Not much happened in the first minute of the opening round, as they just circled each other, and then Sanchez kicked Pitbull in the dick. The fight eventually started back up, and Sanchez came out looking aggressive, as he landed some solid punches & kicks, and rocked Pitbull halfway through the round. Pitbull shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Sanchez stuffed the shot. Round one goes to Sanchez.
      Sanchez continued to look aggressive with his striking in the second round, but a big cut opened on his right cheek, so he LOOKED like he was getting his ass kicked. Pitbull still looked fresh, but Sanchez was definitely pushing the pace. He also kicked Pitbull in the dick again halfway through the round. When the fight started back up, Pitbull came out swinging, he took down Sanchez against the fence, and worked him over enough to probably steal the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the third round.
      The third round was a back & forth boxing match, which could have maybe gone either way. Sanchez was moving forward for most of the round, so I might lean in favor of Sanchez, but it was close, and Pitbull scored a takedown in the final 30 seconds, so I have no idea who won that round.
      Sanchez took down Pitbull early in the fourth round, and beat him up for a few seconds, but Pitbull quickly reversed him, and ended up on top. Sanchez threw some elbows from his guard, and Pitbull threw some short punches, mostly to the body, from the top. Sanchez scrambled back to his feet 2 minutes into the round. Sanchez spent the rest of the round pressuring Pitbull with leg kicks and punches. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this fight is all tied up going into the final round.
      Pitbull took down Sanchez a minute into the final round, pinned him against the fence, and basically just kept grinding all over him, while Sanchez tried to create some space. They stood back up, and Pitbull threw him down again, landing in full mount this time. He tried to take Sanchez's back, but Sanchez did a good job scrambling around to avoid any chokes. They stood back up, and Pitbull dumped Sanchez to the ground again. The final round clearly goes to Pitbull, and the rest of the fight was close, so I scored the fight 48-47, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, as he retains his Championship.
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys both came out throwing wild punches & kicks, and then they clinched, and traded control a few times, until Sanchez rolled for a kneebar, Sicilia escaped, but stayed too close, so Sanchez slapped on another kneebar, and they both scrambled around wildly to take control of the ground game. Sicilia escaped again, ending up inside Sanchez's guard. Sanchez threw some elbows from his guard, and Sicilia postured up to drop some bombs. Sicilia tried to take Sanchez's back, but failed, giving up his own back in the process. Sanchez kicked Sicilia in the face a couple of times while clinching with Sicilia's back. Sanchez slapped on a brutal standing arm-triangle choke, Sicilia eventually collapsed, Sanchez wrapped his legs around Sicilia's body, and continued to squeeze with the choke, finishing the fight with a rear-naked arm-triangle choke?
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      This fight immediately started as a wild scramble, with Straus ending up on top, pinning Sanchez awkwardly against the fence. A massive cut opened up above Sanchez's eye, Sanchez locked on a tight kneebar, cranked on it, and Straus was eventually able to escape. Straus went for a North-South choke, Sanchez escaped that and took his back, and went for a rear-naked choke. I scored that round for Sanchez for beating up Straus in the final seconds of the round, but that round was extremely close, and could be a 10-10 round.
     The second round immediately started with some more scrambling, with Sanchez on top, and then Straus, and then Sanchez was back on top again. Sanchez passed to full mount with 2 minutes left in the round, and he postured up, dropped some big elbows, and Straus just tried to cling to him from the bottom. Sanchez continued to pound on Straus with some big punches all the way up until the end of the round, and the referee really could have stopped that fight, but he let them continue, so we're going to a third round. The first round was awfully close, but the second round was a 10-8 round for Sanchez.
     The final round started with some more wild scrambling, with Sanchez in control again, he went for a kneebar, Straus scrambled his way into top control, and Sanchez immediately caught him in a triangle choke, and then finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic submission victory for Emmanuel Sanchez, and this was probably the biggest win of his career. That was a fantastic fight, and it could be enough to get him a title shot, but I'm not sure where exactly he falls, with other fighters like Goiti Yamauchi & Derek Campos also in the division.
      The first round had both guys trading strikes at a similar pace, with Sanchez appearing to be slightly more active. Galvao shot for a sloppy takedown one minute into the opening round, but Sanchez easily stuffed the shot. The round ended with Sanchez winging some big strikes in the direction of Galvao. I scored the first round for Sanchez, but it was close.
     The second round was another competitive round of striking, with both guys throwing some decent shots, but neither fighter was really pulling ahead with a large lead at all. If I had to pick, I would probably have Sanchez ahead 2-0 going into the third round at this point, but neither fighter has done any sort of significant damage yet.
     The final round was another round of striking, with Galvao looking somewhat bored & frustrated, while Sanchez was showboating, and picking him apart with his boxing. This wasn't a fantastic fight overall, but it is still a pretty big win for Emmanuel Sanchez, as he cleanly won all 3 rounds against a former champion. Galvao scored a takedown in the final 10 seconds or so, and beat up Sanchez a little bit, but I don't know if it was enough to steal the round. All 3 judges agreed, giving the clean sweep to Emmanuel Sanchez.
Decision (Majority)
      Karakhanyan came out throwing the harder punches, as usual, Sanchez started slow, and Karakhanyan took him down in the first 90 seconds. He tried to take his back against the fence, but Sanchez stood up, causing Karakhanyan to settle into a back clinch. By the end of the round, Sanchez had taken Karakhanyan's back, and he was riding him like a backpack against the fence while digging for a rear-naked choke. That round was close and could have possibly gone either way.
     The second round started the same way, with Karakhanyan trying to take Sanchez's back early, but Sanchez quickly reversed him, beat him up with some punches, and then pinned him against the fence where he was able to drop some decent punches & elbows. Karakhanyan eventually hit Sanchez with some illegal upkicks, and got a warning for it. When the fight started back up, the referee reset them with Sanchez back on top, and he hit Karakhanyan with some knees to the head on the ground which is also illegal. The referee then took a point from Sanchez for the illegal shots, which is kind of fucked up since Karakhanyan just got a soft warning for his upkicks. When the fight started back up, Sanchez swarmed all over Karakhanyan, threw him to the ground, took his back, and tried to crank on a rear-naked choke. I'm scoring that round for Sanchez for sure, but I guess since there was a point taken, it's a tie? Fuck that though, if that's the case, I'm scoring the round 9-8 for Sanchez.
     The final round basically had Karakhanyan taking down Sanchez and taking his back, and hugging him for the duration of the round. Sanchez struggled to escape, but Karakhanyan clearly controlled that entire round. I really hope we don't go to another draw here, because draws suck. I think Karakhanyan probably did enough in this fight to win, especially with the addition of the point from the second round's illegal knees. One judge scored it a draw, and the other two judges gave the fight to Sanchez, for the majority decision.
Decision (Split)
      These guys traded strikes at a decent pace to start the first round, Sanchez got tripped up, but immediately got back to his feet. Sanchez was more aggressive with his striking, but Weichel did a good job catching kicks, and tripped up Sanchez. There was a scramble in the final 90 seconds, that had Weichel taking Sanchez's back for a few seconds, but Sanchez got back to his feet and reset. Sanchez continued to unload fluid combinations to finish the round, but Weichel took him back down with 15 seconds left in the round, but Sanchez immediately popped back up again. That was a close round that could potentially go either way.
     The second round was another close round of striking, with Weichel landing some decent power shots, but Sanchez looked more active with his striking overall. I have Sanchez ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it could be going either way at this point. Weichel took Sanchez down quickly in the final round, landing inside Sanchez's guard. Sanchez tried to scramble back to his feet, and that just allowed Weichel to pass to half mount. Sanchez put some serious effort into getting Weichel off of him, but Weichel did a good job controlling Sanchez on the ground, grabbing his back 2 minutes into the round. They stood up, and Sanchez rolled forward to escape the clinch. Weichel just pressed him back against the fence though.
     They reset back in the center halfway through the round. They traded a few more strikes, and Sanchez blasted Weichel with a head kick. He landed a nice leg kick, and some crazy combinations. Sanchez threw a spinning backfist, but was a little too close, so landed with a small elbow instead. Sanchez blasted Weichel with a combination of punches to the chin late in the round, and then stuffed a takedown. That was a really close fight that could go either way, but I scored it for Sanchez, 30-27, based on his higher rate of activity. I'm expecting a split-decision though. Yup... Daniel Weichel wins the fight via split-decision.
      They both came out trading punches, and then Pineda shot in for a takedown. They rolled around a little bit, trading positions, and then eventually stood back up. Pineda secured another takedown, they rolled around, traded positions again, and Sanchez stood up, leaving Pineda on the ground. Pineda slapped on a calf slicer, and Sanchez escaped. That was a competitive round, but Pineda won on my scorecard. Pineda landed a few decent strikes in the second round, and then Sanchez opened up on him with a series of head kicks, eventually knocking Pineda to the ground. Sanchez got on top, in half guard, and beat up Pineda a little bit on the ground. Sanchez stood up to rain down some big punches, and Pineda went for another leg lock, so Sanchez got out of there. They stood back up, and Sanchez blasted Pineda with some knees from the clinch, before Pineda secured another takedown. Pineda spent some time in Sanchez's guard, and Sanchez was throwing short elbows up at him. The referee eventually stood them back up, Pineda threw a ridiculous cartwheel kick, and Sanchez took him to the ground, ala Sage Northcutt. Sanchez was back on top, dropping punches on Pineda, and Pineda went for another leg lock, so Sanchez got out of there. Pineda secured another takedown at the end of the round. Pineda secured several takedowns in that round, but he didn't do anything with them, so I gave the round to Sanchez, based on his striking & his offense when they were on the ground. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judges have it 2-0 for Pineda, based on takedowns alone.
     Before the third round started, the doctor checked out Pineda's foot, which was apparently broken, but he played it off well enough to continue. Pineda shot for another takedown to start the final round, and Sanchez flipped him over and ended up on top. From there, Sanchez blasted him in the face with a lot of punches. Pineda tried to get up, and sort of shot for another takedown, and Sanchez stopped him with a front headlock. Sanchez continued to drop punches on the face of Pineda. Sanchez grabbed his back, and Pineda rolled for a kneebar, and Sanchez saw it coming, so skipped out of it, and continued to punch Pineda in the head. They stood up, and Sanchez nearly finished Pineda on the feet with a series of punches, but Pineda was able to clinch to buy himself some time. Pineda grabbed Sanchez's back, there was a wild scrambling roll, and Sanchez ended up on top again. Pineda went for that calf slicer again, and Sanchez rolled out of it, and continued to pound on Pineda's head with punches. Sanchez grabbed his back, cranked his neck, and Pineda fought his way back to his feet. Pineda's right eye was all fucked up, and he threw a blind flying spinning wheel kick thing, and Sanchez took him down again. That was a pretty awesome fight, and a pretty clear 29-28 victory for Emmanuel Sanchez in my opinion. One judge disagreed, giving the fight to Pineda, but two judges gave the fight to Sanchez, so yeah... We're all good here... Another solid decision victory for Emmanuel Sanchez.
Decision (Split)
      The first round started with Lawrence hoppin' and poppin', showing off his footwork, and showing off some decent boxing skills. Sanchez was able to slow him down near the end of the round, with a basic clinch game. Sanchez turned things around in the second round, beating up Lawrence for the first half of the round, and then slowing things down again with the clinch for the last half of the round. The referee broke them up with one minute left in the round, and Sanchez continued to beat up Lawrence on the feet, even though Sanchez's eye was bleeding pretty badly. Sanchez rocked Lawrence with 10 seconds left with a head kick. I had the fight all tied up going into the third round. Sanchez was beating up Lawrence in the third round, and then yanked him to the ground with a wild clinch takedown, which resulted in Lawrence landing in top position. Sanchez started throwing sharp elbows from his guard, so even though he was on the bottom, he was still beating up Lawrence. Sanchez spent the final 90 seconds of the fight looking for submissions on the ground. Lawrence looked like the better wrestler, but I still thought Sanchez scored more points on the ground, so I gave the fight to Sanchez, 29-28. Two of the judges agreed, giving the fight to Sanchez via split-decision.
Decision (Split)
      The first round was a fairly competitive kickboxing match, with both guys landing some solid leg kicks, and some decent punches. Sanchez ended up with a cut on his head early in the first round, maybe from an accidental headbutt in the clinch? I didn't see what caused it. Sanchez threw a kick, Corrales caught it and tried to take him down, and on the way to the ground, Sanchez locked on a triangle choke, and then beat the shit out of Corrales's head with punches and elbows. He then cranked on the arm a little bit, but Corrales finally escaped with about 2 minutes left in the round. He wasn't really able to do anything from inside Sanchez's guard, so they eventually just stood up with 45 seconds left in the round, where they traded strikes for the rest of the round. The second round took place mostly standing, with Sanchez beating the shit out of Corrales with strikes, there was a wild scramble, where Sanchez hopped on the back of Corrales, clinging like a backpack, which caused the fight to go to the ground. They got back up, there was a wild exchange, there was another accidental headbutt, and Sanchez's head continued to bleed like crazy. There was some more wild scrambling in the final 2 minutes, with both guys landing some hard shots, and Sanchez ended the round clinging to the back of Corrales, looking for another choke. Even though his face was a bloody mess, I gave Sanchez both of the first two rounds. The final round was mostly just a sloppy brawl, with both guys clearly slowing down a bit. It could have maybe gone either way, but in the end, I thought Sanchez AT LEAST won two rounds, if not all three. For some reason though, the fight went to a split-decision, fortunately, two of the judges picked Sanchez for the win.
      This was a fairly one-sided fight, with Pat Curran beating up Sanchez from all positions. I really wasn't that impressed by Sanchez at all, as he didn't really have a lot to offer Curran, but I also wasn't really that impressed by Curran. It felt a little too "safe", probably because he was on a 2-Fight losing streak, and really needed this win. I would have liked to see him try a little harder to finish the fight, but either way, he still clearly won this one on the scorecards.
      Sanchez did a good job in the first round beating up Villalobos with his boxing, showing decent footwork, and landing some decent shots. He knocked Villalobos to the ground, where he pounded on him a little bit while standing above him, and then with about a minute left in the round, Sanchez grabbed his back and went for the rear-naked choke, transitioned into a triangle choke, and then an armbar, and then time ran out. The second round was a little closer, with both guys standing & trading, but Sanchez knocked Villalobos to the ground with a right hand late in the round, ended up on top, where he pounded on Villalobos for the final 20 seconds or so. The first two rounds go to Sanchez. Sanchez threw a spinning heel kick at the start of the third round, he missed, and Villalobos was able to take him to the ground. Villalobos controlled the first half of the round, and then he went for Sanchez's back, and Sanchez rolled out of it, ending up on top. They stood back up, and Villalobos hit Sanchez with a knee, knocking him to the floor, and Villalobos followed it up with some ground & pound. Sanchez ended the fight in top position, dropping elbows, but I think he still lost the round. In the end, I scored the fight 29-28 for Sanchez, and all 3 judges agreed for the most part, with one judge giving Sanchez all 3 rounds.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Banaszak knocked Sanchez down early with a low kick, they both went to the ground, and started scrambling like crazy. Sanchez ended up on Banaszak's back, but they got back to their feet. They continued to trade strikes for a minute or so, and then Sanchez jumped on Banaszak's back again, where he finished the fight via rear-naked choke a couple of minutes into the first round. Nice Bellator debut for Emmanuel Sanchez.