The first round had Silverio working hard for takedowns, and once the fight went to the ground, he pretty much dominated Campbell. He even had a neat takedown, where he grabbed the back of Campbell (while standing), and then kicked off the cage, to send them both flying to the ground. Campbell got back up and landed some decent strikes at the end of the round, but the first round still goes to Silverio. The second round tied up the scorecards, as Silverio was looking a little tired, and Campbell beat him up with kicks to the body, a couple of nice Judo throws, and even outgrappled Silverio for the round, on the ground. The third round was pretty close with the striking on the feet, and when the fight went to the ground, Silverio spent some time stalling on the back of Campbell, and Campbell spent a little bit of time on top in Silverio's guard. The round ended with Campbell throwing some punches down at Silverio, so I guess maybe that would be enough to win him the round? It was a close fight, and probably could have gone either way, but I'd probably have to give it to Campbell for those shots at the end of the round. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Shane Campbell, 29-28.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight started out pretty decently, with Magomedov winning the first two rounds, but once the third round started, they both looked kind of tired, and the fight started to get a bit boring. Luckily, with about 30 seconds left, Magomedov went crazy, and beat the shit out of Silverio, finishing him with a series of punches from every possible direction. Really nice win by Rashid Magomedov.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a decent fight. Ernest Chavez won the first round, by being more aggressive, and landing more strikes. Silverio won the second round, by finishing strong, and rocking Chavez at the end of the round. Silverio clearly won the third round, because he got on Chavez's back, and locked on a rear-naked choke and finished the fight. So nice win for Elias Silverio, and even though he's been sort of flying under my radar so far, this makes 3-0 in the UFC for Silverio, and 11-0 overall in his MMA career, so apparently this guy MIGHT actually be a pretty legit fighter. I'll be sure to pay more attention next time he fights, especially if they give him someone that's actually ranked somewhere in the top 20.
      This was a pretty one-sided fight. Elias Silverio won all 3 rounds, by showing superior striking skills, and being able to take Vallie-Flagg to the ground at will. The only reason that Flagg even scored a single point for a round, is that Silverio kneed him in the head while he was down on his knees, so the referee immediately took a point for the foul. It's debatable whether it even hit his head, or if it was his chest, but either way, it doesn't matter, because best case scenario for Flagg, is he still lost this fight, 29-27. Good showing by Elias Silverio.
      Wow... 3 fights in a row that I couldn't give less of a shit about. I basically had the first two rounds a draw on this fight, neither guy REALLY seemed to do much of anything worth mentioning. The final round, I thought Silverio turned it up a notch, and deserved the decision, based on his striking skills & slightly better grappling skills. Pretty boring UFC debut though, I don't think I'll be looking forward to seeing either of these guys fight again in the near future.