediately. The final round goes to Kleczka, but I scored this fight 29-28 for AmberLynn Orr. The judges were split, and gave the victory to Sarah Kleczka. That was maybe a questionable decision, but it was close, so I'm not going to argue with that decision.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
     AmberLynn Orr is making her pro MMA debut here (after a lengthy successful amateur career), and she started the first round showing off some decent punch & kick combinations, but Eubanks was landing a lot of power shots, clipping Orr's chin multiple times before taking her down halfway through the round, pinning her against the cage, where she beat the shit out of her with some punches & elbows. Orr looked like she wanted to find an armbar, but instead, she just found a lot of elbows to the face. Eubanks opened up with a ton of short punches from the mounted crucifix, forcing the referee to stop the fight late in the first round. Great performance by Sijara Eubanks, and a decent debut by AmberLynn Orr.