TKO (Punches)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, they clinched 90 seconds into the round, and Mir threw Ayala to the ground, landing on top in half mount near the fence. Mir threw some short punches to Ayala's body before working to setup some arm locks from side control. Ayala stood back up with a minute left in the round. Mir scored another takedown with 30 seconds left in the round, securing the first round for Frank Mir.
      Mir started the second round with another quick takedown, but he wasn't able to hold Ayala down for very long. They stood back up, battled inside the clinch for a while, and Mir's left eye was bleeding all over the place. Mir struggled for another takedown attempt, and Ayala sprawled over the top of him, and unloaded with some big punches. They clinched, and Ayala beat the shit out of Mir while keeping him pressed against the fence. Mir blasted him with a big knee, unloaded with some wild punches, and then went for another takedown, but Ayala stuffed the shot again, and took control of the clinch with 90 seconds left in the round. Ayala landed a LOT of punches, Mir's face was a bloody mess, Mir was clearly having issues, and he tapped out, apparently due to a broken mouth. That's a hell of a win for Javy Ayala.
TKO (Punches)
      Mir threw a leg kick, followed by a few punches, he knocked down Fedor, he tried to finish him off, but Fedor stood back up, threw Mir to the ground, and then Mir stood back up, they both looked sloppy as shit, Fedor unloaded on Mir, Mir went down face first toward the fence, Fedor jumped on his back, continued to punch Mir in the side of the head, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a big win for Fedor Emelianenko, as he moves on to the next round of the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament.
KO (Punch)
      Sooooo... Hunt looks like he's "sort of" in decent shape. Mir looks pretty fat. Both of these guys look washed up. They circled around each other, threw a couple of strikes here & there, but not a lot was happening. Hunt eventually punched Mir in the side of the head, with a super slowmoan punch, and Mir just kind of sat down out of boredom, and then laid down, and then the referee was like... "Hey bro, I'm bored... THIS FIGHT IS OVER..." And then everyone went home and took a nap. This fight sucked. The entire heavyweight division kind of sucks right now. That was a depressingly poor performance for Mir, and even though Hunt got the first round KO, it was a pretty shitty performance for Hunt as well. That was the most boring-ass first round KO that I've ever seen.
      Well... I was really looking forward to this fight, it was a legendary old school matchup, with both guys climbing the heavyweight ladder recently, shocking the world, but coming into this fight, they both looked like old men. I gave the first round to Arlovski, the second round to Mir, mostly for securing a takedown, and the third round goes to Mir, for knocking Arlovski down, and beating him up with a few elbows. For the most part though, Arlovski controlled this fight from the clinch, laying on Mir, and stalling for 15 minutes, against the cage, in a boring ass fight. Going into this fight, they were talking about the winner of this fight maybe getting a title shot, but fuuuuuuuck that. These guys should both retire at this point. Congrats to Arlovski for a boring ass unanimous decision.
KO (Punch)
      Hahaha... What the FUCK kind of gameplan was that? Both guys met in the center of the octagon, and pretty much just threw bombs at each other, waiting to see which one would fall down first. After some BRUTAL punches landed, going both ways, Duffee rocked Mir, and he thought he had him finished, so he started winging these ridiculously sloppy right hands, and Mir countered, knocking Duffee unconscious, as he fell flat on his face. Awesome win for Frank Mir, and to be honest, the end is about what I expected, but I didn't think they would go full blast like that right out of the gates. Crazy fight, and nice KO victory for Frank Mir.
KO (Elbows)
      This fight consisted of about a minute & a half, of absolutely nothing happening, followed by Mir landing a big left hook, knocking Bigfoot to the ground, where Mir was able to go "smash... smash... SMMMAAAAAAAAASH" with elbows, knocking Bigfoot unconscious. So yeah, really explosive finish, to an otherwise pointless fight. Mir hasn't won a fight in over 3 years, and Bigfoot seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral. BUT! Let's not let that take away from the fact that Mir just beat Bigfoot's ass in under two minutes!!!
      Man, I like Frank Mir and stuff, but Alistair Overeem just kicked his ass for 15 minutes. Mir secured a takedown in the second round, and went for a guillotine choke, but Overeem was able to escape pretty easily, and that was Mir's only real offense. The rest of the fight had Overeem smashing Mir, ESPECIALLY in the first round, when he pinned him against the cage on the ground, pinned Mir's arm behind his head, and smashed his ribs with 257 pound elbows, I was surprised Mir was able to get up after that beating. So yeah, pretty good fight, between two giants, and Alistair Overeem clearly won all 3 rounds.
TKO (Knee)
      Josh Barnett in the hizzy!!! I have to be honest, Josh Barnett might be my favorite fighter of all time, so I have no business judging any fight of his. With that being said, I like Frank Mir as well, but he always ends up disappointing me. SO! I was happy to see Josh Barnett beat the living crap out of Mir, completely dominating him as far as I'm concerned, pinning him against the cage, punching, throwing huge heavy knees, big elbows, just BRUTALLY beating Mir. Mir landed a few good shots, but nothing as significant as what Barnett was landing. In the end, Barnett CRUSHED Mir's skull with a HUGE knee with Mir's head pinned against the cage, and Mir collapsed like a ragdoll. The referee stopped it, and Mir got up REALLY quickly, so MAYBE it was premature? But realistically, if the fight would have continued from that position, Barnett would have killed Mir. So yeah, good stoppage, great fight, amazing UFC return by one of my favorite fighters of all time, and JOSH BARNETT IS BACK BITCHES!!!
      Damnit Frank... I can't think of another fighter that I cheer for EVERY SINGLE TIME, and then regret it halfway through the second round, as I realize he has no gas tank at all. Daniel Cormier (as Joe Rogan said) is like glue, and every time Mir would move in on him, he would just get stuck, and then Cormier would pin him against the fence. Boring fight really, with a lot more hype than what it lived up to. So is Frank done with the UFC now? They made it sound like his job might be on the line for this. Cormier on the other hand, maintains his undefeated record, which sucks, because I want somebody to beat his ass! But whatever, good job Cormier I guess...
TKO (Punches)
      I'm disappointed, as usual, because I wanted so badly for Frank Mir to step up to the occassion, but he came into this fight looking in pretty rough shape. He did a decent job at the start of the fight, with a neat little (sloppy) leglock attempt, but after that failed, he pretty much gave up early. He almost got knocked out several times at the end of the first round, and he officially got knocked out (well, TKO) a little passed the halfway mark of the second round. Junior Dos Santos is legit, but I'm personally not a fan of the current lineup in the UFC Heavyweight Division. I really miss the old PRIDE days. I guess I just need to get with the times eh?
Technical Submission (Kimura)
      OH FUCK! Not only was this hands down the best fight on the card so far, but it's also a historical fight for multiple different reasons. Like Frank Mir said, he's the first guy to knock out Nogueira, and the first guy to submit him as well. Frank Mir has Nogueira's number, FOR REAL. This fight started with both guys testing each other, and Nogueira got the upperhand on the feet, nearly knocking Mir out fairly early in the first round, and he almost locked on a choke as well, so Nogueira looked like the clear victor early in the fight, but OUT OF NOWHERE, the half dead Frank Mir locked on a kimura, and rolled around like a fucking alligator or some shit, eventually breaking Nogueira's arm. The announced called it a TKO because the referee stopped it, but Nogueira clearly tapped, and that to me means that Mir deserves this to go down on record as a submission. Frank Mir is the fucking man!!!
      This fight was actually pretty surprising by how one sided it was. Roy Nelson is a legit heavyweight, but he just looks super fat. Frank Mir is a legit heavyweight, and he looked like he was in pretty good shape here. He was able to knee the fuck out of Nelson's face all 3 rounds, he was able to take him to the ground at will (including a HUGE Judo throw in the first round), he controlled him on the ground, and overall, Mir just won all 3 rounds, hands down. Great fight for Mir, and I'm not sure where Nelson's head was at here.
KO (Knee)
      Well, this was sort of a Heavyweight Superfight or whatever, two of the greatest heavyweights of all time, but the entire fight was pretty slow paced & boring, especially in the later rounds. Frank Mir launched a knee as Cro Cop moved in on him in the third, and knocked him out instantly, so it was a good finish, but the rest of the fight was sort of disappointing.
KO (Punches)
      Man, I've been a huge Frank Mir fan for years, so it's always sad to see him get his ass beat, but Shane Carwin was CLEARLY the better fighter here. Mir looked overly confident, kind of walking around with a bit too much swagger or whatever, and Carwin eventually pinned him up against the cage, landed 9,000 uppercuts, and crushed Frank's head once he fell to the ground, and the referee was hypnotized by the massacre and forgot to stop the fight until about 3 hours after Mir was already out. Carwin is a bad dude!
Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      Frank Mir looks REALLY fucking impressive. He's gained weight, all muscle, his striking has greatly improved over the past couple of years, and his submissions are still just as deadly as they've ever been. Kongo seemed terrified of him, and rightfully so. Mir threw a left hook that nearly knocked out Kongo early in the first round, followed it up with a tight guillotine choke, and Kongo passed the fuck out. Frank Mir is amazing. I'm really looking forward to Mir vs. Lesnar 3, assuming Lesnar gets healthy again.
TKO (Punches)
      This was one hell of a revenge match. Brock Lesnar took Mir down in both rounds, without much difficulty at all, and he basically just outweighed him, smothered him on the ground, and beat the living fuck out of his face with HUGE lunchbox punches. Brock Lesnar is crazy strong. Excellent ass beating, Brock Lesnar is officially the heavyweight champ. He's fuckin' insanely strong. Mir looked like ass in this fight.
TKO (Punches)
      Fuck yeah! Frank Mir is my boy! I've been pretty upset with Mir lately, because he really looked bad when he made his "comeback" to the UFC, but after watching him take out Lesnar, and now literally destroy Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Frank Mir is back, and definitely a contender for #1 in the world now. This was a great performance by Mir, which is good, but Nogueira's performance was VERY poor, so hopefully Mir really is as good as he looked tonight.
Submission (Kneebar)
      FUCK YEAH! This fight was a blast... The debut of Brock Lesnar... I had 2 predictions for this fight beforehand... Either Brock Lesnar would take Mir the ground immediately, and destroy him with the ground & pound attack... OR... Frank Mir would figure out a way to lock on a leg lock or ankle lock... The first minute of the fight consisted of Brock Lesnar taking Mir to the ground QUICKLY, and then he absolutely destroyed Mir's head with heavy hammerfists, and a couple of elbows, etc... The referee then stopped the fight, and took a point away from Lesnar, because he punched Mir in the back of the head by accident... (bad stoppage, BUT, I guess I understand)... Anyways...
      The fight continued, and Lesnar almost knocked out Mir with a punch to the face after they were standing again, and Lesnar chased him to the ground, but Mir locked on a kneebar for the submission victory in only a minute & a half... I PRETTY MUCH called that shit, EXACTLY how it happened... I even said it would end in under 2 minutes... I'M THE MAN!!! But Brock Lesnar is even more of a man than I am, and I STILL think he has the potential of being one of the top heavyweights in the UFC, especially if he learns how to defend against the leg submissions... Frank Mir still pulled through, didn't look as IMPRESSIVE as Brock Lesnar, but he still pulled off the slick submission, forcing Brock to tap... GREAT fight, and I'm excited for the future of Brock Lesnar...
Submission (Kimura)
      Meh, this was ok... Frank Mir makes his "big return" by taking out Antoni Hardonk without much trouble at all... The fight started, Antoni Hardonk threw a leg kick , Frank Mir took him to the ground, Frank locked on a kimura, they rolled around for a minute or so, and then Hardonk was forced to tap... Good little show by Mir, but he fact that he was winded during the interview (after fighting for ONE MINUTE), doesn't impress me in regards to his cardio... He still looked to be in better shape than the last few times I've seen him though, so hopefully Frank Mir is climbing back up the ladder now... I'm looking forward to seeing his next fight...
TKO (Punches)
      This fight started with both guys standing witch each other, and both doing fairly well... Frank Mir surprised me with his "decent" boxing skills... Brandon Vera soon took control, and got Mir in the Muay Thai clinch, followed by some knees to the face... Mir got rocked, and they both went to the ground... Once they were on the ground, Vera got on top, in the crucifix position, and then started throwing punches at Mir's face, until you could just SEE Mir mentally give up... He covered his face, and just laid there waiting for the referee to stop the fight... It's sad how weak Mir is mentally now (after his accident)... He'll probably never be the same... BUT, Brandon Vera on the other hand, is becoming a bad ass, and he's definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with, in future title fights... So yeah, Brandon Vera wins by first round TKO...
      Meh, that's whack... Both of these guys were a bit overweight... Frank Mir looks FAT... Dan Christison has always been a big guy, but yeah, he was in better shape than Frank Mir, which was somewhat surprising... Anyways, this was a slow big guy fight... I thought Dan Christison should have won (just barely)... But I guess the judges gave it to Frank Mir, 29-28... So, Frank Mir wins by unanimous decision... Kind of a boring fight... (This tends to be the case with heavyweight fights these days in the UFC)...
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      Wow, this match was a huge fuckin' disappointment... Frank Mir is an extreme bad ass, former Heaveyweight Champion of the World, losing the title to a tragic motorcycle accident, etc... The point is, this was supposed to be his big return, and he got his ass handed to him by a Jiu-Jitsu guy... This normally wouldn't be a bad thing, since Jiu-Jitsu is bad ass, but when you get cut open early in the round (to the point where you admit you can't see out of one eye), and then you end up laying on the floor while the Jiu-Jitsu guy throws elbows and punches at you on the ground until you die... etc... Just, this fight was tragic... Marcio Cruz is known for his submission skills, and he used those to slip out of a Kimura attempt by Frank Mir, but after that, he cut Mir open with a punch, and that was pretty much the end of the fight... Frank Mir looked like he just got out of a motorcycle accident after this fight was over... I know that's a shitty thing to say, but seriously, he got fucked up bad... He's going to have to make a hell of an impression during his next fight, otherwise his career might be over... Marcio Cruz won this fight due to referee stoppage...
Technical Submission (Armbar)
      Tim Sylvia came out swinging, but didn't really do much with the strikes... Then he took Frank Mir to the ground, Mir locked on an armbar, broke Tim Sylvia's arm, and the referee stopped the fight, the crowd did NOT like the stoppage, and Frank Mir becomes the new heavyweight champion... Tim Sylvia's arm DID break, so it was a good stoppage, but I guess the crowd wanted to see his arm removed completely or something, I don't know... The point is, Frank Mir wins by TKO in the first round...
KO (Punches)
      Frank Mir is an extreme bad ass, as long as the fight only lasts about 5 minutes... His conditioning sucks, and that's always been his one huge downfall... Wes Sims on the other hand, is just a tall, skinny, goofy, basketball player... Frank Mir beat the shit out of him during the first round, with some ground & pound, as well as a nice choke attempt... Then during the second round, it got really boring, they were both exhausted already, and Frank Mir pulled out the surprise combo after the referee stood them up, which knocked out Wes Sims... So, Frank Mir barely pulls out the win, with the TKO in the second round...
DQ (Face Stomp)
      Wes Sims is a fucking loon, man... Wes Sims started the fight by sprinting towards Frank Mir, jumping into the air, and locking on a guillotine choke out of nowhere... Frank Mir kept cool, went to the ground with Sims, escaped the submission attempt, and then started working for a few submissions of his own... Frank Mir spent most of the first round, pounding away at Wes Sims on the ground, and he almost finished the fight with an armbar, but Wes Sims picked him up off the ground & slammed him... As soon as Frank Mir got slammed, Wes Sims grabbed ahold of the fence to support himself (illegal move), and then started stomping down at Mir's face, 4 or 5 times (also illegal)... The referee pulled Sims off of Mir, and then disqualified, leaving Frank Mir the winner by DQ... Crazy fight...
Submission (Toe Hold)
      Well, this fight sucked. I was really hoping Tank Abbott would come back, and be the best fighter ever, but obviously, that was not the case tonight. Tank came out, threw a few punches, Mir pulled guard, went for a bunch of submission attempts, mostly to distract Tank, and then he went for a leg lock, and nearly ripped Tank's foot off. So yeah, Frank Mir is clearly the man, and Tank Abbott clearly has no business fighting in the UFC anymore.
TKO (Punches)
      HOLY SHIT! This fight was insane! Frank Mir has seemed unstoppable since coming to the UFC, but Ian Freeman fucking DESTROYED HIM. Freeman attacked him with brutal punches, pinned him against the cage, and just literally beat every ounce of fuck out of Mir, that is humanly possible to beat out of someone. HE FUCKING SMASHED HIM. DESTROYED HIM. Ian Freeman is fucking brutal, and I've never seen him look this dominant before. Awesome fight.
Submission (Inside Shoulder Lock)
      This fight was insane! Frank Mir came out like a ball of fire, throwing huge punches & kicks, ready to scrap, and when the fight went to the ground, Williams landed in his guard, and Mir sort of went for a triangle, and then locked on some sort of CRAZY ass shoulder lock, where it literally looked like he was going to rip Pete's arm off. Insane submission, and I don't think I've ever seen it before. Frank Mir is fucking awesome.
     This wasn't much of a fight. Frank Mir threw a couple of leg kicks, seemed to have the better striking of the two, plus he outweighed Traven by about 30 pounds. He then took him to the ground, showed better wrestling skills. They stood back up, Traven got kicked some more, Mir cornered him with punches, grabbed his arm, locked on an armbar, and Traven tapped out. Nice debut for Frank Mir, it just sucks they didn't show the fight on the PPV.