TKO (Punches & Elbows)
     Lemos started this fight with a series of hard kicks, and then she threw a spinning wheel kick, missed, fell down, and SMith pinned her against the fence to work some grouind & pound. Lemos stood back up a few seconds later, and they traded some knees from the clinch. They continued to chip away at each other, as Smith kept Lemos pressed up near the fence, where Smith was outworking Lemos with volume, while Lemos was probably landing the harder shots. Lemos started slowing down significantly in the last half of the round, as Smith continued to plow forward, throwing big shots. Lemos landed some heavy leg kicks, but that didn't stop Smith from pressing her against the fence, and chipping away at her with knees. Lemos tripped Smith from the clinch with 30 seconds left in the round, and pinned her with side control, but didn't do anything on the ground before the buzzer sounded, and Smith worked her way back to her feet in the final seconds, only to absorb a knee to the face just slightly after the buzzer. I'm scoring the first round for Smith, but it was definitely a competitive round of brawling.
     The second round picked up where they left off, with Lemos landing some big leg kicks, and Smith was pressuring her toward the fence, and picking her apart with active punch combinations. Lemos landed a couple of hard punches that caused Smith to back off a bit, but only for a few seconds. Smith unloaded with some big punch combinations and a couple of head kicks 90 seconds into the round. Lemos then dropped Smith with a leg kick, but Smith jumped back up, unloaded with some more punches, and nearly finished Lemos against the fence. Lemos fired back to prove she was still in the fight, and then Smith turned into a machinegun again. Lemos opened up a small cut on Smith's right eye. Smith continued to plow forward, throwing hundreds of punches, while mixing in some nice kicks to the body & a few elbows as well, forcing the referee to eventually step in to stop the fight. That was another exciting Terminator style performance by Leslie Smith. That was a solid debut for Lemos, but Smith proved to be too much for her in Lemos's UFC debut.